Who Are We?

The European Coaster Club is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the enjoyment of riding roller coasters, as well as visiting amusement and theme parks.

The Club was formed in 1996 and the First Drop magazine dates back to 1988. We have over 1500 members from around Europe and the world, including corporate members that represent almost every major theme park operator and roller-coaster manufacturer.

The Club was founded by Justin Garvanovic, and is UK-based, although run by a World-wide team.

What do we do

  • First Drop – the Club Magazine
  • Coaster Trips
  • Member Offers
  • Merchandise


First Drop – The Club Magazine

We produce a magazine four times a year, called First Drop. It contains news, articles on new rides and many colour pictures. It is widely respected throughout the theme park industry – John Wardley, Creative director of the Tussauds group says of First Drop “I can learn more from spending a few minutes reading First Drop than I can from spending hours and hours reading trade magazines”

First Drop carries no advertising, which means we can be utterly unbiased in our reviews of parks and rides. We can regularly claim exclusives too – recently we were the first announce the new coaster at Liseberg in Sweden. Prior to that we have reported exclusively on the design and construction of many major rides, for example, Nemesis at Alton Towers, Megafobia at Oakwood in Wales and Thunder Coaster at Tusenfryd in Norway.

You can read more about First Drop here, and you can see details on each issue from “First Drop” menu.

Many people join simply for First Drop and this is often echoed in the comments from members about the ECC. For example, we often hear that “First Drop (the Clubs magazine), is worth the membership alone”.


Coaster Trips – sharing the fun

Membership of the Club offers more than just First Drop though. We organise many trips a year to do what we love – ride roller-coasters! Coming on trips is an easy way of being able to visit a number of theme parks in a short space of time, and there’s nothing to beat the atmosphere of an ECC trip. In the words of a recently joined member “rides with the ECC seem to last twice as long!”

Trips are very friendly, and the greatest benefit is spending time with like-minded people, all there to have fun, and ride the best coasters in the world. Typically a trip will feature at least one ERS (Exclusive Ride Session), where we are allowed to take over a ride for a set period of time before or after the park is open, and there is always a terrific atmosphere during these sessions. Lunch is sometimes included, as well as unannounced surprises. In the past these have included extra ERS’s, behind the scenes tours, and even surprise park visits!



We also sell ECC branded merchandise so you can show the world that you belong to a coaster Club, as well as being recognised by other members. All our merchandise is great quality and very reasonably priced – as well as having been tested on many great rides!


Social and Fun

At the heart of what we do is a great sense of fun, and the Club has a very friendly and welcoming approach.

Many members find they make friends very quickly as a result of joining the ECC. We have also seen romantic relationships form during Club activities – we even had a couple get married on a trip!

If you have an interest in roller-coasters, amusement parks or theme parks, then why not join? There are over 1500 of us waiting to meet you!