Richard Bannister’s park and coaster reports.
Bob Clark’s modest website
Adrian Whitcombe’s site, containing 1000+ Coaster Pictures and much more

Frank Van Dams’ website
John Wiencek’s site

Loopy Guy
Bobby Nagy’s site including both real coasters and RCT/NoLimits

Michael Horwood’s homepage
Michael Horwood is a regular contributor to First Drop.

Malcolm’s Blog
Malcolm Marr’s blog including trip reports.

Chris Cox’s site

Rob Harries’ page

Paul Beesley’s website

The Media Library
All those coaster and park media items you never knew existed! Run by Simon Baynham

Spooky World
Jen O’Rourke’s website for “America’s Horror Theme Park”

Talhat’s World
Talhat Mahmood’s travels around the world.

Theme Parks of England
Marc Whitcombe’s site with a focus on English parks, new and old.

Theme Park James
James Salter’s Youtube productions.

Total Thorpe Park
All you need to know about Thorpe Park (Chertsey, UK) and more! Run by Ben Case

UK Rides
Pics & Videos of UK parks, coasters, water / tower / spin / travelling rides & other related features! Run by Colin McWilliam

Urban Monsters
Stu Simms’s collection of amusement park photos, reviews and trip reports

David’s Youtube channel
David Ellis’s youtube channel that contains the most watched coaster clip in youtube history.