22nd to 23rd September 2012

Europa Park (Rust, Germany)
Europa Park (Rust, Germany)


Dan Roach
Just up and recovered from the weekend at Europa – many thanks to all those involved in the organising.

Despite some of the negative reviews  – Wodan was running really well throughout the weekend, in particular our ERS – it was just due to be a “few goes” but they ran it for over half an hour – with 3 trains!  Nice first drop, good pops of air- particularly in the front, and great direction changes – not quite as good as Troy, but very impressive anyway

Blue fire lived up to the hype – the launch isn’t great, but the rest of the ride has great airtime throughout the twists and drops. (I missed out on the ERS as I was on the saturday flight). The launch was better at the front, but I thought the rest of the ride was better nearer the back. single rider queue on this was about 20-30 minutes, main queue about an hour

This brings me to one of my only complaints about the park – both Wodan and blue fire have a front row queue,  and allocated seating for the rest – I wanted to get a back row ride, but missed it as I couldn’t guarantee it. The single rider queue ended up about as long as the main queue. 🙁

Surprise 1 of the weekend was Euro Sat with the lights on – I actually preferred it like that.

Surprise 2 was Silverstar – last time I went about 5 years ago, I remember it being ok, But this weekend it was running superbly – airtime over every hill – I rated it almost as highly as Nitro in Six Flags Great Adventure – and certainly better than Apollo’s Chariot, and being controversial – way better than Millennium Force! – ride was good throughout the train, slightly better in the front.

Another small complaint is that it really could do with a single rider queue – most trains had empty seats, although it didn’t add too much to the queuing time as the despatch was running brilliantly

I think all parks should visit Europa park, to see how to run things well – staff are so efficient everywhere! and the attention to detail is great!  about the only 2 areas that could do with an upgrade are the queues for Euro Mir and euro sat!

Thanks again!


Cal Jones
I agree with much of what Daniel said. I am staggered to hear that Wodan has had negative reviews – I thought it was superb!

And like Daniel I found Silver Star to be “OK” when I went with the club in 2006 but it was really running well this trip.

Thank you to everyone who was involved with the organisation – we had a great time.


David Harrington
In my humble opinion I believe Europa Park to be one of the finest theme parks in the world. I was a bit concerned when attending in September 2012 as there had been some rather disappointing reviews on their new ride Wodan. I was worried this ride may cause a blemish in the fine piece of art this park is.

I came off the ride with a massive smile from ear to ear. I found nice floaty airtime over some hills and quick pops on some of the bends. The only real shame is that it is a bit to short. It is good but, one small nagging concern is the drastic difference people were reporting on the ride, depending on which train they were on? The park is still amazing and a big thanks to the trip organisers for the early entry and the ERS treats.


Paul Orsmond
I last visited in 2004 with the Club, and in all that time, the park has gone from amazing, to absolutely amazing, the park is just so good.  If I could  go every weekend, I would.  I spent nearly three days in the park and loved every minute of it, not once did I feel bored of being there, and that is something hard to achieve for any theme park.

The New Hotel Bell Rock was also fantastic, a really lovely hotel, and I totally enjoyed my stay there.  The bunk beds made out of boats were soooo cool

Wodan was a great ride, sadly it’s not quite the best woodie out there (Sorry Europa).  Troy at Toverland still just pips it for me, but Wodan would very comfortably fit into my number two woodie position.  The ERS was one of pure joy because those rides in the dark were simply stunning, and the ride was running really well at that time.  On the other hand, I loved Blue Fire.  What a great coaster.  It’s not the most thrilling coaster out there, but it was a lot of fun, and it’s always great to go on a looping coaster with no OTSR.  I really enjoyed it.

Thanks go out to Paul and everyone else who organised the trip.  Absolutly brilliant, any chance the Club can go again in a few years, I hear a  rumour that for 2014, another coaster is in the works.

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