08/12/2017 – 09/12/2017 all-day
Port Aventura World
From £70.00
Ben Case

It’s the 6th year of the Winter Warmer, and a new 367ft roller coaster in Salou is calling us – yes, we’re back to PortAventura to take in their new second gate, Ferrari Land! The icon of the new park is Red Force, an Intamin LSM accelerator that looks a lot like Europe’s answer to Top Thrill Dragster, featuring a 111mph lap-bar launch! The park also boasts two 180ft next-generation S&S towers, along with F1 and GT racing simulators, and a large family car driving track. Ferrari Land is a separately ticketed upcharge attraction and we’ll have access for only one of the two weekend days – we’ll confirm this nearer the time.

We’ll have access to PortAventura for the whole weekend (including the Friday) – and anyone who’s been for Christmas before will know that the park’s winter offering is fantastic. We will be treated to a special ERS on the superlative Shambhala, as well as a three course evening meal for those staying in the hotel on Saturday night. Speaking of the hotel, we are in the 4* Hotel PortAventura, right by the entrance of the park. Those on the 2013 Winter Warmer at PortAventura may remember that the accommodation was on the chilly side – but fear not, as this time our hotel is open for the whole week prior to our visit. We strongly advise you to book in for both Friday and Saturday nights (the ERS may fall on the Saturday morning), but we’ve got a Saturday-night-only price for those whom this doesn’t work. You can arrive at any time on the Friday, and are free to leave at any time after lunch on the Sunday. Note that Tibidabo in Barcelona is scheduled to be open this weekend for those that fancy going off-piste, but a visit here is not scheduled as part of this trip.




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