When you join the European Coaster Club you become part of a group of more than a thousand others, all of whom share your enjoyment of roller coasters and other thrill rides no matter where in the world they are.

An ECC membership runs for six issues of the Club’s member magazine First Drop (normally around 18 months, with copies of First Drop arriving approximately every three months).

Every edition of First Drop brings you at least 40 pages (often more) of news, views, reports, photos and opinions covering new (and old) thrill rides in the UK, Europe, the USA and further afield. (If you’d like to find out what’s been featured in some recent issues, take a look at the First Drop Contents List.

And don’t forget the regular Club organised trips and events at parks around Europe and beyond. A trip typically consists of at least one ERS (Exclusive Ride Session, where only Club members and their guests are allowed on a particular ride) along with a meal and other events, such as a “behind the scenes” tour, entertainment, and so on.

Members can bring along guests who are not already ECC members, but for a slightly higher price per head. Trips are offered at a value for money price and are a great way for members to make new friends as well as having a lot of fun.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can extend your membership to cover other family members at the same address. Although Family Members do not receive their own copy of First Drop they do get a membership card and all the other benefits of ECC membership.


Membership Fees

United Kingdom: £29.00

Mainland Europe: €40.00 / £35.00

Rest of World: £38.00

Family Members are £3.00 / €3.50 each


You can pay for the Club membership using either a credit card or bank transfer, which can be done in either Euros or Sterling.

(We use PayPal for the credit card payments, but a PayPal account is not required.)


PLEASE NOTE: We are having some issues with the information not being received, so after you have completed the payment, please email Justin to let him know you have sent the payment.  Thanks.

Please select your payment method:

Join with a credit card
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