23rd April 2014



Mikael Rosberg

Thanks for a fantastic day, and Helix delivered – it is the amazing roller coaster that I was hoping it would be after all the waiting.


Sebastian Doherty

Epic stuff. One of my best roller coasters I’ve ever ridden. My scariest inversion was the 6th inversion. That was so high! I couldn’t believe it. I like the air time hills, I like the “s” bends, I like the pretzel loops and the scary top hat.
Pure smoothness, pure fun, and I’m glad that Liseberg added the top hat. That just makes the thrill tens of thousand times strong. In fact, it’s long, it’s steep, and it can pummel blue fire into the ground. I like the launch speed (62 mph) and its height. It’s amazing in the front seat.
What I’m not keen is the theme of helix. But I love the music inside the launch station. But all in all, I rate helix 100%. Pure rush… my favourite roller coaster I have ever ridden! AMAZING!



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