31st May to 15th June 2008

Travel, Kemah Boardwalk
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
SeaWorld of Texas, Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Magic Springs, Celebration City
Silver Dollar City
Worlds of Fun
Six Flags St Louis, Holiday World
Holiday World
Indiana Beach
Six Flags Great America
Little Amerricka, Timber Falls, Mount Olympus Theme Park
Mount Olympus Theme Park
Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America


Day by Day Reports

Day 1 – Travel, Kemah Boardwalk

Mats Hummel Compact park, lots of stuff in a small area. Hot weather and a nice rides and restaurants. Enjoyed a meal at the Mexican restaurant. Boardwalk Bullet was a ride ” out of control”, new seen a ride whos construction moves as much as this one, airtime in the back seat and a few rough spots. Eirik Erstad and Jonas Astrom Wow! Talk about wild start! The Boardwalk Bullet is pushing the limits, so to speak. Wonderful layout and amazing speed. Watching the whole structure move while waiting to board the train adds a lot of extra excitement. Beautiful boardwalk resort too. Thanks for the warm welcome! Paul Orsmond Kemah Boardwalk is a lovely place set in a beautiful setting by the sea, which makes it quite special, the Boardwalk Bullet is one wild machine, which packs a wild punch and certainty again makes it quite a unique coaster. Overall I enjoyed it here, but I do feel they have to tone down the coaster sooner or later otherwise it will just tear itself to pieces. Still a nce start to the trip though, roll on Six Flags tomorrow Chris Simon Boardwalk Bullet – shaky, wild, violent, shuffling, and it’s less than a year old and already been reprofiled! Great fun and totally out of control. Kim Varde Lassen Man, that was one feisty coaster. Equally violent in both ends…very unpredictable, very shaky. But thats how some enthusiasts like it…. andycoasterboy After a very long day of travelling – the Boardwalk Bullet certainly brushed away the cobwebs indeed. Compact, twisty and insane – a great start to the trip. Chris Hull First coaster of the trip after a long day’s travelling. However a way of waking up for sure! Boardwalk Bullet is a compact and wild ride. One that you come off laughing but have no idea of the layout you’ve just ridden. An compact but very enjoyable park which proved to be a nice way to break us into the trip. Darren and Mary Kemah Boardwalk was a lovely area with a large woodie which Darren only managed to ride twice due to being over tired and the intense heat. Lots of other interesting things to do such as feeding the manta rays, good day, Malcolm Marr The second leg of my trip started in Kemah in the company of a coach load of loons. I am not sure I will be able to cope with this for two weeks. HELP!! It was rumoured that famous Mexican wrestler El Retardo was at Kemah today but I did not see him. Perhaps he will show up in tomorrow’s park. Bob Clark 3 front seat redes on the ‘Bullet each one faster than the previous. What a way to start our American Adventure 2 Martin Valt Hi y’all. Good to see everyone again. Kemah Boardwalk very nice indeed, Boardwalk Bullet just stupid really. Who is El Retardo? Yvonne Janik I always enjoy my time at Kemah Boardwalk, and the ‘Bullet was running better than ever. My ride in the back seat was especially thrilling. Thanks Tim and Jay for making our time at your park so fun. Paul Hindle Wow what a wild ride, apparently it used to be 20 seconds slower…. The whole structure moves an awful lot, how long before it tears itself apart? David Elvy A good trip down to Houston, Texas from Cedar Point (Maverick was closed!!!!). it’s nice to be here with everyone again. Kemah Boardwalk was hot, and Boardwalk Bullet is wild. The Sun PHEW!! WOT A SCORCHER ! Lorna & Adrian What a great way to start the trip ,the Boardwalk Bullet was wild. and great hot weather. Cal Jones I thought I would struggle with the long flights followed immediately by a park, but the Boardwalk Bullet certainly woke me up. This is one of the wildest coasters I have ever ridden. We also had a wonderful meal at Landrys Seafood Restaurant – oysters, fresh fish and margaritas! I certainly needed a kip after that lot, though! Gordon Taylor I’M STILL STANDING! Me after 27hours of being up with a bit of kip, but more amazingly THAT ride! Never seen anything wobble so much. BB is pure mental so it is. Crazy. Too hot but deffo wanna return when it’s cooler, if only for the truely amazing seafood.YUM! James “Spinner” Hannaford Nice to see everyone again first club coaster of the tour and what a beast as has been already commented by Justin they need to sort this coaster out otherwise I think it will not be standing by the end of the year. The queue op’ said she got a free foot massage everytime the coaster went past. could do with a free physio’ at the end, lol. Andy Dewar Great to be back on tour with everyone, Kemah was a really pleasant park with beating sun and their new woodie really was my maddest coaster experience to date! Matthias Pies Was fuer ein genialer Tourstart. Kemah Broadwalk ist echt ein huebschs Platzchen. Wetter ist unglaublich schwuel und heiss.. Boardwalk Bullet ist echt der Wahnsinn. Mal mindestens ein Top 10 Coaster. Sehr sehr intensiv und ruppig aber einfach nur genial. Dirk Lather Na das ware ein Wetter fur euch Jammerlappen. Wir gehen hier ein, aber alleine der erste Coaster war den Trip schon wert. So was ware genau das richtige fuer Holly, aber mal sehen. Wenn ihr laso mal in der Nahe seid, nix wie her. Christof Muehlan Phew! It sure is hot here! Kemah Boardwalk is a very nice place and the ‘Bullet is an awesome coaster. Insane in the back and even more insane (and more fun) in the front. Absolutely amazing for such a small footprint. What a great start! Nina Kleppe Kemah Boardwalk was a nice little place by the sea. The ‘Bullet was a good coaster, but a little bit rough. Looking forward to the rest of the trip. Mette Doving Nice to be back on tour again:-) First coaster of the tour ‘Bullet was a nice one, but a bit rough. More fun will follow. LES 4 FRANCAIS sont de retour (YVON – PASCAL – GAELLE – YANNIS) Nous sommes heureux de retrouver le groupe de coasteristes pour de nouvelles aventures sur le continent americain. Oh Yeeeaaahhh !!!! Mark and Jenny Wow, great start! The ‘Bullet is one full on woodie and seriously kicked off our tour in style. The Kemah Boardwalk area was the perfect place to start the tour with its waterside setting and party atmosphere. We’ve arrived!! David and Susan Ellis A fantastic start to the trip. Kemah Boardwalk is a lovely collection of restaurants and rides on the side of Galvaston water. The main attraction is the Boardwalk Bullet. It certainly flies like a bullet too, with a real out of control feel to it, in a layout that is so twisted and crosses over and under itself over 40 times! Really hot though at 95 degrees. Next up, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and more 90 odd degree weather. Love to all at home, and hope the cats are well! Chris and Lisa Kemah Boardwalk is a beautiful place with a wild and out of control woodie, if unfortunately a bit on the rough side, sun was out in force, and the food and drink plentiful. Steve Gzesh Getting up at 3:00am yesterday for the fight to Houston made for a very long day, but it was worth it! Kemah is a very nice little park and Boardwalk Bullet is a quite superb woodie. The trip is off to a great start! Andy Costin After a had day’s travelling,and early morning, the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk was a great way to start the trip -so out-of control! Paul Greenwood I’m still in shock! I’m a real lover of aggressive rides…. and this one is BEYOND aggressive! Excellent start to the trip… Steve Fagin The ‘Bullet – well, what can I say, a ride so violent that it wrenched my phone from my trousers where I thought it was safely anchored… I managed to trap it on the bottom of the carriage with my foot… An excellent ride, a bit like imagining the Voyage but compressed in a much smaller footprint. Well gone Gravity Group!   Back to Top

Day 2 – Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Mats Hummel What a VIP treatment we got on our visit, air conditioned lounge where we could refresh and relax during the day. If the dinner here sets the level we are in for a really good trip in the States. Some really nice coasters and the last ERS actually made to take a break for a while, may be just because I was dehydrated… Oh yes the cliff tour at the beginning was great! Ole Bredesen-Vestby What a great day today was. From beginning to end I had a wonderful time. The hospitality, wow!! I really enjoyed the trip up to the cliff top overlooking the Superman ride. And then the ERSs in the evening, after a light and firework show I have not seen the like of. One of the best park-days I have had in a long time. Cal Jones Fiesta Texas was a stunning park and although it was very hot, it wasn’t as humid as the first day so it was bearable. Highlight of the park for me was Poltergeist – intense but really smooth. Great hospitality too. Gordon Taylor What cliff top trip???? (note: Gordon was in the toilet, and when he came out everyone had gone to the tour!) Thanks SO much for the great Texan hospitality. Amazing! Fab rides, food and a park so unlike the usual Six Flags. More please! And great shows. Rockville High Rocks! Good staging, lighting, sound, energetic cast and a real flying tower! Can see why your shows keep winning awards.You have real talent there. Country Rocks and laser fireworks show very spectacular. Many thanks. Andy Dewar Fiesta Texas really impressed me from all angles, highlights being Superman, Rattler and Poltergeist. An inspiring park to visit and I had a great day, I would prefer the log flume to have had proper sides to its boats though… Matthias Pies Toller Tag in einem tollen Park. Danke an SF Fiesta Texas fuer die Gastfreundschaft. Highlight Ganz klar der Cliffwalk. Tolle aussicht von oben auf den Park. Hghlight war fuer mich Poltergeist und Superman. Beides ganz tolle Bahnen. Das Wetter war trotz der Hitze ertraglicher da es nicht so schwuel war. Eirik Erstad and Jonas Aastroem Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a world class park. It has one of the best floorless B&M coasters in the world, possibly the best. There is a wooden coaster there as well. We went on it. Once. The park is beautifully themed, and we really enjoyed taking in the sights (+ the amazing cliff tour!). The park lunch was the best we’ve had on any park trip. Thanks to Stacy, Oskar and everyone else who made our day so enjoyable! We will be back! Chris Simon What a brilliant park. Hospitality greatly appreciated. Goliath (B&M Batman clone) extremely intense, and the Superman floorless coming into its own at night. We were privileged to be taken to the top of the cliff for some closeups of the ride as it dives off the side. Paul Orsmond WOW what a brilliant park, I thought SFNE was one of the best Six Flags I have been too, but this one was even better in my opinion, the hospitality was absolutely amazing, It’s how every park should be run, and to be given a cliff top tour of the park was truly the best highlight of the whole day, amazing. The Park has a very good mixture of rides, and thanks to light crowds on the day, we easily fitted in all the coasters with plenty of time for re-rides. The after dark show was also very good, and the night time ERS’s were superb, Thanks to everyone at Six Flags who made our day special, It’s been great. Paul Greenwood Everyone talks about Texan hospitality and nowhere it is more evident than at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff and you feel very looked after and special. Add to that a terrific selection of rides, a beautiful setting and an AMAZING laser & fireworks show and you have the perfect recipe for a truly memorable day. Thanks guys… Lee Bennett Wow what a day we had at Fiesta Texas, the cliffside tour was breathtaking and a great surprise! Great coasters and friendly staff, the Rattler was running superb and Superman Krypton Coaster even more amazing than the last time i rode it ! Thanks to all the staff and a special mention to Stacy !! El Retardo Six Flags Fiesta Texas es muy magnifico. Superman es muy grande y rojo. Boomerang es basura. Viva Mexico y bebe leche! andycoasterboy After a short visit to get a black blob printed onto my season pass, we headed to the hospitality area for a few drinks and then were driven up to the top of the quarry overlooking the park for great photo ops of the park. After heading down to the park for riding in the intense heat. Rattler still rattles and Goliath is a G monster. This Six Flags HAS to be the best for hospitality and general park atmosphere. A huge thanks to all the staff who made this a most memorable day. Awesome dude. Chris Hull Fantastic hospitality from the Six Flags Fiesta team where we were treated incredibly well. Cold drinks on tap, our own private room to leave belongings during the day, a tasty meal and a cliff top tour (courtesy shuttle buses provided) of the quarry over-looking the park and Superman’s first drop and its 100+ft loop. Throw in a great selection of rides over the course of the day and an evening’s ERS on Superman and Goliath and it ended up being a brilliant day. Thanks again to all staff involved! Quick “Hi!” to M, S,L, T & R in the frozen north! Darren and Mary Superb day, the welcome from park staff was amazing, the special treatment we got was made the day more special. The weather was good but a bit too hot when we in the queues for some of the rides. Darren enjoyed all the rides especially the ERSs. Great day. Thanks Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Malcolm Marr I found a sign in Houston that read “This escalator is to be used for the purpose of transportation only”. I guess using it to shred lettuce was out of the question then. Texas hospitality is on par with the Scandinavians. The staff at Fiesta Texas treated us amazingly well and have set the benchmark to the other parks we’ll be hitting over the next fortnight. Jeppe Nygaard Had a great day yesterday at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The saying about Texan hospitality is true, we were treated SO good there. Really nice Mexican buffet, drinks, special VIP seating for the shows, and last but not least a superb ERS on their two B&Ms Superman and Goliath. This was one of my best best visits to a Six Flags Park ever!! Thank you so much.. Og en stor hilsen til jer hjemme i Danmark 🙂 Coasterbob (Bob Clark) Brilliant Park, Brilliant Rides, Brilliant Staff and Brilliant Texas Hospitality – an unforgettable day. Martin Valt Great park, some great rides, nice food, fantastic weather and even more fantastic hospitality. I wasn’t tired at all. COMING SOON “The All-New Amazing Adventures of li’l Dickie Handrail and Gormless George” Yvonne Janik What a perfect day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! I loved every moment of the fun at the park and the generosity of the staff. They treated us royally as if it was no effort at all. The cliff top tour was especially astounding along with the final Lone Star Spectacular laser show on that same cliff and the awesome fireworks . David & Susan Ellis Had a fantastic day at Fiesta Texas. Their hospitality was just amazing. We had exclusive riding on both Superman the floorless coaster and Goliath the Batman clone. We also had a tour of the top of the quarry wall which provided an amazing view of Superman, the Rattler and the whole park. Food was great too, but at 97 degrees it was a bit too hot. Thankfully the park gave us our own room with complimentary cold drinks. The trip has started brilliantly. SeaWorld next! Steve Gzesh Wow, I haven’t been to Fiesta Texas for a number of years. I had forgotten what a great park it is! Last I was there, Rattler was the only coaster in the park, but it’s got great company now. I must say, Superman was outstanding; easily the best floorless coaster around. So I got to add another 7 coasters to my roster today. More of a great start to the trip.. Andy Costin Six Flags Fiesta Texas leads the way in hospitality! Great park, great coasters, making good use of terrain and cliff sides. Great shows too. weather hot and glorious. Lisa and Chris Best. Park. Ever. Well as far as Six Flags goes. Amazing hospitality all day. Goliath’s a crazy G machine!! Superman’s an awesome floorless coaster. All in all a brill day 😀 Mark and Jenny Loved Fiesta Texas! Starting the day riding in the back of a pick-up truck, to the cliff top, was different! The hospitality here was first class – we were made to feel really special and very welcome. Rattler may be a tough ride, but the park’s steel coasters are top class. Superman may be king here, but Poltergeist and very surprisingly Road Runner Express were both fantastic. Let’s hope for more parks like this! Paul Hindle Well-themed park in the Texan heat. Managed 4 rides on Rattler which lived up to its name, a ride of three halves with a boring middle section, the front seat was just fine. Enjoyed Poltergeist – an open-air version of the LIM at Kings Island. Great meal provided by the park who looked after us very well. David Elvy I loved the Spanish feel of the Park, muy bien, and its interesting with the Quarry, which the rides use to their advantage. I loved Superman Krypton Coaster, very intense, and great placing. We were well looked after, great food and the show at the end of the day was great too. Lorna & Adrian Dade Great day, great hospitality the cliff top walkabout was Fab. Best ride in the park was Superman Krypton Coaster, Adrian’s 400th coaster was Tony Hawk’s Big Spin. Fantastic Park, Great Weather ! A Great day overall. The Frenchies (PASCAL – YVON – YANNIS – GAELLE) Les rollercoasters au Texas sont superbes, ils procurent de magnifiques sensations, (on s’imagine en train de voler)- Superman, Goliath, Steel Eel, etc…, sont a faire et a refaire encore et encore et encore. Le Texas est un Etat qui demande de l’attention a tout point de vue, le texas a une histoire une tres tres belle histoire. big up a mon pote TONY PARKER Mette Doving Wow, great day. Thank you Fiesta Texas for your great hospitality. To start the day off with a cliff tour was just awesome, what a view!! Liked the Superman a lot. Especially in the dark. Excellent food. Nina Kleppe Had a great day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Got to do most of the rides and all the coasters. Good lunch in the VIP room. And a great evening ERS on Superman and Goliath. Dirk Lather Das ist das schoene, wenn man nichts erwartet. Fiesta Texas ist die Ueberraschung der bisherigen Tour. Ein Whoody namens Rattler, eine derart wackelige Struktur das man oft denken muss, dass sie gleich zusammenstuerzt. ABER, klasse aber schmerzhafter First Drop und eine nervende zweite Haelfte lassen zumindest erstaunen. Der Rest der Bahnen ist jedoch 1a. Superman, ein Florless der Spitzenklasse tobt sich auf weitem Gelaende aus, der nagelneue Goliath rutscht treibt einem das Blut schmerzhaft in die Beine. Trotzdem, Fiesta Texas ist ein Muss, wenn hr in der Naehe seid, Top Personal, Top Theming, Top Park. Christof Muehlan There’s nothing like a nighttime ERS on a B&M Floorless beatifully built into the rocky landscape! Great park, great hospitality! Justin Garvanovic I don’t usually have time to write one of these reports, but for SFFT I made time. The day they laid on was truly wonderful. The cliff top tour was the key, and it wasn’t 100% set in stone until just a few days before we arrived. But where else can you find yourself half way up a loop, and looking down on the first drop! Superb food followed, laid on in our very own VIP area, speaking of which, the park also had VIP seating arranged for the night shows. The shows are something the park is very well known for at it’s very easy to see why. The end of night ERSs were also unsurprisingly great fun as well. Superman is easily my favourite floorless, helped of course by its stunning location. Thanks to everyone at the park who made this most memorable day possible.   Back to Top

