Issue 81

May 2008.  48 pages

  • Cover features Mammut, the all new German woodie at Tripsdrill.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • Coaster Counting; an article on the dreaded disease…
  • Lauri’s Park – Lauri Vartiainen looks back at the first year of operation.
  • Feature on the parks in Kuwait.
  • The tragic story of Wild West World in the US.
  • Michael Horwood reports on his trip to South America.
  • Report on Suzhou Amusement Land in China.
  • Report on Thomas Land at Drayton Manor in England.
  • Extensive list of new coasters opening in 2008.
  • Report on Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City in South Africa.
  • Report on Mammut at Tripsdrill in Germany.
  • Report on Hollywood Tower at Movieland Studio in Italy.
    Also features a list of all the original Intamin Freefall rides.
  • Eight pages of news.

Issue 82

October 2008.  52 pages

  • Cover features the Ravine Flyer II, the new woodie at Waldameer.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • Report on the new Nickelodeon area at Movie Park Germany.
  • Report on the new Hard Rock Park.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at Crystal Beach.
  • Report on Steel Lasso at Frontier City in Oklahoma.
  • Report on Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm in California.
  • Report on Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer in Pennsylvania.
  • Report on Motocoaster at Darien Lake in New York.
  • Report on Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach in Indiana.
  • Report on Salama at Linnanmäki in Finland.
  • Report on T-Express at Everland in South Korea.
  • Report on Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland in Canada.
  • Report on Lynet at Fårup Sommerland in Denmark.
  • Report on Piraten at Djurs Sommerland in Denmark.
  • Report on Fahrenheit at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania.
  • Report on Dark Knight at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.
  • A new line of Club merchandise.
  • Ten pages of news.

Issue 83

February 2009.  48 pages

  • Cover features Indiana Beach.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • A member writes about building coaster models for ride companies.
  • A weekend trip to Lagoon Park in Utah… from the UK.
  • A report on a mission to ride all the wooden coasters in the US.
  • Members look back at the now closed Corkscrew at Alton Towers.
  • Michael Horwood wonders if some coasters need to hurt so much.
  • An article on losing items on roller coasters.
  • Report on Dive Coaster at Chimelong Park in China.
  • Eighteen pages of news.


Issue 84

May 2009.  40 pages

  • The first issue that is in full colour.
  • Cover features El Toro, the new woodie at Freizeitpark Plohn.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • A large report from Taiwan, covering: Leofoo Village, Window on China, Farglory Ocean Park, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Discovery World and Janfusun Fancyworld.
  • Dreamland update.
  • Extensive “new coasters for 2009” list.
  • Lauri Vartiainen lets us know how the second year went at his park.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at some parks no longer with us.
  • Report on El Toro at Freizeitpark Plohn in Germany.
  • Report on Jet Rescue at Sea World in Australia.
  • Twelve pages of news.

Issue 85

August 2009.  40 pages

  • The cover features Blue Fire, the new coaster at Europa Park.
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • Michael Horwood looks at some coaster transport.
  • Reports on two Dutch parks both opening new coasters in 2009.
  • Report on Blue Fire at Europa Park in Germany.
  • Report on Prowler at Worlds of Fun in Missouri.
  • Report on iSpeed at Mirabilandia in Italy.
  • Report on Muntanya Russa at Tibidabo in Spain.
  • Report on Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World in Indiana.
  • Report on Falcon at Duinrell in the Netherlands.
  • Report on Cobra at Tivoli Friheden in Denmark.
  • Report on Insane at Gröna Lund in Sweden.
  • Report on Anubis at Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium.
  • Ten pages of news.

Issue 86

December 2009.  56 pages

  • A bumper New Year special.
  • Cover features Fireball, the new wooden coaster in China.
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • A report on Miragica, a new park in Italy.
  • A report on Happy Valley Shanghai, including coverage of Fireball.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at the Club’s trip to Italy.
  • Report on Tornado at Bakken in Denmark.
  • Report on Xenox, a travelling looping coaster in Switzerland.
  • Report on Fluch Von Novgorod at Hansa Park in Germany.
  • Report on Diamondback at Kings Island in Ohio.
  • Report on Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingo Land in England.
  • Report on Atlantis Adventure at Lotte World in South Korea.
  • Report on Manta at SeaWorld in Orlando.
  • Report on Terminator Salvation at S. F. Magic Mountain in California.
  • Report on Saw at Thorpe Park in England.
  • Sixteen pages of news.

Issue 87

July 2010.  40 pages

  • Cover features Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • A large report on Universal Studios Singapore.
  • New for 2010 coaster list.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at 2009.
  • Report on Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion in Virginia.
  • Report on Intimidator at Carowinds in North Carolina.
  • Report on Stingray at Suzhou Giant Wheel Park in China.
  • Twelve pages of news.

Issue 88

November 2010.  40 pages

  • Cover features Joris en de Draak at Efteling.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • A large report on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • A comprehensive list of Chinese parks.
  • Michael Horwood looks at parks in Spain.
  • Report on Joris en de Draak at Efteling in the Netherlands.
  • Report on Thirteen at Alton Towers in England.
  • Report on Cobra at Connyland in Switzerland.
  • Fourteen pages of news.

Issue 89

April 2011.  44 pages

  • Cover features Formula Rossa at Ferrari World.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • An article featuring John Ivers and his two home built coasters.
  • A report on Peppa Pig World at Paultons in England.
  • A large report on Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.
  • A report on Plopsa Indoor.
  • Michael Horwood looks at parks in China.
  • A extensive article on the history of Thorpe Park.
  • The 24 hour Troy Challenge.
  • Eighteen pages of news.

Issue 90

September 2011.  40 pages

  • Cover features Raptor at Gardaland and Krake at Heide Park.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • Lauri Vartiainen updates us on the progress of his park in Finland.
  • Michael Horwood looks at some coasters no longer with us.
  • An extensive list of the new coasters for 2011.
  • A report on the new Adventure World park being built in Poland.
  • Report on Krake at Heide Park in Germany.
  • Report on Raptor at Gardaland in Italy.
  • Report on Sky Scrapper at World Joyland in China.
  • Report on Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa in Florida.
  • Report on Van Helsing’s Factory at Movie Park Germany.
    Includes a look back at their first 15 years of operation.
  • Ten pages of news.