First Drop is the magazine supplied to members of the European Coaster Club. Every new issue contains at least 40 pages of roller coaster news and views from all over the world, along with scores of pictures.

In addition to contributions from Club members, there are regular articles from an international team of dedicated news and feature correspondents with direct links to parks and ride manufacturers around the world, bringing you the very latest information and pictures in every issue.

From time to time, historical items looks at forgotten parks and unusual rides, and First Drop also covers topics rarely featured in other publications.

Over the past twenty five plus years, First Drop has often been first with the big coaster and park news – take a quick look at the contents lists and you’ll see for yourself!

To name a few fairly recent examples, First Drop published the first ever drawing of Diamondback, the B&M Hyper Coaster at Kings Island.  We also had the first ever drawing of OzIris at Parc Asterix.

It doesn’t stop there. Where else but First Drop will you find the people that design, make and own the rides telling the story of how their creations came into being? The list of past contributors resembles a “Who’s Who” of the white knuckle world, including John Wardley – designer of Alton Towers NemesisOblivion, and Hex, along with the Vampire at Chessington, Dragon Khan at Universal Mediterania to name but a few. We’ve also had contributions from Dr John Roberts who worked as a structural engineer on many UK rides, including Blackpool’s The Big One.