Day 3 – SeaWorld of Texas, Six Flags Over Texas

Ole Bredesen-Vestby Steel Eel was a great surprise for me. One of my favourites so far on this trip. Again great hospitality from the park, and I had a great day. Did not have time to see the shows though, so I have to come back here some time. Cal Jones SeaWorld turned out to be a really friendly park. I didn’t get time to look at the animals but the ERS on Steel Eel was superb. Fun ride crew and a great coaster. After a loooooong drive we finally arrived at Six Flags over Texas in the evening. It was my first visit there for ten years so I was really looking forward to riding some of my old favourites as well as several newer additions. Texas Giant has got a bit rough since my last visit but I still love this coaster. It needs a bit of TLC though. Titan… well the first drop is superb but I shall have to withhold judgement on the rest of the ride. The high-G helixes were very intense and I ended up “enjoying” my last meal a second time. Oh dear. Gordon Taylor Steel Eel was wonderful. Rode as good as it looked and managed several rides despite being tight for time. The Great Blue, err I mean ‘White was also terrific but couldn’t face the Big Mack and being wet on the bus. Sorry! Magic hospitality and thanks for the gifts guys! Shamu to the power of three was a gr8 show. Six Flags TX and TX Giant , tho rough in the back seat was a REAL coaster, white knuckle rough and ready. The pussies on this trip couldn’t hack it. Titan, one of the very best. EVER. Enough said. Andy Dewar A rather humid morning in SeaWorld, I really rated Steel Eel and the fun efforts from the ride ops, very entertaining. I really enjoyed Six Flags Over Texas, nice park particularly Titan and Mr Freeze leaving me with outstanding memories. Matthias Pies Kurzer Zwischenstop in SeaWorld San Antonio. Steel Eel hat Spass gemacht und die ERS schoen ausgenutzt. Leider stellte sich ahher die Counterfrage: Counten oder eine der Tiershows ansehen. Ich entschied mich fuer die Counts. Auch wenn es mir wirklich etwas leid um Shamu tat. Nach einer Anstrengenden und sehr langen Fahrt erreichten wir Abends nach Parkschluss SF over Texas. Wir hatten insg 1 Std ERS auf Titan und Texas Giant. Texas Giant ist grottenschlecht und jedes Wort ueber die Bahn ein Wort zu viel. Titan dagegen war der absolute Oberhammer. Die beiden Helixes sind so unglaublich intensiv und der Airtimehuegel einfach nur ein Traum. First Row ist bei dieser Bahn absolute Pflicht . Gruss an alle Onrider, Matthias Eirik Erstad and Jonas Aastroem Too bad we did not get to experience all that SeaWorld has to offer. It seems like a nice place to work, the ride ops at Steel Eel were fantastic. Thanks for the fun ERS and the gifts. We rounded off the day after a long drive with an amazing ERS on Titan (and the Texas Giant). Titan is one powerful steel coaster. We love it! The local American members and the staff at Six Flags Over Texas couldn’t have been more hospitable. Thank you for the refreshing welcome! Cecilie, vi savner deg. Men vi passer paa aa kjoere for deg ogsaa 🙂 (Boia, btw!) Paul Orsmond SeaWorld was a lovely park, and it was a shame we couldn’t fit everything in, but we still managed to squeeze in most of the rides we could, plus I still managed to catch the Sea Lion Show so did very well in 3hrs I thought. Steel Eel was fantastic, a wonderful coaster and full of airtime. We then went onto Six Flags for a short evening of fun having ERSs on the Bobsled, Titan and Texas Giant, Titan was amazing, very intense. Chris Simon SeaWorld: I’m a fan of the Morgan hypers so was looking forward to Steel Eel, but was surprised to find it’s not actually a hyper! But it does everything a hyper should so that’s OK. A bit more bumpy on the landings though. Great White was just as intense as yesterday’s Goliath, both Batman clones. SFoT: I only managed two rides during the Titan ERS. I found its two helixes from hell far too powerful for me this time! Lars Soerensen The ERS at SeaWorld was great, got plenty of rides, both in the front and the back of the train. The ride-ops really had energy, which was great! My plan was to ride all the other coasters, but after we found the dolphin pool, the plans were flushed. We stayed at the dolphin pool for like an hour, just observing the dolphins. We also gave them some sushi, which they seemed to like. At Six Flags Over Texas we rode La Vibora which was fun. After that both Titan and Texas Giant was open, me and Steve decided to only ride the Titan. We got advice, to walk around after each ride to get a beak for the heavy gs, well we didn’t do that, and we did not miss one train! What a lovely powerful high speed ride, and what a great way to end the day! Kim Varde Lassen Had my presumptions about Steel Eel. Thought it would be the same as Steel Force, which I was not totally impressed by, but this was really cool and had the ever so important airtime incorporated. We had a festive ERS… humorous ride ops are always a kick. And then… dolphins! Fascinating and beautiful animals. We got to feed them and stroke their rubbery noses. A baby nibbled at my fingers thinking a had fish fingers… aaawww. On to SFOT. ERS on La Vibora and… and Titan. Wow! that’s an intense amount of speed and Gs… loved it!! Did it 10 times. Steve Fagin This was a good couple of days. SeaWorld was worth the trip for Steel Eel, whose increasingly old-school type of thrill was a nice diversion from the grim-faced sharks circling endlessly in their tank, one of which was an uncomfortably close resemblance to my Junior School headteacher. Lee Bennett Hello everyone at home having a great time riding all the splendid coasters and had a little fame today riding the Titan at SFOT for the Arlington news! Paul Greenwood SeaWorld is definately a place I’d like to return to. The ride operators on Steel Eel were probably the most enthusiastic I’ve come across – they whipped us up into such a frenzy that I was completely hyperactive all day, running around the park like a mad thing..!! We had to leave fairly early for our long drive to Arlington and after passing the same ChuckleCheese restaurant for the 5th time, it became apparant we were lost!! We made it to Six Flags though and had a fantastic evening of ERSs and more hospitality Texas style. I still like the Texas Giant but it would definately benefit from some work. Oh, did I mention the 95 degree (at least) heat????!! Darren and Mary Very short visit to SeaWorld only able to see the penguins and of course the coasters, nice interaction from the operators of Steel Eel which Darren enjoyed, along with the big blue one – the Great White, We the went on to Six Flags Over Texas for two ERSs: Texas Giant which I was advised not to ride – but I did and got bumped about, Darren stayed on this for eight consecutive times and only came off to ride Titan on the ERS. Hospitality at both parks was great – long tiring but enjoyable day. Malcolm Marr SeaWorld and SFOT both have coasters that steal the horizon; Steel Eel at the former looking particularly great, and riding well too with plenty of airtime even at the start of the day. At the end of the evening Titan at the latter showed what sustained g-forces can do with all attempts to lift our feet from the floor during the helices being impossible to achieve. Having been warned not to, I rode Texas Giant in the back; it was a memorable experience….I think. Jeppe Nygaard I had a great day today starting at SeaWorld with ERS on Steel Eel, a really good coaster. A few news crews where there making Interwiews for press and TV. Great hospitallity by the park and nice staff too. From there we went to Six Flags over Texas for evening with 3 ERSs back to back. A great way to end the day. Martin Valt My first visit to this particular SeaWorld. Enjoyed Steel Eel a lot. It’s now my second favourite Morgan hyper behind Phantom’s Revenge. Great “behind closed doors” evening at SFoT. The Giant hasn’t aged too well it has to be said, but still managed two back seat rides – yeah baby! Titan continues to deliver. If it didn’t have that mid-course brake stopping it dead, it would probably be a world top ten ride. Tim and Jeffrey – thank you for your amazing hospitality. We are not worthy 🙂 Yvonne Janik Steel Eel is a beautiful coaster with its bright yellow track spreading out among the trees and water, and I love the airtime; every seat is good. Thank you, Fran and team for making our day at SeaWorld amazing! The crew running Steel Eel were especially energetic and funny. After an intense 5 hour drive with traffic delays, we arrived at Six Flags Over Texas for our ERS, were greeted by Kendell and crew, given drinks, and whisked away to a fun ERS on 3 coasters. Titan is the tallest coaster we will ride on our 15 day trip. The hospitality and generosity of SFOT were excellent. David & Susan Ellis What a day! We started with extended ride time on Steel Eel, a fun coaster with a crew determined to make everyone cheer and laugh. What fun. After that the park gave us free t-shirts, lanyards and hats! Susan watched the Shamu show, whilst I rode the water coaster and tried the complimentary beer! After a long drive to Dallas and Six Flags over Texas, we had exclusive riding on 3 coasters, despite arriving late at the park. Of the three rides, Titan, a huge megacoaster, was the star. Amazingly strong g’forces was the order of the day. Great fun. Hello to everyone at home! Chris And Lisa SHAMU!!!!!.. oh yeah coasters 🙂 ERS on Steel Eel was good fun, with great ride op’s to make things more enjoyable. We managed to get all 4 coasters done with enough time to catch most of the Shamu show, especially enjoyed by Lisa! After a long drive we made it to Six Flags over Texas where straight away we were taken in the park for ERS time. Titan is a great G filled coaster which you could enjoy lots of rides on, which could not be said for the Texas Giant…..OWWWW. Chiropractor and dentist needed on the exit ramp for that ride, its a shame it has become so rough in its age, which the Ride Op’s like to remind us it was the #1 wooden coaster…..in 1999! Mark and Jenny The dolphins at SeaWorld were the highlight of the trip so far for Jenny! For me, I was more impressed with Steel Eel. We had just enough time here to get a good look around and to hit a few of the attractions. Once again, the hospitality here was great. After SeaWorld we hit SFoT for an evening ERS. What a great introduction to a park I have waited so many years to visit. Texas Giant may be rough but it’s a mighty ride, whereas Titan is just a G monster. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Steve Gzesh What a full day! This was my first visit to SeaWorld in San Antonio, so all the coasters were fresh credits for me. And they were GOOD coasters, too! Alas, no time to see any of the shows, but this gives me reason to return. Also made it to Six Flags over Texas for a couple hours and the park staff was incredibly hospitable, especially considering we arrived late and after the park had closed for the general public. The coasters are running well (Titan exerts an insane number of Gs!) and can’t wait to add two credits to my coaster roster tomorrow. Andy Costin Another action-packed day! Steel Eel at SeaWorld had lots of floaty airtime, and was smooth, 3 other good coasters too. But we had too little time here, had a long drive to Six Flags Over Texas, and boy, was it worth it! ERS on 3 coasters, Titan was intense – great helix g-forces. Texas Giant could have been superb, but suffered with age. Hospitality was great, Looking forward to tomorrow’s visit to the park. Paul Hindle Two great coasters in Steel Eel and Titan got me to 249… which will be 250?? David Elvy SeaWorld San Antonio was great. Steel Eel was awesome and Journey to Atlantis was a nice way to cool off in the Texas heat. After the long drive to Arlington, we got to Six Flags over Texas. We had 3 ERS sessions, La Vibora was nice, Texas Giant was ok in the front and Titan was fast, intense and G filled. I almost greyed out on the helix, the same thing happened to me on Goliath at Magic Mountain in 2002. A good day, what will tomorrow bring. Les 4 francais (YVON . GAELLE . YANNIS – PASCAL) En ce 3 eme jour de tour de parcs, les mots clefs seront reussite, convivialite, frisson ect….., car l accueil fourni par le personnel fut fort sympatique et tres aimable. Pour continuer la confirmation de l aventure , le Giant, Titan etc sont excellent, l encadrement se porte a merveille et ont s amusent nikellement bueno michto andycoasterboy After our first bus diversion we arrive at the park and have a fantastic ERS on Steel Eel – with great ride ops. After a few complimentary beers and touching of dolphins we head off to the next park. ‘Giant once great sadly now a terrible ride. Titan thankfully is still an awesome ride dude. Chris Hull Funtime ERS on Steel Eel – fast and smooth with fun operators Rest of the rides at SeaWorld kept us amused before the drive to Six Flags Over Texas with evening ERSs on their bobsleigh, Texas Giant and Titan. Texas Giant looked awesome but rode quite badly depending the seat chosen. Titan however proved to be packed with action and high G’s. Great introduction to the park – more to follow tomorrow! Nina Kleppe Great ERS on Steel Eel, a really fun coaster. Got to do the rest of the coasters as well. Nice park. The evening ERS on three coasters in SFOT was great. Loved Titan. Superb coaster with lots of airtime, and some great g-forces. Had a really good time. Mette Doving Great start of the day with a trip to SeaWorld. Morning ERS on the Steel Eel. Thanks for the T-shirt and cap. nice park, have to come back for some time to the shows. Then a looong drive up to SFOT. 3 evening ERS, loved the Titan. Loads of Airtime. Great both in the back and the front. The Texas Giant a little too rough, shame as it seems like a good coaster. Christof Muehlan I am going to make Titan my new #1 Steel Coaster. There are four reasons: It is pretty far away from Germany, it is not an Intamin, it is not a B&M, it is great! Dirk Lather Das ist ganz kurz geschrieben. Sowohl EGF wie auch Superman in New England sind heute von ihrem Tron gestossen worden. Titan hat einfach alles, was meine persoenliche Nr1 haben muss. Punkt Basta Schluss und Aus!   Back to Top

Day 4 – Six Flags Over Texas

Steve Fagin SFOT was great, both in the evening and the following day, marked by the end-to-end hospitality that the chain has offered from the beginning of the trip. I managed to ride every circuit of Titan during the ERS, and we all got a great head-start on the remaining major rides the next day with a smorgasbord of ERSs, which must surely be among the most offered to the club by any park. I was dragged onto Texas Giant by my compatriots, but even an extensive and admirably clear briefing on how to escape the worst of its spine-rattling excesses (by pulling forward and slightly away from the seat during riding) failed to stop my spine from feeling like something found inside a bombed sarcophagus by the end of the ride. James “Spinner” Hannaford Another hot day and another 4 ERSs making a total of 7 ERSs in one park I make a job on these trips not to look at coasters we are going on then they turn out to be a surprise and boy was Mr Freeze a surprise and of course the traditional hands up all the way. Mats Hummel Six Flags Over Texas is a fantastic park, almost too many rides. We got a total of 7 ERSs in this park, breakfast and lunch and a lovely but maybe to warm weather but I am not complaining. Titan was a surprise and also the fantastic German double looper. I’ll be back… Gordon Taylor How many ERSs? How much hospitality can we take? Unbelievable. Everything really is bigger in TX; the welcome, the friendliness, the bend over backwards we will do ANYTHING to help you, the rides, the food. You get the picture. Many thanks from the PR guys to the ride ops and servers, all were amazing. Loved Mr Freeze and the Mine Train….and everything else. THANK YOU! Will be back v soon… Cal Jones A second day at Six Flags over Texas, which started with a breakfast of fruit and pastries. I did wonder at the wisdom of plying us with muffins and Danishes immediately prior to ERSs on Mr Freeze, Batman the Ride and Tony Hawk’s (a fast spinning coaster), but fortunately I did not have a repeat of yesterday’s unpleasentness. It was really great to be able to ride Mr Freeze finally – I had been to the park in ’97 and ’98 when it had just been built, but it had been closed on both occassions. Matthias Pies Heute ging es drekt weiter mit unserer ERT Orgie. Zuerst auf Mr. Freeze und Batman. Beides tolle Bahnen vor allem Mr. Freeze weis zu gefallen. Danach ging es weiter mit Tony Hawk’s Big Spin und dem Kiddycoaster den wir normalerweise gar nicht fahren duerften. Grosse ueberraschung des Tages war Shockwave. Ganz grossen Dank an SF over Texas. Der Tag war einfach perfekt. Eirik Erstad and Jonas Aastroem Another fun day in a fantastic park. We could never have imagined how lush and beautiful Six Flags Over Texas is when driving by. The first Six Flags park is a gem and their management staff is outstanding. Thanks for the ERSs and the fun. Mr.Freeze was Eirik’s 300th coaster. A perfect choice. We look forward to our next visit already. Oh, and don’t mess with Texas! Paul Orsmond What a great day, the hospitality was again amazing by the park, and our ERS time was incredible taking in over half the coasters,which made getting on all the coasters with ease and there was plenty of time for any re-rides. My Personal favourite moment of the day was riding Mr Freeze, what an amazing coaster, absolutly brilliant (would have hated to ride it with OTSR though) It’s also another lovely looking six Flags, but not quite beating Fiesta Texas (But only because of Fiesta’s Location) otherwise, another great day, absolutly loved it. A shame it couldnt have been a bit cooler though (It hit 100 degrees we were told at its peak) Nick Christensen Well, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is still my number one Six Flags park (being in mind that SFFT and SFOT is the only Six Flags parks I’ve visited for the time being), but I was really surprised by SFOT, and you could realy feel that Six Flags have got new management, and the ride ops is really nice, entertaining, funny and feels really enthusiastic. Mr. Freeze was a really good and awesome coaster, that I’ve looked forward to in a long time. Titan also was a very cool coaster, with a lot of g-forces and some good speed, but the Texas Giant was really rough and painful in some places. Lars Soerensen Is there anything better than waking up and knowing that your gonna have ERSs on 4 coasters! I think not. The first coaster I rode was Mr Freeze, what a great launch coaster. I’m still trying to figure out why there is so few coaster out there with a inverted top hat. Batman was as usual a nice ride. After the 2 coasters, Tony Hawk’s Big Spin and the kiddie one opened. I decied to skip the kiddie coaster and has many goes on the Tony’, which is a nice spinning coaster. After the ERS we was guided around by Dave, so we got to ride almost every coaster, I especially liked Shockwave, really smooth, strong g’s in the double loops, that is what a coaster is suppose to be. I really had a blast. Kim Varde Lassenthe  ERSs left and right. 6 ERSs in all in his park….way to go SFOT. Still likes Titan the most, although I think my back has taken a beating. 4.2 G’s for three seconds is like having a sumo wrestler on your shoulders. Fantastic treatment by the staff. Really a hot hot, but fantastic day. Paul Greenwood Six Flags Over Texas is an amazing place, packed with great rides and the staff really pull out all the stops to ensure you have a great day. The Texas Giant was running better during the day, as opposed to late at night and was more enjoyable. One highlight for me was the Superman Tower of Power – it actually scared me at the top! It gives an amazing view of Shockwave, which is still just as perfect as it was on my last visit. This was an awesome day… Lee Bennett Wow what more can I say about my favourite Six Flags park.  The ERSs were excellent total VIP treatment from the staff with special attention from Kendell, she’s a star! The Schwarzkopf Shockwave is still running superbly (Ride it again, Harry) also worth a mention is Shockwave’s star ride op Heather the most talkative person I’ve heard in a long time! Six Flags Over Texas rocks !!!! Darren and Mary Darren thought he had died and gone to heaven today, back to back ERSs, and members of ACE to show us around the park, he enjoyed the boomerang coaster, the Texas Giant again and all of the others including Shockwave. Welcome excellent from all staff at the park including the energetic Heather who was operating Shockwave Malcolm Marr Second session at SFOT and for a park with more than a dozen coasters getting them all needn’t have been a concern as the park had kindly given half of them to us in ERSs. Mr Freeze was a cool ride and an easy opportunity for a pun. Rode our second Tony Hawk’s ride and Han Katten still rules supreme. Thanks to the park and especially Heather whose enthusiasm first thing in the day should be recognised. Jeppe Nygaard This morning started with, not one, not two, but four ERS’!! Nice breakfast with fresh fruit. Mr. Freeze was great, real powerful forces. That and Titan was the best coasters there… great hospitality from the park, and real good staff. Now to leave hot Texas and go to Arkansas. Hej til jer derhjemme i dk 🙂 Bob Clark Wonderful Schwarzkopf Double Looper – plus great ride crew. Terrific park – great theming and the ‘Giant was awesome. Yvonne Janik Awesome ERS! We loved having so many wonderful coasters to ourselves. Thanks SO much SFOT for all the great food, fun, and coasters! David & Susan Ellis After a taster last night with 3 coasters on an ERS, today we had the full works, with another ERS on 4 coasters, plus a tour of 5 of the remaining coasters. What special treatment! Shockwave was a fantastic looping coaster, which is now Susan’s top Schwarzkopf. Heather, the ride op on Shockwave, added a squeaky perkiness to the ride takeover session! The weather touched 100F today, so Susan spent as much time drinking (not beer!) as we did riding. SFOT is an amazing park with a great coaster line-up. I am sure we’ll be back. Andy Costin The great hospitality at Six Flags Over Texas continues apace – ERSs on 4 great coasters including a kiddie coaster reserved for children. Mr Freeze – what a ride!!! Awesome in front seat. After the ERS we took over 5 more coasters one after another. Another great, but tiring day. Steve Gzesh Day 2 at SFoT and we had another great day! I got to add two new coaster credits, including the hard-to-get-without-kids-in-tow Wile E Coyote kiddie coaster during ERS. Surprisingly, the coaster isn’t on the park map, which made it all the harder to find (the Brigadoon of coasters!). The morning newspaper came out and Lee (my room mate) and I were the featured photo! All in all, a great day! Paul Hindle Mr Freeze was my 250th – pretty good eh? We got 7 ERSs in total, then cleaned up the rest. Park fairly busy – but no ride queues – odd. Park staff could not have been more helpful. Enjoyed Titan (x15) too. Great day! David Elvy  Six Flags over Texas was amazing, probably THE BEST Six Flags Park I have been too. I rode all the coasters thanks to the plentiful ERS. Titan was as intense as ever and Mr Freeze is awesome, one of the most visual coaster experiences I have done – the inverted top hat backwards – wow. Thanks to all at the Park for a truly amazing day. Mark and Jenny Fantastic day. SFoT REALLY looked after us! Thankfully the park was fairly quiet so it was easy to make the most of this amazing park. Loved Mr Freeze with its cool vertical launch. Is this the best Six Flags park? Well – it’s hard to judge but it’s certainly up their with the world’s best. Thank you SFoT for the wonderful hospitality. Chris and Lisa Another 4 ERS’s in the morning so, counting the ones the day before, we had 12 of the 13 coasters done by lunchtime! Awesome park, hospitality was brilliant as seems the norm now. Loving Mr Freeze. Crazy ride op Heather was the centre of attention while we were waiting for Runaway Mountain. What do they feed these ride op’s??? Adrian & Lorna Dade Great park, Very Hot!! no queues Titan is the best ride in the park very friendly park couldn’t do enough for us lots of ERS. Hello Janet, Ray & the girls (Janet, Texas was too hot!!) The four Frenchies (YVON.GAELLE.YANNIS.PASCAL) L’aventure du tour des parcs commence tres bien, les Titan, Steel Eel, Mr Freeze, etc sont geniaux, ils procurent de magnifiques sensations. les ERS mises en place par les organisateurs permettent de multiplier les tours de voltiges avant que le public se fondent dans la masse. Le Texas est un Etat que je n’oublierai jamais.big up a TONY PARKER. Nina Kleppe Good start to the day with ERS on 4 coasters. Mr. Freeze was cool. Got the rest of the credits as well. the log Flume was fun. Nice lunch with the little pink things as dessert. Thanks Six Flags for great hospitality. Mette Doving Another great day, started with 4 ERS. Mr Freeze was a great suprise. Fun. Not too many people in the park, so almost all the coasters before lunch. Good lunch. Thanks for a great hospitality Six Flags. Dirk Lather Vor 30 Jahren bekam ich meinen ersten Prospekt ueber Achterbahnen. Darin enthalten das Bild des weltweit ersten Doppel Looping von Schwarzkopf. Nie haette ich gedacht, dass ich einmal diese Bahn fahren kann. Heute war es soweit. Shockwave ist einfach traumhaft, ich denke der Fahrkomfort hat sich kaum geaendert in den letzten 30 Jahren. Aber auch sonst ist “Over Texas” ein spitzenpark. Sehr freundlich gegenueber Fans, tolle Coaster, super schoen angelegt. Six Flags USA und Six Flags Europe sind himmelweite unterschiede, ein Glueck. Scooby Doo One of your members came up to me and told me my last movie sucked!! How very rude but I must admit it wasn’t my best performance and due to budget cuts and writer issues I do have to admit it wasn’t such a good addition to my franchise. Christof Muehlan Six Flags over Texas has 13 coasters. Four of them have inversions. Of those four, two have OTSRs. Six Flags – More Lapbars, more fun! andycoasterboy SFOT today and after a breakfast in the park we were walked around with an almost entire park ERS on all the major rides. 102 degrees today so plenty of shade for me!! A huge thanks to all the staff and ride ops in the park or a great memorable day 🙂 Chris Hull The SFOT experience continues! Today breakfast, 4 ERSs and first rides of the day on Shockwave added to a throughly enjoyable visit to the park. Lunch was real tasty too with the chocolate dipped “Pink Things” Great park and great hospitality. Thanks to all involved. Ole Bredesen-Vestby As if the three ERSs last night wasn’t enough, we started this day with ERSs on four other rides. Really liked this park, with all its coasters, and other rides. My favourite here: Titan. The only downside is the weather, too hot for a Scandinavian. Stuart Cosgrove Fantastic hospitality, great rides especially Mr. Freeze and Titan. Good food too. All round a brilliant coaster experience. Thanks to everyone involved.   Back to Top

Day 5 – Magic Springs, Celebration City

Mats Hummel Lovely park, almost the whole staff were out there taking care of us and made sure we did not leave the park hungry or undressed, thank you Magic Springs. Free drinks, free sun block! Liked the woodie a lot, mine train was really cool. A really nice location and the selection of coasters, flat rides and kiddie rides are very good. Did not have time to do the water park this time… Ole Bredesen-Vestby What a nice park Magic Springs is. One I would love to go back to and spend some more time in. Really liked Arkansas Twister. Great hospitality, good food, and a great day so far, now we’re on the road to… Cal Jones Magic Springs was a lovely park – I didn’t realise how lovely the setting was. Some fun rides and the peanut butter ice cream was awesome… Gordon Taylor Very nice park and very hot again. Love the free sodas and sunblock. Amazing how its only the small parks that have the courage to do this. Nice lunch nice t shirts – thanks PR guys – and ERS on Arkansas Twister had airtime despite looking like it did not. Very good ride… Dirk Lather Heute war Magic Springs/Crystal Falls auf dem Programm. Ein wunderschoen im gruenen gelegener Park mit sage und schreibe 5 Coastern. Der Maurer x war leider deffekt, aber auch die G-Kaeule kann ich gerne sparen bei der Hitze. Der Rest macht wirklich Spass, der Wassepark wurde auch von mir unsicher gemacht, jede Menge Rutschen und ein Lazy River, alles was meine faule Haut braucht… Christof Muehlan Magic Springs has free sodas, free sunscreen and free airtime on nice wooden coaster… Stuart Cosgrove Lovely park and hospitality. Twister running better than I expected. Pity X Coaster was  down but more than made up for by a picturesque park… Nina Kleppe Magic Springs is a nice little park. The ERS on the wooden coaster was good. Got to do the other coasters except from the X Coaster. Shame that was down… Mette Doving Another great day. Magic Springs is a nice little park with a great woodie, only rode the first seat. Wish I had brought my bikini with me as the water park looked great. Good meal, thanks for the T-shirt. Har hatt en fin formiddag i en bra park. Det er varmt! … David & Susan Ellis Our visit to Magic Springs lived up to its magical name. Starting out with an ERS on the misnamed Arkansas Twister, which is a classic out and back coaster, we also rode a mine train with 3 lift hills, a great kiddie coaster, and a mouse style ride called twist and shout, which was full of twists and made everyone shout! Shame the X-Coaster was not working, as it looked an interesting experience. A great lunch and a free t-shirt too! Then we visited Celebration City… Steve Gzesh This was my first visit to Arkansas. Arriving late last night at the hotel, a small group of us ventured out to the local Waffle House, which was quite the surreal experience. I’m quite certain it’s the first time this restaurant ever served guests from France (who were mystified they couldn’t get wine with their meal!). The trip today to Magic Springs was well worth it. It’s quite a charming and attractive park, with a fine collection of coasters and other attractions. And the park staff couldn’t have been nicer to us. Wish we could have spent more time there, but it’s a good reason to return in the future! Andy Costin After the last few days’ visits to big parks, it is nice to come to a smaller independent park. Magic Springs is a nice park in a wooded setting with a good collection of rides. The Arkansas Twister is a good out-and-back woodie, we had an ERS on this. There were five other coasters, but one, X-Coaster was broken, more’s the pity as it looked insane! Hope to re-visit in the future to try it. The hospitality was great, and free drinks dispensers were available to all patrons, welcome refreshment when it is hot. Too little time available to us, we have a long drive… David Elvy  Magic Springs was great, with Arkansas Twister, an out and back wooden coaster in the hills. I rode all the coasters, apart from X Coaster, what a shame it was down. The Water Park looked amazing, but unfortunately we did not have time, maybe next time. Thanks to all at the Park for ERS, food and goodies. Then another long drive to Celebration City Paul Hindle 12 rides on the Arkansas Twister, plus another 6 rides & the Water Flume; a great morning. Nice folks at the park too… Mark and Jenny A real gem of a park, which reminded me of Lake Compounce – a big compliment! Arkansas Twister is a woodie I could stay on all day, it really was very smooth, and the wooded setting made it all the better. We were met by the park manager who seemed very enthusiastic that we were there. This park is clearly well loved and cared for. We could happily have stayed here much longer, however Celebration City beckons… Chris and Lisa Nice smaller park with the rides split up by a great looking water park, Akansas Twister was a out and back woodie, which we found was much more enjoyable in the front of the train, we also managed to get a ride on all the other coasters apart from the X-Coaster, something to do with a broken saftey system. While we didn’t take a dip, it wass nice to have 30 mins just to chill out by the pool… Lorna & Adrian Dade Great park. Shame we could not ride X coaster. Pity we did not have time for the waterpark, Great coasters even better hospitality… The 4 Frenchies  Encore un tres bon acceuil de la part des dirigents et employes de ce parc, avec le regret de ne pas avoir fait pour cause de panne le “X Coaster“. Une tres belle matinee a garder parmis nos souvenirs. Jeppe Nygaard We had a great morning start at Magic Spring in Arkansas. The most beautiful park so far, nice scenery, and very well kept. Nice rides, nice food, and friendly Staff and Management. Thanks to you all. The scenery has changed a lot since we left Texas, more trees, more greenary, and not almost as hot. Thanks for that… Malcolm Marr Said goodbye to Texas and have made our way into Arkansas (why is it not pronounced like “Kansas”). Different state but same level of hospitality with a nice roadside welcome from the park. X-Coaster was down, so I have a reason to revisit the park, and instead I rode their SLC 10 times consecutively. I can only assume the heat is getting to me… Bob Clark A wonderful park – set in wooded mountainous Arkansas. Great hospitality. Arkansas Twister was a great out and back woodie with that essential extra – a walk on front seat. The Water Park looked so tempting – it awaits a return trip… Derek Cromarty First entry as I have had a stressful few days. After getting frisked at Heathrow, then again at Chicago (forgot I had an apple in bag) and again after going through to departures (forgot I had a bottle of drink in bag) landing at Houston and discovering no suitcase, Aagghhh! Lorna & Adrian helped me with some bits but was rather worried when I tried to phone AA about my case I was speaking to a computer, and they were still looking for it. Double AAgghh. The man at the airport said I would get it the first night. Now I was really worried. did I say about losing my camera on the Boardwalk Bullet!! (luckily we found it ) Day two: I went to reception and there was my case! Beware these trips can be stressful! Anyway all the parks are great some of the rides are smoother than others, but generally having fun! Yvonne Janik Arkansas Twister was just as smooth and fun today as when I first rode it in 1994; I love a well-maintained wooden coaster, and the setting is really beautiful. Thanks so much Dan, Matthew, Kathy, and Barbara — we had a delightful day at your park. Kim Varde Lassen Very nice park, very nice people. Arkansas Twister was the better of the two ERS coasters. Vekoma makes nice looking coasters, but riding them… well that’s just Vekoma. Would very much have have liked to do some splashing around in the waterpark, but no time.. we’re on a tight schedule. Steve Fagin Good experience on the ‘Twister in the front row. Pity X’ was shut – will look forward to riding that next time. Paul Greenwood My first visit to this park and I was extremely impressed. Unlimited free sodas and sunscreen – other parks could learn a lot from Magic Springs! Lee Bennett Another great park with friendly staff. Arkansas Twister was running great so I had a few rides and then had a nice lunch! Luckily, I have visited this park before so I had time to use the waterpark and ride the slides and have a splash in the wavepool. Cool park!! andycoasterboy Another real gem of a park that you wish was closer to home. The Arkansas Twister was a great way to start the day with a continual ride ERS 🙂 Again the weather is very hot and humid as you would expect in this part of the world. A huge thanks to all the great staff who made this another memorable day – and to the guy who took the snake (for real) out of the tat shop. And off we head to another park… Chris Hull A really friendly and picturesque family oriented park with an interesting past and a good selection of rides. Morning ERS on Arkansas Twister was really enjoyable and the park gave the option of riding the SLC due to X-Coaster being down. Just enough time to take in all the rides but would be a great place to spend a day “chilling” out in the waterpark in such warm weather 🙂 As often is the case, it doesn’t have to be the biggest or the best parks in order to have a great time. Thanks to all staff involved for their hospitality at Magic Springs… Darren and Mary Nice park just a shame that we did not have time to explore a bit more. Darren enjoyed all the rides including the ‘Twister and the Gauntlet. Nice food, friendly staff and nice to have free drinks… Celebration City Lorna & Adrian Dade  Celebration City was fun, Ozark Wildcat is the best Woodie!!! Very Nice Park, ERS big let down due to attitudes of ride ops, Not Fun. Malcolm Marr The first of the Ozark parks and this was a nice one to start with. The wooden coaster was superb, there’s a mental steel coaster and a great “extreme” parrot show that got close to the legendary Holiday Park Animal Show, only here the animals could do pretty decent tricks. The first park to have a significant migrant workforce and I think it showed during the ERS; it didn’t spoil the ride experience for me but did for a few others. Kim Varde Lassen I really liked this place. I had a very good time. Maybe it was because the temperature had dropped a bit due to the late arrival, but sometimes the plain layout of a park just works wonders. Three great coasters, all very special. The Ozark Wildcat GCI coaster was awesome. As any GCI coaster. I’m a true fan now. The ERS ride operation was a bit rigid and serious, but luckily the coaster made up for it. Steve Fagin Nice park with a good ERS on their GCI, Wildcat. I thought the ride ops could have displayed a bit more joie de vivre, but I didn’t think that their muted smiles and slavish adherence to protocol marred the experience as much as some of the other members. Lee Bennett Back in Branson Missoruri (The outlaw Joesy wales !! ) Excellent ERS on the Ozark Wildcat, what an action packed ride to from start to finish and no dead seats ! It’s a shame the ride ops did not have the ability to smile!! Paul Greenwood What a nice park and the first GCI coaster of the tour. Like all other GCIs I’ve ridden, the Ozark Wildcat was fast, smooth and very, very twisted! As good as this combination is though, I always prefer straight drops and more airtime – there were a couple of very good bunny hops though. Unfortunately, the ride ops put a damper on things by laying down the law regarding hand slapping, vacating the exit area and making us walk around between each ride – resulting in them sending the train off with empty seats. The fun atmosphere from them wasn’t there – You can certainly tell that we’ve left Texas!!!!!! Jeppe Nygaard Okay nice park. The wooden coaster was by far the best woodie on the whole Trip so far. I am amazed that this one rides so well even being 4-5 years old. I’ll say, It could have been the best ERS of the trip, but the operaters and their park rules spoiled that. But couldn’t spoil the Ride. The 4 Frenchies (Yvon,Gaelle,Yannis,Pascal) Un temps ideal pour s’eclater, s’amuser, prendre du plaisir au Celebretion city. Un parc avec l’originalite du decors du temps des cowboys. L’accueil fort sympathique avec un petit jeu “questions-reponses” qui recompensa les coasteristes les plus rapides a repondre (a ce jeu, Yvon a fait parler son experience). L’ERS etait magnifique, vivement le prochain parc ! andycoasterboy …second park of the day – the Ozark Wildcat was the best of the three coasters. Extreme Parrots was also memorable!!. A shame our ERS was a bit subdued due to the lack of any real enthusiam from the ride operators 🙁 think they should head over to Steel Eel at Sea World to see how it’s done. Although having an hour on a GCI you can’t really grunble. Chris Hull Evening arrival for this park and three coasters to enjoy. The Wildcat stood out by far and added to my list of GCI Woodies proving once again that GCI build incredible rides that stand the test of time. Full of twisty goodness and a great ride wherever you sit! The staff however during the ERS could have been a little more relaxed and actually looked like that were having a good time too. Mette Doving Arrived at Celebration City right on the scheduled time. Nice little park. Three coasters, that we all got to do quite fast, as there where not so many people in the lines, however the lines where moving quite slow. Got to see the parrot I just could have stayed on all night. A shame only that the ride ops looked like they wanted go go home, than giving us a nice time. We will got get hurt by slapping hands!!! Nina Kleppe Had a fun night at Celebration City, a nice little park. The Ozark Wildcat was a good GCI woodie. Got to see the firework before the ERS. Fun to ride Wildcat in the dark. Dirk Lather In diesem Park hatten wir einen wunderschenen Abend. Dieser recht kleine Park hat allerhand zu bieten, so konnten wir hier in den “Genuss” einer Stahlbahn der Firma Miller kommen. Diese sieht ein wenig aus wie mit Matrix zusammengebaut, aber sie haellt. Der Fahrkomfort war erstaunlich gut, der Spass war riesig. Aber auch der Rest vom Park ist einfach klasse. Der Stil bezieht sich komplett auf die 50er, viel Neon, viel Rock Roll, gutes passendes Essen usw. Ab 22 UHr war dann der GCI “Wildcat” komplett uns alleine. Eine super Bahn, die mir im hinteren Bereich sehr gut gefaellt. Vorne hat man den Eindruck, als verpasse sie die GCI typischen Airtime-Kurvenfahrten. Einzig die Ride Ops waren in diesem Park ein wenig steif und liesen den Spass der ERT ein wenig verdunkeln, aber der Empfang fuer uns war grossartig. Christof Muehlan I like coasters and I like Japan. Thunderbolt had two Japanese ride-ops that told me to push down on the restraints in a cute accent. They would also carry the baskets with my loose items to the exit for me. And they yelled something nice after me as I left the station. I am glad I do not speak Japanese. The ERS on Wildcat? The ride-op made me feel at home. I miss Germany. Darren and Mary Celebration City was fun, we enjoyed the laser and firework show, ERS on Ozark Wildcat – the woodie was excellent shame about the staff operating it, this spoilt the atmosphere. Bob Clark Ozark Wildcat – yet another fantastic GCI woodie. Nice bits of 1950s theming in a city park situated at Branson, Missouri. The Laser/Firework show lacked imagination but went down well with the local audience. Mats Hummel Celebration City had 3 really cool coasters, Ozark Wildcat is a favourite but Jack Rabbit surprised me alot! Sad to see the train run with empty seats during the ERS (someone did not like us to use all seats…) Ole Bredesen-Vestby …Celebration City! Over and over again I keep getting surprised by how nice some of these smaller parks are. The ERS in the evening was great concerning the coaster, the best woodie so far, but some strict park rules made the whole experience a little less great. Cal Jones Another great little park with nice 50s theming. The Ozark Wildcat was fantastic – best coaster of the trip so far. Only down side was a poor selection of food here. Gordon Taylor Another day another gr8 park. Evening ERS on The CGI coaster was fab. Most excellent ride and the patriotic pyrotechnics laser and projection show was fun until the inevitable Birdie Song. Nice coffee too! Andy Dewar I had a really pleasant evening at Celebration City, there was another patriotic laser & fireworks show and left with an excellent ERS on the Ozark Wildcat. Matthias Pies Netter Park und netter GCI Coaster. Die Lasershow strotzte mal wieder nur so vor Patrotismus. Jonas Aastroem Wonderful little park with a far more charming theme than many more generic parks with repetative rides. Ozark Wildcat was loads of fun, and the patriotic laser and fireworks show almost outdid Lone Star Spectacular. Chris Simon Celebration City: Lovely park, retro 50s style more convincing than a lot of others, Ozark Wildcat absolutely superb, fast and mad, especially in the dark. Msg home to AP: a lot of parks have live music, mostly C&W so far, but no blues as yet!! Paul Orsmond A Lovely Park, full of nice theming and rides, especially the woodie which was great, but sadly it was let down by poor staff on our ERS. The home made style coaster Jack Rabbit was very strange and according to my log, I think that became my 500th coaster. David & Susan Ellis Celebration City is a very different park to most, with a lot of the theming based around 1950s retro, with music playing to match. The park is host to three coasters, including a wild Miler coaster that looked like it was made of Meccano, but the highlight is a 5-year old GCI wooden twister called the Ozark Wildcat. The Wildcat was fantastic, with relentless pace and nice pops of airtime too. The ERS on the Wildcat was so much fun, but it was a shame the ride ops were so picky about not allowing the customary handslaps. Nevertheless, the coaster was amazing… definitely the woodie of the trip so far. Andy Costin After a long drive we arrived at Celebration City. Another nice park, with a superb woodie, the Ozark Wildcat, a ride that is both exciting and re-rideable all day. The Jack Rabbit was a fun ride, which had us all laughing and cheering. There was a good show, similar to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The ERS on Wildcat was let down somewhat by ride staff not liking our hand-slapping antics, but was fun anyway. Wildcat is my top woodie of the trip so far. Steve Gzesh I must say that Ozark Wildcat at Celebration is, so far, the coaster to beat on this trip. It was simply astounding and it will be several days before we hit another coaster of this caliber (Holiday World and Wisconsin Dells come to mind!). But even the “lesser” coasters at this park were a lot of fun, including the Miler Jack Rabbit! Stuart Cosgrove Celebration City had a lovely 50s feel to it with great rock’n’roll played in the background. Well laid out park. The highlight for me was the best coaster to date, Ozark Wildcat. Great transitions and very rerideable. The only downside was the lack of enthusistic staff. Otherwise great experience. Eirik Erstad What a wonderful surprise! I had no expectations and was overwhelmed by the nice, unique rides and the theming. The Ozark Wildcat is a brilliant family ride.   Back to Top

Day 6 – Silver Dollar City

Mats Hummel Silver Dollar City; what a really nice and friendly park. Really cool coasters, Smooth B&M and a really surprice was the Fire in the Hole was maybe the best. Thank you for the best food so far in any park. Steve Gzesh I didn’t think another park could exude the same kind of charm that Dollywood has, but Silver Dollar City definitely has it (no coincidence they’re both operated by the same company)! Loved, loved, loved the down-home atmosphere of the park and the rides were quite fun as well. And though the park may not have had the best coasters on the trip, it certainly had the best lunch!! This park absolutely warrants a return visit soon! David & Susan Ellis Silver Dollar City reminded us of Dollywood, so it was no surprise to find out they are owned by the same group. The ERS on Powder Keg, the launched coaster, was excellent, with the operators allowing us to film with the camcorders taped to our hands… should make for good footage for the forthcoming DVD! The lunch was amazing, probably the best park lunch we have ever had on a trip. I even won a mug in the fun quiz the staff ran for us. The park is hilly, so was a challenge in the heat, but there is plenty of wooded areas to shelter and admire the beautiful scenery. Top stuff! Andy Costin Silver Dollar City was one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen, with a beautiful wooded hilly setting, and good theming. Powder Keg was awesome, especially in the front. Thunderation and Wildfire were also great. Lunch of the trip so far, and perhaps of any trip – a good choice of meat, fish, etc with salad, and loads of other choice! A definite re-visit is required for this park, a day is not enough. Ole Bredesen-Vestby Oh my, what a great park The S&S coaster for the ERS was great, so also the B&M. And the parks theming and atmosphere is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I’d love to come back to this park and spend more time here in the future. Thanks for a fantastic day. Lorna & Adrian Dade Great ERS on Power Keg, Fire in the Hole was excellent well themed, The Flooded Mine was a fun ride, Adrian still beat me, What’s new. Great shops (need more money) another great day on a great holiday. Darren and Mary Silver Dollar City was a wonderful park, we found all the staff to be interested in the clubs visit and they were helpful. Lunch was great and the hospitality during this was good. Darren enjoyed all the rides but especially Wildfire. A lovely themed interesting park where we could have spent a much longer time Malcolm Marr What a beautiful park. I loved Dollywood in 2006 but wasn’t a fan of the layout. This park is just as nice but a little easier to get around (although some parts could benefit from additional signage to assist still). The three main steel rides are all great rides; you know this park is itching for a wooden ride though. Special thanks to the park for organising an amazing lunch; I think most of us were too impressed to go fill our plates a second time. Park of the trip for me so far! Jeppe Nygaard An absolutely lovely park, just fantastic !! Together with Dollywood it might be the most beautiful in the US. The scenery, and detail is stunning. I liked Powder Keg, a special and unique ride, and Wild Fire was great, another great B&M. The staff was really nice and friendly and gives good atmosphere to the park.  ( a few ride ops, especially on the Mine Train, where a bit over strict with their rules again ) Thanks to the park for be a great host, giving us the best mael of the trip untill now, and a fun quiz too. Now it is time to head further north. Bob Clark A great park very reminiscent of Dollywood both in feel and in terms of the large amount of walking up and down hills. Wild Fire was a very nice B&M looper. Powder Keg although very good was slightly dissappointing after all the hype. The lunch was superb – best ever in a park – especially the Catfish and Okra. Cal Jones My favourite park so far! This is a proper theme park in a really lovely setting, and has some great coasters to boot. Powder Keg was really fun and we all enjoyed Wildfire as well. The highlights were the amazing buffet lunch (I’m always happy to see some vegetables – it’s hard to eat well in most parks) and the cave tour. I’d definitely like to come back. Gordon Taylor Been waiting years to get here and well well worth the w8 esp for (don’t laugh) Fire in The Hole! Magic!! Got a round of applause, not easy on a dark ride. All coasters here are great but its the staff, food, atmos and general park beauty that makes it a cut above the rest. These “smaller” parks are turning out to be the favourites. Love being able to leave my camera fanny pack etc and not have to worry about it. Thank you locals! Andy Dewar I really enjoyed the visit to Silver Dollar City, the park was really pretty with a nice atmosphere, with all the staff in costume and a great cultural feel about the place. Their mine train took me by suprise, Wildfire was an excellent ride and Powder Keg really stood out to me being like a hyped up, zoomy modern mine train affair, which was really fun. Matthias Pies Was fuer ein genialer Park. Die ERS on Powder Keg war grandios und auch Wildfire war genial. Silver Dollar City ich komme garantiert wieder. Jonas Aastroem Silver Dollar City was probably the best themed park so far imo. Whereas both Wildfire and Powder Keg with its quite original setup both were great rides, the fantastic food, great staff and seamless theming was what made this the most pleasant visit so far. The staff is very friendly and outreaching, and the theming is so down to detail that it put other larger parks to shame. Chris Simon Very similar park to Dollywood, wonderfully landscaped and all staff in character/period costume. Powder Keg was fun, with 3 hills of gorgeous floatiness. Fire in the Hole an unusual but spectacular dark ride/coaster/wet ride combo. And a great B&M in the shape of Wildfire. Amazing lunch supplied by the park – THANK YOU! Paul Orsmond Silver Dollar City was a beautiful park with amazing theming and scenery, Powder Keg was superb, and Wildfire was a wonderful B&M coaster filled with a surprising amount of airtime on the drop. Lunch was excellent, and the cave tour was really something special, thanks to everyone at the park for the great hospitality, I would love to come back here for a full day soon. Yvonne Janik Silver Dollar City is perhaps the most beautiful of all US parks. I love every moment of Powder Keg, and the food and service all over the park are great too. Thanks, Lisa and team for an excellent visit. Martin Valt Too many positive points to even begin to list. Powder Keg is very good. Not perhaps as good as certain people have suggested, but if I owned a park a similar ride would be high on my shopping list. Wildfire is fantastic however, a standard (as opposed to floorless) sit down B&M multi-looper with an unusual layout in a stunning location. Definitely my favourite ride in the park. Thank you to everyone involved for their amazing hospitality, including probably the best group meal ever on a club trip. And it turned out that I didn’t deserve the free t-shirt after all! 1199 – c’est la vie. Not many negatives at all. It seems that rolled-up t-shirt sleeves are a threat to life and limb on mines trains, whilst 8-years olds recording the very same ride on their cell phones is not regarded as a problem at all. Go figure. Must be an Ozark thing. We simply didn’t have enough time here. I felt like I was racing through the park at Richard Bannister speed, which for a first visit to such a fantastic place was definitely not good. Kim Varde Lassen Fantastic park. Even though it was impossible to find your way around (at least for me) the western theming just appeals to you when its this well done. Delicious lunch, best on the trip, won a cool hat for knowing all about blowing stuff up. Powder Keg was unique, but maybe a little too unique to me. Lift hill in middle was weird element. Wildfire took the price as no 1 coaster in the park for me. What a first drop!! It was up there with Superman in Fiesta Texas. Only bad comment was that ride operations could be loosened up a bit. Saw kids getting thrown out of empty seats on Thunderation just beacuse they had already ridden. Steve Fagin This scenic park was like a cross between its sister park, Dollywood, and Knoebels, with its schmaltzy theming, incredibly sweet, good-humoured and indulgent staff, and nicely-themed rides set in astounding views of the surrounding countryside. The one-hour trip into the caves was an unexpected bonus, and offered a much more authentic and textured experience than I’d expected out of an ad-hoc detour from the rides. The park was notably generous in its hospitality, providing an ERS and an unusually delicious lunch. Their PR Director really got into the spirit of the event, with she and her staff making us feel very welcome. Lee Bennett What a great park with some great coasters, Wildfire was running surperb, great airtime on the first drop ! Also had lunch at the park which turned into a 4 course meal the best ever !! Paul Greenwood I love this park! What a beautiful place… The view from Powder Keg & Wildfire across the hillside is breathtaking. Wildfire by the way was completely insane in the back seat!! I couldn’t get enough of this park and will DEFINATELY plan to return. Thanks have to go to the park for their hospitality and the incredible lunch. I’ve never had a 3-course roast dinner at a theme park before!! (And it all tasted home-made too…) I hope to see you again real soon… andycoasterboy What a great park – the ERS on Powder Keg was great fun as too was Wildfire. The views from the rides are incredible and the overall layout of the park meanders through tree lined pathways. The whole park is littered with things to watch, do, eat, play and make. The hospitality was first class and lunch was the best I have ever had in a park – so a huge thanks to all the staff and ride ops in the park. I even bought some Huckleberry Preserve!! Long journey now to the next hotel where I am hoping to have a few alchoholic beverages or three. Chris Hull Silver Dollar City proved to be the biggest surprise of the trip so far for me. I don’t tend to do too much research before the trip so finding out that Dollywood is its sister park at lunch was no surprise. SDC is awesomely themed with the staff being outstandingly hospitable and friendly. We were made extremely welcome and provided with a fun and knowledgle ERS on Powder Keg. The park’s other main coaster Wildfire is a great non-standard B&M set in a fantastic setting. The lunch provided by the park must go down as being the best had in any park so far. Fantastic home cooking and really friendly service. Huge thanks to the ride ops and the park staff for making our visit such a memorable one! Mette Doving Could have gone around in this park for ages and found something new all the time. Nice theming in a great park. Loved the morning ERS on the Powder Keg. Thanks for a really great lunch, and for the book that I got. Nina Kleppe The morning started off with an ERS on Powder Keg, a great S&S launch coaster. Did the rest of the coaster and some of the other rides. Good lunch. Very nice park, should have had more time to just walk around looking here. Dirk Lather Man koennte meinen, man ist in Dollywood, der sich als Schwesterpark herausstellte. Entweder war ich heute eh schon groggy, oder es lag am Park. Das Gelaende ist derart unuebersichtlich und bergig, dass ich schon nach kurzer Zeit ziemlich genervt und fertig war. ABER… die Rides haben es in sich und machen das wieder gut. Der S&S Launch – Coaster war fuer mich absolut neu und ueberrascte mit einer sehr intensiven Fahrt. Der Sitzkomfort ist allerdings fuer die Fuesse, kommen hier die selben Sitze wie bei den S&S Swingern zum Einsatz.’ Den Platz der bisher schoensten Aussicht auf einem Lifthill nimmt der grosse B&M “Wildfire” ein. Was man nach dem Auffahrt zu sehen bekommt ist einfach traumhaft und man muss sich entscheiden, ob man nun die Landschaft oder die Fahrt geniessen soll. Klasse Teil!. Kurz nach dem liebevoll zubereitetem Mittagessen ging es dann auch schon wieder in den Bus, von dem aus ich mal nett in die Runde gruesse, an alle die mich so kennen. Ich schlaf jetzt wieder. Christof Muehlan The food they gave us for lunch at Silver Dollar City was so good that I even forgot that I did not win anything in the coaster-quiz. Wait! I did not win anything in the coaster-quiz?! What am I going to wear tomorrow? Stuart Cosgrove Silver Dollar City had a wonderful launched S&S in Powder Keg. Wildfire was also good making clever use of the landscape. Thunderation was a great minetrain espacially when ridden backwards. Follow this with a lovely lunch and you have a perfect coaster day. Thanks to all concerned. Eirik Erstad Probably the most beautiful park in the US. The people of Missouri are lucky to have such a nice park in their state. Can’t wait to go back! Thanks for the best park lunch ever!   Back to Top

Day 7 – Worlds of Fun

andycoasterboy  After surviving a storm last night and very short drive to the park we were taken to Mamba to celebrate its 10th Birthday almost to the day!! The park decorated the queue with balloons and ribbons and made a special cake. Caleb – the ride op – demonstrated how to do the job properly and all the team had a meeting the night before to work on a special dispatch routine =) fun indeed. Patriot, the latest addition to the park was an actual fun Beemer for change. After lunch we were taken for an enjoyable behind the scenes photo sessions so we all have great pics of all the major coasters. The frisbee dog show was also a highlight. Another huge thanks to all the staff involved today. Chris Hull A fun morning’s ERS to celebrate Mamba’s 10th birthday. Coaster, cake, ice cream and cookies. Woo-hoo! 🙂 A shout to Caleb and his ride crew for whooping up the ERS even if his whistle was broke 😉 Ride on guys! One of the park’s other coasters, Patriot, is a really nice non-standard B&M. Behind the scenes tour after a tasty lunch also provided views of coasters and photo opportunities. Thanks to all the staff for a really enjoyable visit. Mette Doving Happy Birthday Mamba🙂 Great ERS to start the day. All the ride ops where really great, and made it so much fun. Cake, cookies and ice cream. Enjoyed the rest of the park as well, the Patriot was the best of its kind so far on the trip. A good lunch was followed by a really great photo trip back stage. Thanks to everyone at the park for making it such a great time. Nina Kleppe Great start of the day with the ERS to celebrate Mamba’s 10th birthday. Then we did all the other coasters. Patriot was the best B&M inverted coaster on the trip so far. Cool that we got to do the Wacky Worm kiddie coaster so we got our credit on that one as well. Good lunch. Tusen takk for en lekker dag. Christof Muehlan Join a coaster club. Go on a club trip to the US. Get a morning ERS on Mamba with an outstanding ride-op crew. Grin for weeks. We got a badge from the park that gave us access to the kiddie coaster. I’d like one of those valid on all kiddie coasters in the world for Christmas, please (with sugar on top) Dirk Lather Coasterfans sind bekloppt, dass ist ja bekannt. Heute haben wir sogar einer Achterban ein Standchen zum 10 ten Geburtstag gesungen, hat aber gar nicht weh getan. Die Morgan “Mamba” dankte es uns mit sagenhaften Fahrten wahrend der ERT. Fuer sein Alter macht der Coaster richtig Spass. Aber auch der Rest vom Park ist bunt gemischt und sehr kurzweilig. So, nun noch 1 mal .schlafen, dann sind wir wieder bei meiner Voyage. *huepf* Stuart Cosgrove Great ERS on Mamba, just need to lose its trim brake, otherwise good ride. Timber Wolf running great in front albeit a bit slower than I remember it in ’93. Patriot a great B&M. Enjoyed the superb lunch and photo tour. Another thoroughly enjoyable day. Also I must mention Cyclone Sams trabant ride in the dark: very noteworthy. Ole Bredesen-Vestby Another great day. This started with an ERS on Mamba. Good coaster, very re-rideable. And great ride-operators. The woodie was a little bit too shaky for me, but the other coasters (except the Boomerang) were good. Another thanks to the park for the photo-tour behind the scenes after lunch. I really enjoyed that. Mats Hummel Great day, great park REALLY great ride ops (Thanks Caleb for making sure the ERS was at the top level). Patriot was a smooth running ride. Thank you for the great photo tour. Thank you for Mamba’s birthday party. Matthias Pies Netter Park, tolle ERS incl Geburtstagsstandchen. Patriot fahrt sich einfach nur genial. So muss ein B&M fahren. Der Reas des Parks ist buntgemischt und hat mir gut gefallen. Jonas Aastroem Mamba celebrated its 10th birthday this day, and we were invited to join the celebrations with an exhilarating ERS followed by cake, soda, ice cream and cookies. Patriot was both fun and smooth. Interesting twist on “global” theming, too. Chris Simon Lovely day at Worlds of Fun, even found a Draig Goch (Ed: Welsh Flag) flying & had my picture taken by it! ERS on Mamba, fantastic crew, and birthday cake to end with. Possibly the weakest of the Morgan hypers due to excessive braking midcourse leaving the final camelbacks a bit tame with little airtime, however still a great ride and the first two hills are amazing in the back. Patriot a nice little B&M inverted, and getting my vote for the best zero G roll, taking it at the perfect speed where you float all the way through it and actually get zero G, Paul Orsmond Worlds of Fun was yet another wonderful park, Mamba was a great ride only slightly spoiled by heavy trims leading into the second half of the ride, It was so good to see the staff celebrating Mamba’s 10th Birthday, and the cake and refreshments were a nice touch. My Favourite ride was Patriot though which was a wonderful B&M inverted, one of my favourite coasters so far on the trip. Overall it’s been another excellent day, and yet again the hospitality from the park was great. Kim Varde Lassen World’s of Fun, well indeed it was! Huge cheers to the ride ops on Mamba. They did a fantastic job making this one of the best ERSs I have ever been on. Strictly-by-the-book ride attending was replaced with common sense, smiles and an atmosphere that made us feel very welcome. Caleb took the prize as the funniest ride operator ever. Way to go WoF! Five of us took the time to go to the water park. No queues to some superb water slides… fast and out of control… water up your nose… great. Lars Soerensen What a great ERS, and what a great ride-op. I had a really great time. Great park, with some great coasters. We went to the water park as well, not the biggest water park, but they had some really great slides. Worlds of fun lived up to its name. It was great! Steve Fagin Good lively ERS on Mamba – which I thought was a nice ride, and smooth enough all things considered. It was great to see the happy ride ops celebrate its 10th birthday with a giant cake, and even better to have a behind-the-scenes photo tour later in the day. A few of us found time to hit the waterpark, and larked around amongst the bare-fleshed Missourians wallowing heavily in the shallows. Overall, a pleasant day, and the park staff were clearly pleased to have us there. Nick Christensen Worlds Of Fun was a really good park, with some great rides and coasters. The ERS on Mamba for its 10th birthday was awesome, the ride ops were really in the birthday-mode, and the giant birthday-cake was one of the best cakes I’ve had. The coaster did infact disapoint me a bit, but the first drop and the first big airtime hill in the back seat was just awesome! The Patriot was also a very good coaster, best in the front row of course, with some good g-forces and a good speed thoughout the ride. Overall the park was great, considering it was a Cedar Fair park. Paul Greenwood After a terrific thunderstorm at the hotel last night, today was another boiling hot day!! Celebrating Mamba’s 10th birthday was great fun – the ride was running extremely well (although less brakes on the return run would be better) and the ride ops were in a really hyped-up birthday mood. We even had birthday cake!! I even won something in the raffle (which I never do) so this was one terrific day. Worlds of Fun, please provide more shade in your queue lines though… Darren and Mary Great park, ERS on Mamba on its tenth birthday was something of an occasion, party hats and birthday cake, the operators of the ride were also in party mood which made for a relly enjoyable ERS. Darren’s favourite ride was the boomerang which for me was a little headbanging. The Patriot was an enjoyable ride, the day was great and the food at lunchtime was good along with the raffle prizes given out, another park with friendly staff. James “Spinner” Hannaford The parks get better and better and when the staff join in that’s a plus. This park has a lot of space so room for expansion. Keep up the good work Andy Dewar I enjoyed my day at Worlds of Fun, the staff on the Mamba ERS were really fun, in fact all the parks staff were happy and enthusiastic so the place comes across well. I thoroughly enjoyed Patriot, excellent trackwork showing how things have come along and it makes for a brilliant well balanced ride. As for their other coasters I thought the woodie was a bit rough, Mamba was wooshy with great drops, and I came off the Boomerang somewhat suprised at how much I’d enjoyed it. All in all a really happy park to visit with a great atmosphere throughout. Gordon Taylor 2nd visit here in over 10yrs. Glad 2c the back of Orient Express, no loss there but shame that Timber Wolf was not as good as I recall, in that it used 2b a top 5 ride. ERS on Mamba hit the spot; perfect for a morning ERS, not too intense and fun after breakfast. Park “horse brutality” (Ed: hospitality) excellent; 10th birthday cake ice cream n drinks and photo tour. Patriot a fab addition to the park eps the colour (sp) (sic) scheme however Oceans of Fun was one of the best water parks every. The WILDEST tube and flume slides I have ever been on, and a VERY deep wave pool. Most unusual for a US park. Another gr8 day. Cal Jones Another lovely day despite last night’s storms. The ride crew on Mamba was lively, especially Caleb, and we had a fun ERS. It was nice to see inside the rides as well on the photo tour. David & Susan Ellis Today was our first visit to Worlds of Fun, in Kansas City, which for some odd reason is in Missouri and not Kansas! Our ERS was on Mamba, the Morgan steel hypercoaster. Caleb, the man with the mike in the station, was a real star, and the atmosphere during the ERS was fantastic. He should be cloned and sent to every park worldwide! The weather got hotter as the day went on, just when we thought we would be having a cooler day. The park arranged a walkback tour of three coasters, so we were able to get some great photos and filming. Now off to St Louis. Halfway through the trip now, but having a fantastic time so far. Andy Costin Another day, another park; Worlds Of Fun. another great park, and more good hospitality. We had an ERS on Mamba, and the ride crew had as much fun as we did! We were also treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the coasters – a great photo-opportunity! Weather was also great-started off cool and got hotter. Still no rain yet (famous last words). Now about half way through the tour. Steve Gzesh It’s been a number of years since I was last at Worlds of Fun, and it’s still a very nice park. I got to add another four coaster credits, including the quite marvelous Patriot B&M inverted (excellent pacing!). A nice add-on for us today was being allowed to go behind the scenes and photograph the coasters from areas the public can’t access, and I took advantage of the opportunity by shooting lots and lots and lots of photos. Picture perfect, cloudless skies gave me lots of great shots! Overall, an excellent day! Paul Hindle Another great day. Started with 12 rides on Mamba in a 10th birthday ERS; a fun team of ride ops led by Caleb. Next came Timber Wolf, Patriot and two rides on the Wacky Worm (hmm). To make up for that Dave & I went on Rip Cord – my first sky coaster – fantastic! David Elvy A great day today. Mamba was awesome, a great ride with a great crew – Caleb – you rock. A few spins on Patriot, and a behind the scenes tour allowed me to get some cool photos and as already stated, Paul Hindle and I did the Ripcord, a Skycoaster. Amazing. Mark and Jenny Many thanks to Caleb and the rest of the Mamba crew for a fantastic ERS! As for the ride, it was superb although the trims could have been a little easier. Timber Wolf was a surprise as it was running very well. Patriot was also a class act, but for me was a bit too forceless. Great park and great people. Thanks for looking after us so well! As the trip goes on, it’s becoming clear just how good Six Flags operation is up to now. With at least two trains running on everything (even with the parks being quiet) they are, up to now, the best run of all the parks we’ve visited. What a nice change! Chris and Lisa Amazing day today at Worlds of Fun, made more special by being able to meet our friends we’ve been speaking to on the internet for the last 4-5 years. ERS on Mamba for its 10th birthday was cool, with the ride ops being lively and fun. Afterwards there was cake, ice cream and cookies 😀 Timber Wolf’s a great woodie, although the back’s a bit of a rough ride. Much better at the front of that one. Patriot’s a smooth ride and Spinning Dragons is just a bit of fun. Did the Wacky Worm just for the tick but all in all a great day. Bob Clark Another great park. Having narrowly missed the storms last night it was another hot day. Great staff and rides. Walk back tour was very nice surprise. Jeppe Nygaard A very good day today at Worlds Of Fun. Superb birthday ERS on Mamba this morning. Nice park, Loved their B&M Patriot coaster, even though Malcolm and I were a litle unluckly with our ride partners twice. Very good hospitallity by the park, good food, fun with the raffle, even though I didn’t win anything. Enjoyed the backstage walk very much. We were lucky with the weather today, there was a quite good storm last evening and night, so I feared we could be rained out, but the weather was good to us. Now on to St. Louis. Malcolm Marr Excellent start to the day at Worlds of Fun with us helping the park celebrate Mamba’s 10th birthday with a party, ERS and cake. Excellent ride op team in the station ensured we all had a good time and they caught us all off-guard with their Mamba-dance. Good work guys!! The rest of the park was OK with Patriot being renamed as Patience as everytime we rode it we seemed to end up with a “challenging” individual sitting next to us. Martin Valt Nice to have a day at a park with no new coasters for me, so lots of photographs taken along with an hour or two spent in the water park. Great ERS on Mamba to begin the day with; rides ops really “in the zone”. Point to ponder – I bought a Cedar Fair Platinum Plus season pass at Knott’s Berry Farm earlier this year. Since then not a single admissions/parking lot/retail member of staff at Cedar Point, Canada’s Wonderland, King’s Dominion or today at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun has admitted to ever having seen one before or demonstrated even the slightest idea what to do with one. How is this possible? Yvonne Janik What a fun ten year celebration of Mamba – loved the cake, party hats, balloons, and fun ride team for our ERS! Also it is a coaster lover’s dream to be able to go take photos of three major coasters in areas that are off the beaten path; thanks so much Brandon and team for all the extras. We did have so much fun!   Back to Top

Day 8 – Six Flags St Louis, Holiday World

Mats Hummel Another hot and sunny day that started off with an hours ERS on Screamin’ Eagle, a great coaster. Nice that the group got the first ride on the Tony Hawk. Managed to do all the possible coasters in the park. As a finale we got to see the first run of Evel Knievel, the red train made it around the track safely. Thank you Six Flags! Time to meet Voyage again… Ole Bredesen-Vestby (or Brendensen, as my season pass says) Hot… I’m melting…. Good ERS on the Screamin’ Eagle this morning, but I liked the other woodie, The Boss, better. Another great day. Thanks. Jonas Aastroem Six Flags St. Louis is the second oldest of the Six Flags parks and is really nicely themed. But the continous copies of rides from this chain are making them commodities and not unique like other and much more exciting rides on this journey. Still, the park was friendly and hospitable and served us a delightful park day. We continued on to Holiday World and it’s most amazing rides which I’ll describe further. Cal Jones Holy humidity, Batman. I don’t know if today was the hottest in terms of temperature, but it certainly felt that way. Fortunately St Louis was a great park with plenty of trees and shade. The ERS on the Screamin’ Eagle was fun – this is still a wonderful coaster and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s hard to describe The Boss without using expletives but suffice to say, it’s absolutely mental. In a good way. Gordon Taylor Started well with the 1st ERS then started to (six) flag(s) in the heat. Couple of ibuprofen and several frozen lemonades later was back on form and riding… deciding on Mr. Freeze and Batman if only to queue indoors in the cool air. Best ride was Scooby Doo, fun, funny and air cooled. Off for a sleep now on our 3hr plus journey to Holiday World. Andy Dewar A great day at St Louis, ERS on Screamin’ Eagle was brill, I experienced my first roll-back (or ‘short-shoot’) on Mr Freeze and particularly loved Boss once the pace picked up through the day, I don’t really recall having screamed so much on any coaster I’ve ridden to date. Matthias Pies Netter Park mit 2 brilliannten Woodys. Wetter war unertraglich heiss und schwuel. Gut gfallen hat mir der “Scooby Doo”-Boot- Darkride. Ninja war einfach nur Grotte. Nie wieder steige ich da ein. Jetzt wird geruht denn heute Abend steht die Gottin aller Achterbahnen auf dem Programm The Voyage“. Paul Orsmond Another lovely park, and thanks to superb operations on the rides and coasters, queues were quite light despite it being a Saturday, Batman was the only major ride where I had to queue at least 20 min, otherwise all other rides were less or nearly walk on (even Mr. Freeze). Our ERS on Screamin’ Eagle was great, a lovely coaster, and Mr Freeze was again superb, but not as good as the Texas version, lunch again was nice, and overall despite limited time here, it was a great day. Chris Simon This was a really hot & humid day! ERS on Screamin’ Eagle, lovely smooth out & back woodie, really enjoyable. Got one ride on Mr Freeze before witnessing a rollback which then closed it! Batman was business as usual. Ninja comes a close second to the SFoG version for being the worst Vekoma/Arrow multilooper ever! As I write this on the coach, we are currently crossing the Mississippi in front of the Gateway Arch at St Louis. Nick Christensen The ERS on Screamin’ Eagle was good, and I’ve got surprised by how good the coaster actually was, keeping in mind that the coaster is 30 years old. The walk back to Evel Knievel was a very cool and surprising experience, for us that got to go on it. Lars Soerensen The ERS at Screamin’ Eagle was good, and a good coaster considering its age. The tour behind Evel Knievel was awesome, that was a wonderful opportunity. It was nice to see Chris and Dan again, just a shame that they had to work, but they are working on a coaster so I guess it is okay 🙂 Stuart Cosgrove ERS on Screamin’ Eagle was a blast. The coaster still runs as good as I remember it 15 yrs ago. The Boss is as unique in layout as say The Beast and rode great especially in the back. We had a nice lunch and the only down side for me was being locked in Excalibur for 15 mins by a idiot of an operator who thought it was funny. Case of little Hitler syndrome. Needless to say he was reported. Otherwise a lovely day. Kim Varde Lassen Not too impressed by the park. Nothing wrong with it… just didn’t have the special atmosphere some of the other parks have. I might be biased by the scorching heat today. Nice ERS on an old woodie. It certainly was a good ride. Picked up speed during the hour we were there. The Boss is a very special ride, liked the first “drop”, or rather “first drop, straight ahead and turn” part of it. Steve Fagin We kicked off with an ERS on Screamin’ Eagle, a well-designed and unexpectedly smooth 1976 woodie. The group was treated to a tour of GCI’s latest, Evel Knievel. It was very unfortunate that this had to remain closed until media day, since a new GCI is always an exciting experience. The hospitality was once again very good, continuing the trend set by Six Flags since the start of the trip. The park was nicely laid-out, although the undulating paths were pretty tiring to navigate in the baking heat. There were some good rides, but nothing particularly spectacular. Nina Kleppe Good start of the day with an hour ERS on Screamin’ Eagle, a really fun old woodie. Best in the front seat. Then we got to do all the other coasters. Nice lunch. Shame that Evel Knievel wasn’t open yet, but cool that we got to see the very first test run. Way too hot and sticky today. Now off to Holiday World. Mette Doving What a hot and humid day today. A lot of people, but guess that’s what you get when going there on a Saturday. Started the day off with a nice ERS on the old woodie, Screamin’ Eagle. Then off for the first ride on the Tony Hawk’s coaster. A nice collection of other rides as well, except for the Ninja, which was just painful. A nice lunch as well. Just a shame that we where too early for the opening of Evel Knievel. We’ll have to go back. Now off the Holiday World. The big question, do we lose an hour or gain one, an how will we get it back 🙂 andycoasterboy A very hot day today. Screamin’ Eagle running superbly well – the big man getting his 1200th coaster having a behind the scenes tour of Evel Knievel and watching the first ever run of Evel Knievel. Scooby Doo’s Scary Swamp still retains its place as the number one shoot-em-up. Off now to Holiday World need I say anymore…. V O Y A G EChris Hull An enjoyable day especially as there was concern we might not have enough time to do all the rides. By 11-ish we’d Screamed, Spun, Boss‘d, Ninja‘d, Batman‘d and done the mine train. Scooby Doo followed after lunch followed by a dry log flume but very wet water cannons! After confronting the woman who ‘shot’ me rounded off the day on the big wheel and observing a first run of Evel Knievel. Well done to the guys at GCI for what looks like another great ride. Many thanks also go to the staff at Six Flags and ‘Dave’ the Boss at the park! Now on to Holiday World to be reunited with The Voyage! 🙂 Paul Greenwood The most humid day of the trip so far – the heat was insane and involved drinking gallons of water!! ERS on Screamin’ Eagle was a great start to the day – a really fun old woodie and very re-rideable. The Boss is still enjoyably agressive and you definately know you’ve been on a roller coaster when you get off! I just wish it didn’t use those awful trains… There is a very amusing arguement going on behind me in Danish about whether we lose an hour or not with the time zones! Hopefully we’ll all synch our watches at some point! Christof Muehlan Approaching the end of the River King Mine Train ride, it looked as though Ninja’s double corkscrews were part of the mine train ride. At least the woman riding behind us thought so; and freaked out! That was funny. No, I did not point at the corkscrews and shout “Oh my God!” David & Susan Ellis Today was Six Flags St Louis, and a short day to get in a lot of rides. Most days we have had a lot of time to get the coasters ridden, today we had just a few hours to do 7 coasters, but we got them all in. The heat and humidity made it hard work walking around the park, due to it being quite a hilly park, with sloping paths everywhere. We started with an hours ERS on a classic John Allen out and back, the Screamin’ Eagle, and it is a great coaster. We got to see the guys from GCI who were building the new Evel Knievel wooden coaster. It had its first run today, but sadly we missed seeing it run around the track. Pleased we got the coasters done, but equally pleased to get on the cool coach, and now we are off to Holiday World. Andy Costin Today we hit the ground running! No time to waste! Six Flags St. Louis, 7 coasters, and only the morning to do them in-and it’s Saturday! And we hit it fast with an ERS on Screamin’ Eagle, a great out & back woodie with some good airtime, followed by 4 more coasters in quick succession before lunch at 11:30. More great hospitality, including a tour of the new coaster. Then after lunch we hit the last 2 coasters, then relaxed-job done. After a couple of other rides we watched the first test run of Evel Knievel, the new G.C.I.I. woodie, and it ran perfectly! Can’t wait to return in the future to ride it. At 2:30 pm, we had to leave for Holiday World. Steve Gzesh I was last at Six Flags St. Louis two years ago to participate in Screamin’ Eagle’s 30th birthday celebration by being one of 20 riders to marathon on the coaster for 30 hours (only 14 of us finished the marathon). The coaster is still running very well and is extremely re-rideable! Today, I also managed to add two new coaster credits (Tony Hawk and Mr. Freeze). But best of all, seeing the inaugural coaster train running on the almost-finished Evel Knievel ride was way cool! A shame the ride won’t open for another couple weeks, because it looks quite good! Well, off to Santa Claus, Indiana now to visit Holiday World. We don’t know what time it is there (do they observe daylight-savings time in that county??), but we’ll arrive some time! Paul Hindle Yet another hot day – humid too. Enjoyed an hour on Screamin’ Eagle, then rode the other woodie, The Boss (much faster & more aggressive). Will say nothing about Ninja – just one to be ticked off the list. Pity we were a few days too early to ride Evel Knievel. David Elvy I was a little worried that we would not be able to ride all the coasters today at Six Flags St. Louis, what with it being a weekend, and lack of time. However, we had an ERS on Screamin’ Eagle, then we were escorted to Tony Hawks Big Spin. Once we hit the remaining coasters, the queues were not too long, so, a great day. The Boss is quite a ride. Another great day, and now we are off to Indiana. Mark and Jenny The great Six Flags operations continued today, with two trains running on everything we rode. Not being counters (apart from maybe counting rides we can’t be bothered to ride) we didn’t feel the need to rush around the park which helped in the heat. Loved Screamin’ Eagle, very smooth and rideable. The Boss was fantastic! Also loved the non-existant left hand queue on Mr Freeze! Another park full of nice coasters, but now it’s on to our favourite. Chris and Lisa Hot and incredably humid today, 7 coasters, with limited time, but we managed to get them done with time to spare. ERS on Screamin’ Eagle was great, and was quite re-ridable as long as you were sat in the right seats. The Boss was real quick and wild, while Ninja may of well been an abbreviation of Neck injury 🙂 Evel Knievel was teasing us in its last stages of testing and contruction, but won’t open for another 12 days. DOH! Yvonne Janik I loved riding John Allen’s Screamin’ Eagle – so smooth and fun for our morning ERS. I greatly appreciated the hospitaltity, flexibility, and fun of the SFSL team: Leanne, Elizabeth, Dave, and Ron (and others). What a joy to see Evel Knievel make its first fun around its track!!! I have never seen the very first fun of any coaster, and I will get back to SFSL this season to ride that coaster. Lorna & Adrian Dade Another very hot day, Screamin’ Eagle & The Boss great rides very rerideable. Big Wheel Gave us good views of the Park, It’s a shame we did not have more ERS as we had to run around the park to get all the coaster credits. Bob Clark Front Seat – Left Side – Blue Train – Screamin’ Eagle – Wonderfully smooth 32 year old John Allen Woodie – A Masterpiece – very well maintained and a joy to ride and ride and ride. The Boss – an awesome woodie that goes on and on. Another very tiring, hot and sweaty day. Malcolm Marr Phew, what a scorcher!! The humidity is really making the parks a challenge to get around but we’re still managing it somehow, although we thought Martin had broken Mr Freeze for the rest of us (it re-opened soon after). Some nice rides at St Louis with The Boss being the big surprise. I’d heard it was pretty rough but I got a really good ride out of it. I’ve now ridden three Tony Hawks rides and Han Katten is still the champ. Heard this amusing conversation on the mine train. “I’m scared” “Why?” “Because I’m Catholic” Now en route for Holiday World for a little coaster called The Voyage. Jeppe Nygaard Once again we had great hospitality from the park today and a great coaster in Screamin’ Eagle for the ERS this morning. It was great to see the new GCI coaster Evel Knievel but it was a shame that we did not get to ride it. The humidity is draining the energy from us. We’re now heading towards what we hope to be one of the highlights of the trip; The Voyage. Darren and Mary Screamin’ Eagle was a lovely smooth ride to have an ERS on this morning, despite the intense heat and humidity we managed to do all the coasters except Evel Knievel. Staff were friendly on the ERS and made this an enjoyable fun time Lee Bennett  Wowzers another scorcher, we started the day with another ERS on the magnifcent Screamin’ Eagle lots of airtime and very smoo-ooth. We followed that with a ride on Tony Hawk’s which was Martin Valt’s 1,200th coaster (Well done). I also did the Evel Knievel tour which is looking great! I also managed seven rides on The Boss which is running good too, quite smooth at the moment but very aggresive! Martin Valt OK, so 1200 on Tony Hawk’s spinning coaster. Thanks to everyone who made it much more fun than it would otherwise have been. Evel Knievel would have been more fun, but there’s always next time. Boss still running very well, a hugely underrated wood coaster. Oh, and a roll back on Mr Freeze – that was fun too. I love cheerleaders rah-rah-rah. Holiday World night Andycoasterboy Holiday World always delivers and sitting on The Voyage until park closing riding with fellow members who were Voyage virgins and hearing how their coaster opinions changed after one ride really underlines what a great park Will and Pat have. Thanks. Chris Hull Outstanding! Voyage was quite simply as awesome as it was in 2006! Mats Hummel Since being here 2006 I know what to expect. What can I say, I really like The Voyage. Coming back to Holiday World is one of the highlights of this trip. Even I believe it’s one of the best wooden coasters in the world if not the top woodie! Ole Bredesen-Vestby The Voyage is still the best woodie. I had ridden it before, so I knew what I was in for, but all I can say now is: wow!!! Cal Jones I hadn’t been to Holiday World since 1999 so I was looking forward to riding both Legend and Voyage. If I thought The Boss was insane, The Voyage is even more so. The course is full of surprises and the pace never lets up. Would be my favourite were it not for the fact that it gave me a screaming headache. Perhaps I’m getting old. Legend was really smooth although not as exciting. Finished off with two backseat rides on Raven in near darkness. Still superb, though it seems a bit short now, by comparison. Gordon Taylor Return here after an eight – yes – eight year absence, and looking forward to The Voyage with many apprehensions considering what I had read/heard about it. Well kind of lost for words here. WOW! First ride near the back with Joesaphine Public and her screaming friends behind me with Jonas beside me. Well I have not laughed like that for AGES. My chuckle muscle got a real good work out. Fantastic ride. Straight in there in the top five with a bullet. Truly stunning, which considering it’s a hybrid is incredible… you can guess the rest. The Citizen Kane of rides perhaps? Ended a perfect day with 1 on the Legend and 2 on the back seat of Raven Incredible Mette Doving Wow – that was totally insane, intense and fun. Talking of The Voyage of course. A few hours before the park closed. Also got one ride on the Legend. That was a lot of fun as well, as I did not expect it to be so good. Nina Kleppe Had a great night at Holiday World. So good be ride Voyage again. WOW. That ride is just insane. So much airtime, especially in the back. I love that coaster. Paul Greenwood First time riding The Voyage and I still can’t believe it – WOW!!! AIRTIME… INSANE SPEED… CRAZY TURNS… MORE AIRTIME… WOW!!! THE BEST COASTER EVER!! Lee Benoit Le Voyage c’est fantastique! Stuart Cosgrove Absolutely insane airtime heaven this evening. The Voyage blows every coaster on this trip so far away by a country mile. Must have had the widest smile on my face as other co-enthusiasts were laughing at me! Andy Dewar I spent most of the evening at The Voyage, it became my number one coaster, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many lit faces and elated looks in one place, the atmosphere really was fantastic there. Matthias Pies Was soll man sagen? Holiday World war einer der Gruende an der Tour teikzunehmen. Sind direkt nach der Ankunft zu Voyage gegagen. die Bahn ist genauso genial wie 2 Jahre zuvor und immernoch meine No.1 Chris Simon Late entry into Holiday World for a quick blast before going to bed. Raven flying as usual, remarkably smooth even in back. Legend (of Sleepy Hollow) off its head as usual, a bit rougher but then again it always was, yet still immensely rideable. I’m sure the helix is banked the wrong way. The 2 airtime hills halfway round seemed more powerful than I remember them. Then Voyage. OMG, every bit as aggressive, powerful, and generally intense as it was a couple of years ago. Possibly now my number 1 woodie, since I haven’t ridden Timbers for many years. Paul Orsmond A short evening in Holiday World for a few rides, Voyage has got worse slightly, and so has the other woodies, they are still fairly re-rideable coasters, but not as enjoyable as I remember them 2 years ago, shame. Kim Varde Lassen Feels like being home again – riding Voyage. Few words really describe this coaster, but I’ll give it a go: Beautiful, fast, mysterious, out of control and just fantastic. Best wooden coaster in the world – to my knowledge. Maybe the best coaster, period. We got to ride it round closing hours when the dark crept in… bloody marvelous! Steve Fagin It was great to get plenty of goes on Voyage when we hit Holiday World at about 18:30, and even better to spend an evening at the Santa Claus motel. The smell in the tunnels is like fresh newspaper print. I’d almost forgotten how eccentric the place is, but the early Christmas decorations soon reminded me, and in case I needed any more evidence of the unfamiliar, the sight of a colony of rednecks through their (wide open) room door did the trick. One of them was reclining in a tub in the centre of the room. (I’m not joking). Larry, the owner, was as efficient as ever, serving about 50 customers at once. Lars Soerensen I rode Voyage back in 2006 and it became my favorite coaster, and guesswhat! It still is! That ride is amazing. I have nothing more to say than great awesome and magnificent. Christof Muehlan Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very good! Dirk Lather Bezugnehmend auf Ihre Anfrage teilen wir mit, dass sich bei den Achterbahnen Voyage, Legend und Raven noch immer das selbe Gluecksgefuehl einstellt wie vor 2 Jahren. Ein Besuch ist daher dringenst angeraten. Adrian & Lorna Dade Great front ride on The Voyage, also did the Turkey Gobbler and had a great meal in the Plymouth Inn. Great hospitality as always. Malcolm Marr I rode Voyage 10 times today. It’s not as good as it was but even so is still better than most! David & Susan Ellis Tonight we hit Holiday World for a couple of hours, and a chance to ride the top coaster, The Voyage. It was flying, and riding as good as it did two years ago when we last rode it. We also rode the Raven and I rode the Legend, and both of these are still top coasters, despite being dwarfed by their newer relative. A great couple of hours, but exhausting in the humidity. Andy Costin After a long drive we arrive at Holiday World. Already looking forward to riding The Voyage, little did I know how far I was going to be blown away by this absolutely superb ride! What a ride! Totally mental – like every top coaster rolled into one – on acid! Also rode the superb Legend coaster – another great ride. We stayed at a Christmas-themed hotel a stones-throw from the park. Steve Gzesh I haven’t been back to Holiday World for several years and was quite pleased to see Raven and Legend are running as well as ever. I got to add two new credits, the more noteworthy, of course, being Voyage. Oh! My! God! What an incredible ride! I’ve held Kings Island’s Beast in my top spot for years, but it has been dethroned. Voyage has everything going for it. Tall, steep drops. Check. Breakneck speed. Check. Massive airtime throughout the ride. Check. Wooded terrain setting. Check. What’s not to love about it? All I need now is dark night ride on this gem and I’ll have experience the absolute perfect ride! Paul Hindle Return to Holiday World! In 2006 I had a bruised rib (courtesy of Thunderbolt at Kennywood) and didn’t ride Raven or Legend. So started off with those two before tackling Voyage. All great rides, each one better than the previous. What can you say about Voyage? – it’s just perfect – it has everything you could dream about in a woodie (and more). Finished up on the last train at 8-30 – almost in the dark. Great! David Elvy It was great to be back at Holiday World, I rode Raven and Legend twice, I love Raven, Legend was better than I remembered and Voyage is still THE BEST wooden coaster. Mark and Jenny Wonderful to find The Voyage is still the stunning ride it was two years ago. We stayed on Voyage all evening – which is conveniently located next to a restroom and a drinks station! Why go anywhere else? To celebrate such a great night, the bar at Santa’s Lodge was just the ticket. Chris and Lisa OMG at The Voyage!! This was our first time on and we went straight to the back as we were told it it was the best. Ohhhhhh yes! Now the only problem is whether that or El Toro is better. Tough decision. The other coasters are great here too. The Legend and Raven are very enjoyable. The lady operating The Howler was amazing. She made the otherwise mundane little coaster that much more enjoyable and the kids we were riding with loved her enthusiasm.    Back to Top

Day 9 – Holiday World

Andycoasterboy Voyage, Raven, Legend enough said. Chris Hull  Voyage as good in the morning as it was the night before. Raven and Legend still enjoyable of course, Great to see Pat, Will and the staff again. Thanks again for a great day! Mats Hummel More rides on The Voyage (was still very good :-)). Did the other coasters as well, nice! And then went back for The Voyage again. Oh yes we did have a nice lunch supervised by Pat, thank you! Cal Jones It was already stupidly hot by 9am so after a quick ride on Voyage we headed for the water park. Brilliant fun, and the perfect way to keep cool. Gordon Taylor After a few more rides on Voyage, I was more than happy to hit the water parks with a few others. Great day and perfect decision I think as too hot in the park for me. After posting my xmas cards, another long bus ride now and time for sleepy sleep sleeps. Jonas Aastroem Even after all the hype The Voyage was absolutely fantastic, and exceeded all expectations. All wild twists, turns, ups and downs kept coming like an endless massive river, and after returning to the station I felt completely exhausted – especially in the last car. The front is probably the best on that ride, but the back gives the best airtime. The other two coasters are also good, but nothing really compares to The Voyage. 😀 Mette Doving I do not want to leave!!!!! A few more rides on the Voyage and also got in a ride on the Legend and the Raven. A nice lunch as well and got to meet Holidog:-) Wish it would have been some time for a visit to the water park. Nina Kleppe Started off the morning with a nice back stage tour of Legend and Raven. Then we got first rides on Voyage. Got a go on Legend and Raven, and than we had a nice lunch. Finished off the day with many rides on Voyage again. One of the best coasters in the world. Herre gud for en veldig bra berg-og dal bane. WOW.. Paul Greenwood You absolutely can’t beat Holiday World. Free sodas, free sunscreen, great family atmosphere, real friendly staff and a great collection of rides. Plus the BEST ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD!!! There really is a heaven on earth… Lee Bennett Holiday World is the best park in the world, Coasters 5* , Food 5* , Ride staff 5* free drinks 5* and waterpark 5* ! Stuart Cosgrove During day rode the other coasters as well.They are both good but simply not in the same class as The Voyage. Did my good deed for humanity today rescuing a damsel in distress who fainted in queue for Raven. Slapped her a few times in the face, told her to pull herself together and get riding and stop holding everyone up! Only joking! Ole Bredesen-Vestby Continued to ride The Voyage today, but also did a few runs on the other coasters. My favourite in this park, after Voyage, is Raven. Still too hot for me, but it has been an enjoyable day all together. Andy Dewar On Sunday at Holiday World I again spent plenty of time on The Voyage, I rated the other 2 woodies there highly as well, it was a baking hot day. Matthas Pies Legend: Toll Raven: Genial The Voyage: Achterbahnhimmel Leider war es heute viel zu heiss. 3 Fahrten auf Voyage hintereinander waren das absolute Maximum. Die Bahn zerrt echt an einem. Danke Holiday World fuer diesen tollen Tag Chris Simon First thing saw a walkback of Raven and Legend, guided by Paula, then some ride time, then a lunch with an appearance by Will and Pat and, oh yes, Holidog, Can I mention The Voyage again? Airtime in the back is superlative. The “skiing” section flows really well, but it takes a few rides to get to know it. Then it works. Also had a couple of goes on Gobbler Getaway, y’know, the turkey-themed interactive shoot ’em up with Mrs Slocombe in the entrance… Paul Orsmond Took it easy today, and took in the Water Park nearly all day, Bakuli which was their major new slide last year was very good if only a little too short, Kima Bay is new for 2008 and is another big interactive water play area, which again was great fun, Certiinatly this is a very impressive water park just like I remember it last time, and best of all, its free with admission to the park. Awesome. Kim Varde Lassen Today we just hit Voyage a couple of times – just to get doped up – and then we dashed over to the water park. It was just too blazing hot for anything else. Water slides were great fun as well, and we got to see each other half naked… Steve Fagin Not so much time today, so we skipped lunch and hit the Water Park. Very hot. Lars Soerensen Rode The Voyage a couple of times, and then stayed at the water park, which was nice. Christof Muehlan I cannot really write a lot about Holiday World. I was busy riding Voyage all the time. Holiday World: I you want me to write a little more about your park, you should not build coasters that are so incredibly outstanding like the Voyage! Dirk Lather Heute konnte man die Lifte leider nicht benutzen, dafuer durften wir aber ueber die Treppen ganz nach oben. Nicht nur der ECC sondern ALLE! Die Airtime war auch nicht so gut wie sonst und es konnten auch immer nur 2 bis 4 Personen fahren. Es war auch sehr langsam, die Anstehzeiten waren sehr lange. Als ich jedoch aus dem Wassepark raus war, war wieder alles so geil wie sonst. We love Holiday World! Adrian & Lorna Dade Great walk back tour, and first go on Voyage, Friendly staff as ever great meal The water park was great, loads of slides & lazy rivers this has to be the best park on the trip so far The Frenchies Tres bon parc. Voyage est l’un des meilleurs coasters que l’on ai fait depuis le debut de ce trip, vraiment excellent. Remerciements au comite de nous avoir bien accueilli. Et c’est reparti pour le prochain ! Malcolm Marr +I didn’t ride The Voyage at all today choosing to shoot turkeys instead. Call me controversial! Why did the US military invade the desert countries of Afghanistan and Iraq? To cool off!! Jeppe Nygaard Hej derhjemme.. I dag faar i lige en hilsen paa dansk. Vi har vaeret i Holliday World i gaard aftes og her til formiddag. Alletiders park, et af hojdepunkterne paa turen.. De har kun traerutchebaner, 3 store af slagsen, med The Voyage som vaerende manges, ogsaa min, #1 bedste traebane i verden.. Det er den stadig, men den er blevet lidt mere rough ride over de sidste to aar, men stadig fantastisk.. Parken ligger i byen Santa Claus, og vi har igen boet paa Santa’s Lodge.. Der er juleaften hele aaret, pyntet op, og gaver og jule ting overalt.. Ret bizardt i 35 gr. varme, men luftfugtigheden draeber bare totalt for energi, saa vi er traette.. Herfra videre til Indiana Beach, vi kommer til at koere en anden rute pga. de store oversmoemmelser i omraadet, men vi har indtil videre intet maerket til det voldsomme vejr omkring, og isaer laengere oppe paa vores ture.. Knus til Johanne, og alle I andre…. David & Susan Ellis Today we had more time in Holiday World. Susan decided to rest in the hotel, so I rode the coasters with Chris Simon while she rested. After the walkback of Raven and Legend (shame no trains ran to film) we got the first rides on the Voyage before the public arrived. I spent most of the time today riding Voyage, which for me is still my number one wooden coaster. Another exhausting day, but exhausting in a nice way… with free soft drinks, and 3 of the best coasters in the world to choose from. Next stop, Indiana Beach. Andy Costin This morning we return to Holiday World, and, like hopeless drug addicts, we had to score another fix on The Voyage. But first we were treated to a walk around under the other 2 coasters, Raven, and Legend, another dose of great hospitality (including lunch at 12). Suffice to say, I spent much of the time on the Voyage. Pity we had to leave at 2 pm, but roads could be bad because of flooding, en route to Indiana Beach. Voyage = No.1 coaster!!!!!!!! Steve Gzesh Over 90 degrees today with high humidity and no breeze. The best way to generate wind and cool off, of course, was more rides on Voyage! The more I got to ride it, the better it got and I can’t wait to come back to this park (on a cool day!) to ride it again (and again and again)… Paul Hindle Hot again – over 90F. Started off woth 4 Voyage, then 5 Legend, lunch with the Kochs, and 4 more Voyage (last run in the front seat). Words fail me!! David Elvy Back at Holiday World today. We had first rides on Voyage – I love this ride, it’s awesome, but very intense. I then went into the Water Park for a few hours before lunch, a nice way to cool down, finishing up with more rides on Voyage. A great day, but hot. Mark and Jenny The heat and humidity finally beat us today. A couple of rides was all we could take. We’re hoping for a slightly cooler Indiana Beach! Chris and Lisa Back again this morning for the walk back tour. Still melting in the heat and humidity, which didn’t help our already burnt bits 🙁 After another crack at The Voyage we hit the water park with James. It’s like being in another park altogether! Tornado and all the other slides are great fun plus very much appreciated for cooling down. Such a fantastic park, we definatly want to come back again! 🙂 Indiana Beach Ole Bredesen-Vestby Had a couple of hours in the park before closing time, and got to do all the rides. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain was an interesting ride. Great fun. Had a good dinner in the Skyroom overlooking the rides in the evening. Looking forward to do more of the rides tomorrow. Also nice to have the hotel in walking distance. Stuart Cosgrove After manoeuvering past the floods we finally arrived at Indiana Beach. It was just as I remembered it 15 years ago. However they had 2 great additions in the form of Cornball Express and Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. Cornball had great air in front and back and Lost Coaster had amazing twists and turns, especially fun ridden backwards. The most unusual wood coaster ever. Altogether a fun night. Gordon Taylor Loved the swim the McD’s we past on the way. LOCOSUMO, certainly the most unique ride of this trip, and of any amusement park. Wonderful backwards at night. This was the only ride I did apart from the chair o planes over water, as I was stuffing my face in the wonderful 50s skyroom restaurant that was a real treasure of architecture from the past, like the park. Indiana Beach, like Knoebels and Disneyland LA is one of 3 parks I can think of that I can visit, not ride ANYTHING and still have a fulfilling time just soaking up the atmos and wandering round and eating and drinking. I hope the management changes here won’t mean an end to this… Cal Jones It was nice to return to Indiana Beach after a nine year break. We headed straight for the Sky Room for dinner and unfortunately didn’t finish in time to fit in any rides, despite sprinting into the park. Still, it was nice to relax a bit after a hectic few days. James “Spinner” Hannaford A lot of people when you mention America and Roller coasters automatically assume you have been to Florida but this country has so many more excellent parks to offer and here’s one Indiana Beach A medium size park with a friendly atmosphere and a pleasure to visit It was nice to have some spare time here to relax as i had visited it 2 years ago. New Coaster looks good and a first for USA so be a pleasure to come back. Andy Dewar I really loved the atmosphere around Indiana Beach, and I enjoyed the time we spent there. I was really interested in Cornball Express and after riding it I think it well outlived my expectations, a top ride for me. The also have a really scary wave swinger over the lake which I’d rate far higher than any other wave swinger. Great park! Matthias Pies Nach der langen Ankunft hatten wir noch ein paar Stunden im Park zur Verfuegung. Warhend einige sofort zum counten lshechtetn, gingen wir mit ein paar Leuten gemuetlich essen. So war ich gestern Abend nicht im Park gewesen. Hatte ja noch einen ganzen Tag vor mir. Andycoasterboy First ever hotel room with a patio 🙂 then onto riding all the great coasters at Indiana Beach has to offer – Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain was a highlight and a very unique coaster, Cornball Express still has some great airtime. Then onto the Sky Room witnessing some awesome meal portion sizes – respect to Stuart for finishing his off! Kim Varde Lassen Arrived at Indiana Beach. The hotel was right next to the park. Had dinner at the Sky Club and managed to get one ride on Hoosier Hurricane in the dark..nice…. tick. Steve Fagin Got to Indiana Beach in time for food and some cocktails, one ride and more cocktails. Was punished heavily for that in the morning. Lovely evening sunsets over the lake. Lars Soerensen Got 1 ride on the Hoosier Hurricane, then I got some drinks and food. After that me and Gordon ran to the Lost Coaster of superstition Mountain, and got the reversed seat, that was hilarious. What a relaxed place. I love it! Dirk Lather Was fuer ein geiler Park ist das denn… waren meine ersten Worte,als wir Indiana Beach betreten haben. Binnen 40 Minuten spulte ich meine 5 Counts ab, die jedoch mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient haben als sie nur “Count” zu nennen. Der alte Schwarzkopf Jet Star ist super in Schuss, die drei Woodies sind auch nicht zu verachten. Hie steht mein neuer Liebling unter den Woodies, ein “Dark-vertikal-geil-vor und rueck und einfach alles dran Ding” namens “Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain“. Da kann Vojage einpacken :-). Christof Muehlan I was busy celebrating Nina’s and Bob’s 400th coaster. I still managed to get two goes on Tig’rr Coaster. It is not a kiddie coaster. It is a Schwarzkopf Jet Star. It is happymaking. Nina Kleppe Had a nice night at Indiana Beach. Walk on on almost all the coasters. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain was really fun. Bob and I both had Cornball Express as our 400th coaster. A very good woodie. Afterwards I had to celebrate in the bar with 2 beers. Veldig bra. d:-) Mette Doving A nice evening at Indiana Beach. Not many people, so there where no lines on the coasters. Got one ride on all of them, them some Tacos at the Taco hut, before I took a quite early night. Chris Simon A couple of hours in the evening at Indiana Beach, enough for something to eat and initial rides on the main coasters and to laugh at first-timers on the amazing Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. The park is a traditional earthy-feel boardwalk and looks especially pretty lit up at night. Paul Orsmond A really nice short evening at Indiana Beach. The Hurricane is nothing special, but is still a very nice ride, Cornball is more out of control, but again is still a very nice woodie, However the highlight definatly has to be The LoCo SuMo coaster which is without a doubt, the most hilarious ride I have ever been on, Brilliant stuff. The park looked lovely at night, and we got a nice sunset over the lake too. Beautiful. Lorna & Adrian Dade Great park, managed to do all the coasters Tig’rr was great. Hello Ray & Slim. Looking forward to more riding tomorrow. Bob Clark Superb Resort Park – Cornball Express – a great CCI woodie twister – A great choice for my 400th coaster. The Frenchies En ce lundi, c’est un parc avec l’originalite d’etre au bord de l’eau, avec une petite plage et tout se qui sen suit. Le Tig’rr a rugit comme il se doit. Un petit orage risque d’arriver dans la region, alors nous prenons la precaution d’avencer dans notre prochaine destination “CHICAGO” . Une ville qui nous fait rever avec les exploits de mr AIR JORDAN. Malcolm Marr The heat of the trip has become intolerable and we do not know how much longer we cope in these temperatures. Yesterday we lost three of the group to exhaustion and malnutrition and for the sake of survival we resorted to cannibalism and ate them. It was a harrowing decision that has divided the group but in doing so we hope to ensure we can survive at least until rescue arrives and the story of our plane crash can be told. Darren and Mary Great park, rode all the coasters tonight and lots of the smaller interesting rides. Good meal at the Skyroom. Lee Bennett Another great park with excellent woodies all of which are running superb ! Cornball Express is my favourite coaster here with ejector seat airtime in the back row ! Ride it again Harry !!! Paul Greenwood Another very hot & sticky evening!!! The best way to survive the night heat is to ride a roller coaster and get a breeze(!) and thankfully Indiana Beach has a great collection. Proving that good things can come in small packages, the Cornball Express packs a very powerful punch and the ejector seat airtime gives the feeling that you’re heading into the lake!! We rounded the evening off with a meal in the Skyroom – one of the best restaurants you’ll find in a theme park, with terrific views of the park thrown in… Chris Hull Arrived to find out our room overlooked Cornball Express. 10 seconds later we were riding it and what a great ride it is despite being fairly compact. Rest of the evening in this fun park which has some interesting rides. The Mine Train was insane. I can understand how there had previously been a powered dark ride in its place. Crazy tight turns and violent fun going backwards. Fun evening riding followed by a nice meal in the Skyroom. Mats Hummel So many rides in such a small area, the hotal right in the park. Nice coasters. Jet star is another great Schwarzkopf coaster, the LOCOSUMO is totally fantastic. Cornball Express really good. Good food, impressed by Stewart’s meal sizes! IB has the real atmosphere of an amusement park like Knoebel’s. David & Susan Ellis Following a diverted route due to flooding we arrived at Monticello, Indiana, for two hours of evening riding at Indiana Beach. IB is an unusual resort featuring an inland beach, a boardwalk area and some great coasters. We managed to ride all the 5 coasters before the park closed for the night, unfortunately the new S&S coaster Steel Hawg is still being built so we were not able to ride it. The surprise ride was the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, which is a former darkride converted by CCI into a wild coaster featuring amazingly tight hairpin bends and a train featuring two cars seating 4 people, 2 facing forwards and 2 backwards. It was SO much fun! Hello to everyone back home. Andy Costin After a long drive, through areas affected by flash floods, we arrived at Indiana Beach. There were 5 coasters here, 3 woodies 2 steelies. Most unusual was the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, a woodie with impossibly tight little curves and dips, with backward facing seats as well as forwards, one of the most bizarre but very enjoyable coasters I’ve ridden. Cornball Express was a short, snappy ride with good airtime. The new coaster was incomplete, with track sections laying on the ground and work proceeding. An enjoyable park, looking forward to tomorrow’s ERS. Steve Gzesh Last I was at Indiana Beach, they only had Hoosier Hurricane, so it was quite nice to add four more credits. Cornball Express is great — an excellent front-seat ride with magnificennt airtime! And Lost Coaster… is hands-down the most unique and bizarre coasters I’ve ever ridden, and a helluva lot of fun, too! A great end to the day with more to come tomorrow… David Elvy We hit all 5 coasters in 40 minutes. Cornball Express was the best wooden coaster there, and Tig’rr Coaster ( a Schwarzkopf Jet Star ) is great – no restraints at all. We have a good few hours tomorrow to hit all of the other rides. Mark and Jenny After a fairly long drive from Holiday World, it was nice to arrive at Indiana Beach. This is a very nice traditional park, especially at night. We loved Cornball Express and Superstition Mountain! We’d heard that Superstition would be rough, but we just laughed all the way around. It’s such a fun ride. Looking forward to tomorrow. Chris and Lisa Unfortunelty we didn’t get to use the couple of hours this evening in the park, as we had to nurse a few sunburnt patches! We did have a very nice meal in the Skyroom resturant. We will catch up on the coasters with the park time tommorrow Martin Valt Nice to be back at Indiana Beach, North America’s nearest thing to Blackpool Pleasure Beach but mercifully without an Arrow hyper. Cornball Express just as good as I remembered, LoCoSuMo just as mad as I remembered and Hoosier Hurricane slightly better than I remembered. Shame Steel Hawg wasn’t quite ready, although I suspect most of us would have been happy to try it anyway. Hi Em. Yvonne Janik Indiana Beach is a great park — it has all a person could want. The new owners and management team did a perfect job of hosting our event, and all went exactly as planned. Cornball Express is fun every second of the ride, and LoCoSuMo is too odd and fun to describe — love it!   Back to Top

Day 10 – Indiana Beach

Mats Hummel Indiana Beach and ERS in the morning was really great being about 50 people on the trip we could really enjoy riding to the fullest. Enjoyed the haunted house where Gordon got scared by his own mirror image. Had a good lunch and a few more rides. If you are in the area it is a visit is a must, Knoebel’s atmosphere here! Paul Orsmond A lovely morning and afternoon at Indiana Beach. Great ERS, and the haunted House Attraction was great. Kiddie Land was our suprise park with a very cute woodie. Chris Simon Indiana Beach – love Lost Coaster and Frankenstein’s dark walk thru. Extra park on way back, Kiddieland, really enjoyable and well maintained junior woodie. Dirk Lather Auch heute ein klasse Tag, alle Coaster noch einmal ausreichend gefahren. Der Park liegt einfach traumhaft, ebenso ist der Wasserpark spitze. Als Ueberraschung ging es dann noch mal in das Cedar Point fuer Kids, dass “Kiddieland” in Chicago. Ein schooner kleiner Woodie und ne menge Fladrides. Klasse Ueberraschung.. 1 Count+. Christof Muehlan At Indiana Beach, at first I had a little trouble sorting the coasters out. But then I rode them all. Nina Kleppe Had a nice morning with ERS on three coasters. Than we stopped at Kiddieland to ride a fun little Woodie. Mette Doving Fun day. Great line up of ERS. Scary Air Crows. Nice park. Fun place that Kiddieland David & Susan Ellis The day started with a 90 minute ERS on 3 coasters and some Flying Scooters at Indiana Beach, we had a fantastic lunch too, and after spending more time at Indiana Beach we headed off to Illinois, stopping for an hour at Kiddieland near Chicago, for a ride on the Schmeck junior woodie Little Dipper, which, for a 58 year old coaster was running great! Another great day, and tomorrow off to another big Six Flags park and home to the 1st inverted coaster. Andy Costin Today we continue with Indiana Beach and an ERS on Cornball Express, Superstition Mountain, Tig’rr and Air Crow. We also were treated to lunch, and had a relaxed day exploring the park. Weather warnings meant we had to leave early for Six Flags Great America, stopping off en route at a small park, Kiddieland, to sample a small woodie, Little Dipper, a nice little smooth well maintained coaster. Steve Gzesh More Indiana Beach today and lots of opprtunity for aerial photographs from the Giant Wheel and Skyride. Coasters were all running great and we got it all in before any rain came. The drive to Chicago brought the first rain we’ve seen on the trip, but it stopped in time to visit Kiddieland and ride the Little Dipper, a nice little woodie in a cute little park. Onto bigger coasters tomorrow at Great America. David Elvy  We had a good few hours at Indiana Beach, the 4 ride ERS was great, and we managed lots of repeat rides during the day. Then into Illinois, and Kiddieland. Little Dipper was a great little wooden coaster at 58 years old. A good day, and we bought the nice weather with us again. Mark and Jenny An excellent breakfast and ERS kicked off today. Indiana Beach was the perfect place to take it easy for the first part of the day. Lunch and the boat ride were highlights. Just left Kiddieland – really nice collection of very well kept traditional rides including a butter-smooth junior woodie. Great day. Chris And Lisa Quick Surprise stop at KiddieLand to sample the Little Dipper. Ride was good fun, and the park was nice as well. Martin Valt Apparently visiting Kiddieland was my idea. God, I’m good. Yvonne Janik Kiddieland is a very well-maintained, lovely park. Thanks, Tom, for hosting our group — what a fun visit! Happy 80th year, Kiddieland! Lorna & Adrian Dade Great day at Indiana Beach, great breakfast & lunch supplied by the park, And a surprise trip to Kiddieland, a smooth Little Dipper that was a great ride. Bob Clark 3 great CCI woodies at Indiana Beach. Relaxing cruise on Lake after Lunch. Kiddieland was a delightful surprise park with a wonderful junior woodie. The Frenchies Pour cloturer ce lundi a moitie pluvieux, un petit parc “KIDDIELAND” fort bien enfantins. (que de maneges pour les enfants , et c’est avec grand plaisir que nous nous sommes pretes au rituel de tous les jours. Simplement merci. St Benard the Dog Woof Woof Bark, Waggy tail Jeppe Nygaard I dag var Indiana Beach.. Gammeldags tradtionel seeside park, lidt et mini Blackpool. God atmosfaaere, og et par gode rutchebaner bygget ud over vandet. Det aeldste hotel vi har boet paa til dato, men ogsaa etg af dyreste ?? Det var det ikke vaerd, men at hotellet laa i parken gjorde det vaerd.. Videre til Chicago… Malcolm Marr Indiana Beach was toasty but bearable. Splashed out, not in the waterpark, but on a wonderful meal last night at the main park restaurant. Stopped off at a kiddy park on the way through to Chicago and it was immaculate with old rides in wonderful condition, and a friendly workforce who seemed quite surprised to see us turn up en masse to savour their park. Darren and Mary Indiana Beach had a nice variety of rides we managed them all. Kiddieland was a lovely park with a few rides, some children were open mouthed when we all turned up – adults all dressed alike!!!! andycoasterboy Another great day at IB – Waking to see the Cornball Express and the construction of Steel Hawg. A huge thanks to the super chef and all the great staff in the Sky Room. Thanks also to Mr Valt for suggesting the surprise park of the trip ‘Kiddieland’ !! with the Little Dipper ride – Bumper Car takeover – a park with some very well maintained older rides… cheers….. Chris Hull Nice start with breakfast in the Skyroom – thanks to the staff for coming in early to serve us. ERS followed on 3 coasters and the flying scooters. Enjoyable morning taking in the park and enjoying the paddle steamer on the lake. Afternoon ‘surprise’ park was Kiddieland with its Little Dipper wooden coaster. Nicely maintained park with good rides. Thanks to all staff! Stuart Cosgrove Great day at Indiana Beach and nice surprise on way to Chicago at Kiddieland really well maintained Schmeck kiddie coaster would love in my back garden. Mats Hummel  Really nice wooden kiddie coaster, cool selection of flat rides. Ole Bredesen-Vestby Great ERS this morning at Indiana Beach. And a great day all in all with the surprise park at the way to the hotel. The woodie Little Dipper at Kiddieland Amusement Park was a treat. Cal Jones Great day at Indiana Beach.  The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain was tremendous fun. I remember riding the original dark ride and can’t believe they fit a coaster in the same space. Hurricane was running as well as ever but the Cornball Express was a revelation – a real airtime monster. I was impressed. Finished off with a relaxing ride on the paddle steamer before heading off to the surprise park in Chicago. What a gem this park is. There are so many beautiful old rides here, I was blown away. A real treasure. Gordon Taylor Fab fab day here.(see above) Wonderful hospitality from the ERSs to the food provided. Cornball Express a real surprise and straight into the top 10 as I’ve not been here for 7yrs. Hit the shops with a real fury as it’s such an amazing place, I love their merchandise considering it’s small(ish) so spent a load on gifts and suchlike. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PARKS! Please keep it as it is management! Andy Dewar A great day at Indiana Beach, the ERSs were really fun and the hospitality was great. I hope the new coaster fits in well for this lovely lakeside park. Matthias Pies Heute begann der Tag in Indiana Beach mit 4ERS’s. Wir hatten dan Park quasi 1,5 Std nur fuer uns. Indiana beach wird mir nicht nur wegen dem durchgangigen ABBA Soundtrack in Erinnerung bleiben, sondern auch wegen den tollen Achterbahnen. Abends ging es dann noch in einen “Suprise- Park” in der Nahe von Chicago. Netter kleiner Kiddieland mit netten kleinen Woody Jonas Aastroem Indiana Beach was wonderful, and the food, rooms and hospitally equally great. very nice of them to give us ERS on all of their rides. Kiddieland was also sweet, and it was a very clean and friendly park. Lars Soerensen Indiana beach is so a wonderful place. I absolutely love it. I rented a Jetski, that was so much fun, and nice to see the park from another view, the lake! Steve Fagin Had a good day at the park – surprised how smooth their woodies were. Very relaxed ride ops. Kim Varde Lassen Indiana Beach is so special. Very relaxed place. We got to do the Waverunners as well. That was cool – even though we only had 20 min on them. Don’t think the ride ops had ever seen so many fullsized children before at Kiddieland. Small funny ride on the woddie. Lee Bennett Had a great day starting with an ERS on the rides at Indiana Beach, also did Frankenstein’s Castle – very scary and funny! Joined Kim and Lars for Jetski takeover which was great fun and very fast! Paul Greenwood Had a terrific day at Indiana Beach – the park had generously provided a 90 minute ERS on 4 of their rides which was great fun. All their rides are good and the 3 CCI woodies are very recommended. IB crow is right – there’s more than corn in Indiana!! …The suprise visit to Kiddieland was a good bonus too! Chris And Lisa Quick surprise stop at KiddieLand to sample the Little Dipper. Ride was good fun, and the park was nice as well. Eirik Erstad Back on the trip again. Indiana Beach was a refreshing change. They have a unique and fun coaster I had been wanting to ride for a long time. Finally! Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain is excellent. What I liked most about IB was the relaxed atmosphere among the ride operators. No “check, check, check…”, just sit down and go. Love it! Kiddieland was a lovely surprise. Neat and clean and with a good variety of kiddie rides.   Back to Top

Day 11 – Six Flags Great America

Paul Greenwood Six Flags Great America – what a massive park. I’m completely exhausted! Thank goodness the heat has let up a little or it would have been quite hard… A great ERS on Raging Bull to start – still a lovely coaster but shame about the trim brakes. The other favourites are the wooden Viper and the Schwarzkopf Whizzer (thank goodness Six Flags didn’t remove this one as once planned). A great day but now I need SLEEP..!!!! Mats Hummel A little bit cooler today. The ERS on Raging Bull was great (just make sure all employes get the correct information about the use of lockers or not). To see a park doing advertising with a racing racer and not run it the proper way is totally sad. A wide selection of coasters, I now know that B&M coasters can be very rough. Viper the woodie was nice and had an enthusiastic ride op, good. Schwarzkopf Whizzer really cool. Dark Knight just a long queue line and a disappointing ride. Ole Bredesen-Vestby Huge park, many rides, little crowded, nice weather (normal temp). Did a lot of rides on Raging Bull at the morning ERS. Did manage to squeeze in the rest of the coasters during the day, plus the soaking-tidalwave-log-flume, and returning to a final run on Raging Bull in the evening. Among the other coasters, a quite few very painful, but the Whizzer stands out as a nice little coaster. Cal Jones Back at SFGAm after a nine year break. The weather was a bit cooler (as in more tolerable) which was nice. Dark Knight was very underwhelming – the queue line was more interesting than the ride. The Superman flying coaster was decent. The park was very busy for a Tuesday so I was thankful I could take it easy and just ride the new rides and a few old favourites. Nice to see Viper is still running very well but they are still not racing American Eagle. What’s the point of having a racing coaster that doesn’t race? My other quibble was trying to find food that wasn’t either deep fried or full of wheat was next to impossible. More healthy options please. Andy Dewar I was glad to get to SF Great America, I really enjoyed the park, highlights for me were the Raging Bull ERS and Viper which stood out a lot for me as a well maintained and thrilling coaster with really enthusiastic, fun ride ops. Matthias Pies Toller Park auch wenn es echt voll war. Enttauscht war ich von Raging Bull, Die Bremse vor dem Airtimehugel bringt jedes Coasterherz zum Weinen. Gefallen hat mir american Eagle und Viper. Eirik Erstad and Jonas Aastroem Six Flags Great America: More flags, more annoying games, more noise, more rules and regulations, less fun? I know the rules and such are there for our safety and enjoyment, but I have never before been told to throw away my chewing gum before going on a coaster… Most of the RIDES are good, though. American Eagle’s my favourite. Paul Orsmond SFGA was certinately the biggest Six Flags park on the trip and had the most coasters on offer, however I still came out a bit disappointed. Raging Bull was fun, but seemed very forceless, American Eagle was good, but only running one train so there was no racing, Viper was perhaps the highlight of the park and was very enjoyable. The biggest disappointment was Batman Dark Knight which was big on effects, but low on excitement. Overall not a bad day, but could have been better. andycoasterboy Raging Bull was a good start to the day – it would be a great coaster if a little less trimmed. Dark Knight = standard mouse in a box!! v.poor addition to the park. Then the kids arrived and the queues got longer and the Six Flags effect kicked in. Enjoyed some downtime in the waterpark and a few more rides before departing on our coach of doom for a wobbly journey to our next hotel !!! Stuart Cosgrove Started with ERS on Whimpering Bull. I am sure they didn’t have a trim brake on the second hill 3 years ago! This is a great coaster spoiled by overbraking. The Eagle was running better than last time I rode it, probably due to less trim after the helix. Nice air all through the train. As for Dark Knight, it still is for Great America cause they aint seen the light yet when it comes to dark rides. Gordon Taylor Like Steel Eel this mornings ERS on Raging Bull hit the spot, fun but not intense after a breakfast & an early(ish for me) start. Very good ride but slow after the cold night. W-A-Y S-L-O-W-E-R than I recall. Oh well, still a load of fun. Less said about Dark Knight the better. Superman was really great, loadsa fun, Viper had a surprisingly good bit of airtime and the Whizzer was what you would expect from Mr S. Wonderful. Skipped American Eagle, Iron Wolf, Batman, Demon (sorry) as wanted to hit the water park for about 4 hrs. A nice balanced chilled out day. Adrian & Lorna Dade Great ERS on Raging Bull Great operatives, Demon & Iron Wolf were rough coasters. Managed to ride Spacely’s Sprocket Rockets coaster without a child. Great Lunch. The Frenchies  Pour continuer cette derniere semaine, le parc Six Flags Great America, qui, pour notre part, est d’ici le plus grand, avec un nombre important de coasters (Raging Bull, Iron wolf, Superman, Batman etc…). En gros, une belle journee a ajouter dans nos memoires. Le mot clef de ce jour = ET C’EST PARTI !!!!!!!!!!! Biz a tous en France. Jeppe Nygaard I dag var den sidste kaempe park paa turen, Six Flags Great America ved Chicago. Vi startede med ERS paa parkens, og en af turens, stoeste rutchebaner, Raging Bull ( B&M Hypercoaster ) Fantastisk coaster, virkelig behagelig at koere paa.. Man kunne nemt tage 20 ture i traek. Perfekt konstrueret, for perfekt vil nogle sige.. Der var rigtig mange gaester i parken, saa koerne var lange.. Malcolm og jeg valgte at investere $40 hver paa et Flashpass Gold.. En dims hvor man kan vaelge mellem parkens mest populaere attrationer, og saa booke en tid i stedet for at staa i lange koer, saa for os var det Walk On.. Rigtig god investering 🙂 🙂 Det var stadig varmt i dag, vi var i parken i 11 timer, men ikke saa varmt som tidligere dage, og meget mere taalelig luftfugtigthed. Knus til Johanne, og en stor hilsen til jer derhjemme… Malcolm Marr Rode Raging Bull, then Raging Bull, then Raging Bull, then Raging Bull, then Raging Bull, then Raging Bull. It was orange and big. Then rode Dark Knight, it was dark shite. Then rode Superman; undergoing open heart surgery whilst on the ride would be less painful on the chest than the pretzel. Then rode Vertical Velocity; it was yellow and went up and down (just like a bowl of custard in a lift). Then rode Batman, it was well….like a Batman. Then rode Ragin’ Cajun; it was the most spinningingest coaster since Han Katten. Then lunch; it was ish. Then rode Iron Wolf………When I came around I rode the kiddie coaster without a kid. Then rode American Eagle; only one side was running and the first half was like those electric chair things with loads of vibrations. Then rode Demon; the lights in the tunnel were the best part. Then rode Whizzer which was fun if hard to photograph. Then rode Viper which was pretty decent for a Six Flags run wooden coaster. Then rode most of the rides a second time. Hurrah for Fast Pass. Ended the day back on Raging Bull totally abusing the queue jumping power of Fast Pass. It was still big and orange but running rather well at the end of the day with all 3 trains on the go. SFGA was a pretty decent park but if I could make one change to the park it would be to add an SLC and a Boomerang ride to their list. Then it would be perfect! Darren and Mary Raging Bull was a great ride even I rode it more than once, the whole park was superb with not only the roller coasters but lots of interesting smaller rides, we managed to do all but one at least once. The ride operators were some of the best we have come accross in any Six Flags park and we met Amy and David who were as hyper Heather in Texas. Great day very tiring but slightly cool. Kim Varde Lassen Six Flags Great America is not one of their best. Actually it’s quite average in atmosphere and rides. The new dark ride was disappointing to put it mildly. Zooming by million dollar special effects in a painful mouse kind of way is offputting. I didn’t do all of the rides but the best was Superman and Viper. Love the pretzel loop on Superman. Raging Bull is a beautiful coaster to photograph, but it’s boring. No airtime because of oddly positioned trim brakes…really a shame. Weather was nice… hot enough for a trip in the waterpark. Steve Fagin Plenty of rides to do today, some decent ride ops, and a rather good waterpark with a deceptively powerful wave-pool. Some good stuff. Sadly, the park as a whole seemed to be lacking a bit in ‘zap’. Their new ride, Dark Knight, which carried front billing on the 2008 map, was no more than a crappy wild mouse in the dark. The words ‘HA HA’ were painted on the inside in stylised graffiti, but I think it was an ironic comment from the designers. Superman was great, with an unusual pretzel loop. The Schwarzkopf was wholly unremarkable, although I’m sure many will disagree. Lars Soerensen Great America had some good rides, but the whole park seemed very strict. The ERS on Raging Bull was pretty good. I went into the water park, they had some pretty cool water rides, especially the bowl ones. Nick Christensen Wow, what a great park Six Flags Great America is. They have some very good coasters and rides, and I’ve got all the 13 credits, and my first flying coaster, which was a awesome coaster. One thing I have to share with you all is a funny thing I experienced in the line for Batman The Ride. I was just getting in the line for the front row, when two teenage girls got up by my side, and the first one wanted to ride in the front, but then the other girl wanted to ride in the back row, and said it was because it was faster, which i had a good laugh at 🙂 The new Mack wild mouse, The Dark Knight was actually really fun and good, especially with the very good special effects, when you think about that it is in a Six Flags park. Nina Kleppe Had a great day at Six Flags Great America. The day started of with ERS on Raging Bull, a very good Hyper B&M. Used most of the day queing to get the all the 12 credits. Missed one credit because one side of the American Eagle was closed. Had time for a nice lunch, and a pizza later in the day. Not so warm today. Nice. Mette Doving I’m quite tired now after a long day in the park. To many yellow buses there today so the park was packed. Nice ERS on the Raging Bull. A lot of the time was spent in lines for the coasters. The new coaster of the year was quite a dissapointment. Was expecting a little more after that long line. Fun to try the Superman, my first of those flying things. The V2 was also good, first time on one of those as well. Not so hot as it has been before. Dirk Lather Ein Saugeiler Park war das heute. Great America hat eine riesen Auswahl an Coastern. Unser Tag begann mit einer ERT auf Raging Bull. Hier hatte B&M anscheinend ein Sonderangebot: “buy one Coaster with 1 Trimbrake, get 2 Trimbrakes free!!”. Leider fehlt es diesem Riesenteil an schnellen Richtungswechseln, da ist Silverstar eine Rennmaschine gegen. Trotzdem hat die ERS viel Spass gemacht. Aber auch der alte Schwarzkopf “Whizzer” war genial. es w�re wirklich schade, wenn diese Anlage demontiert wird, bevor ihr sie euch ansehen konntet. Der Park war sehr voll, so probierten wir das erste mal einen flash Pass aus, hat super funktioniert und war sein Geld wert. Christof Muehlan After the ERS, it took me from 10a.m. to 6p.m. to ride all the other coasters in the park. I should really get myself another job. Chris Hull A busy day at Six Flags Great America starting with a fun ERS on Raging Bull. 11 more coasters followed over the course of the day. The original Batman The Ride proving to be as good now as it was in 1992 when it premiered as being the first inverted coaster. Quite a landmark that started a revolution. However Iron Wolf (B&M’s first coaster) proved they went on to improve the design and ride with later stand up coasters! 😉 Dark Knight offered a lot of potential for the launch of a new ride but failed to live up to expections. It is after all just a normal mouse coaster in a dark and fairly poorly themed indoor setting. An enjoyable day though with more than enough time to get all the rides completed. Steve Gzesh Our fourth Six Flags park in just over a week, and I got to add another coaster credit with Dark Knight, a fun indoor mouse ride with heavy theming, but I’m afraid a rather anti-climatic ride considering the long wait we had to get on it. But the other rides in the park were rather good, including Raging Bull and Viper. It was also a relief to be at a park with pleasant temperatures and fairly low humidity! Hard to believe there are just four more days left on our adventure, but plenty of good coasters to come! Paul Hindle The day started with childish security, and then an ERS on Raging Dull (yes I did spell that with a D); one of the less interesting big coasters on the planet. Even less can be said for Dark Knight – what a waste of time and space! a massive hype followed by a very ordinary mouse in the dark. Matters improved with Superman and Vertical Velocity, and the two woodies were excellent. I hit my 300th coaster today too. David Elvy Today, for the first time, the crowds hit. We had an ERS on Raging Bull, which I found dull. I managed to ride all the coasters, but not many repeat rides today. The Dark Knight coaster was very poor, it could have been so much more. The best ride at the park for me was American Eagle, a racing wooden coaster. While it was not racing today, it was an awesome out and back, with a twisted section. An amazing ride. Mark and Jenny Good day again. Raging Bull is a great ride, but smooth and controlled. Dark Knight is a good ride, although the budget couldn’t have been high. The problem with the ride is that everyone thinks it’ll be a thrill ride. We heard many members of the public complain that it was a let-down and it didn’t “go upside down”. Loved both woodies. I have to say that we enjoyed all the Six Flags parks on this trip. Yvonne Janik SF Great America is a lovely park with its large variety of coasters. The other 3 Six Flags parks on our trip made the day so special for us and went out of their way in generosity and hospitality. We did appreciate the ERS on Raging Bull. Martin Valt Once upon a time………………………………………… Kind of relieved to see that I’m not the only one completely underwhelmed by Dark Knight, although to be fair this V2 seemed to have a bit more “content” than V1 at SFGtAd. Huge thanks to Honourable Justice Moltz for the guided tour and good company. Bob Clark A massive SF park redeemed by its 2 woodies – American Eagle was stunning. Very interesting and probably unique Schwarzkopf Speedracer was a real treat. David & Susan Ellis At last a day with “normal” temperatures, with highs around 80F and not in the 90s! We started with an ERS on Raging Bull, running as well as it did in 1999, the last time I was at the park – shame about the harsh trim brakes. After the ERS we had the full day to explore the other 11 coasters, which we did successfully despite the queues. Viper was the star coaster of the day, with some nice airtime and running as well as it did 9 years ago. Myself and Chris Simon finished the day with 3 goes back to back on Viper and the ride operator was coming up with some very imaginative chants for the ride! Iron Wolf and Demon were as bad as ever, and shame they were only running one side of the racing coaster, American Eagle, which is only half the fun without a racing partner. At least it was running well. Tomorrow we have three parks to look forward to…a nice way to celebrate our six year wedding anniversary. Andy Costin Today we visit our final Six Flags park, Great America. Security was such that we might as well have worn orange overalls! Once past that, we were treated with some good hospitality with an ERS on Raging Bull, an excellent B&M hypercoaster, and a nice lunch. The park was crowded with queue times 45-60 minutes, but we managed to get in all the coasters. The new ride, Dark Knight, was merely an enclosed Mack Mouse with lighting effects. The weather was comfortable and was sunny. A long day at the park (10.5 hours).   Back to Top

Day 12 – Little Amerricka, Timber Falls, Mount Olympus Theme Park

Cal Jones Little Amerricka was a great little park. It was really nice of them to open it just for us and to get all four coasters running despite a few technical hitches, not to mention flooding all around the park itself. Thanks, folks. Gordon Taylor Am I turning into a coaster counter? I rode everything they opened up for us! Even the Toboggan. Hell of a squeeze for me but can always get a job as a librarian on my return.. Loved the Dipper. Very smooth and a lovely noise as it coasted around. Thanks for opening up, despite the floods. Andy Dewar I really enjoyed our visit to Little Amerricka, I rode my first Chance Toboggan there and it was the prototype which seems somewhat fitting. Their Meteor coaster was running very well, great job on the relocation and restoration of the trains as well. Big thanks to the enthusiastic staff and all the best recovering from the recent floods. Matthias Pies Netter kleiner Park, der extra fuer uns geoffnet wurde. Meteor, der kleine Wody fuhr sich super. Holle war der Tobbogan von Chance. Platzangst ist in den Kabinen voprogrammert. Danke an das Personal und den Mechanike, der wahrend unseren Besuches den Kiddycoaster 3 mal reparieren musste. Eirik Erstad Thanks for opening the park and coasters for us, despite the floods, Little Amerricka! The Toboggan is a scary coaster, but who can resist a thrill like that? Good luck with the rest of the season! Jonas Aastroem Little Amerricka is a nice park with really nice and friendly staff. Their coasters are all very family friendly, and I even got to try one of the slides there. 🙂 Kudos for opening up for us despite floods, technical breakdowns and everything. Paul Orsmond Little Amerricka was a nice little park, and had a nice woodie too which was a mirror image of the one at KiddieLand, It was so nice of them to open the park for us despite being closed to the public, and with nearby floods too. I also broke the kiddie coaster twice, but still managed the credit, kudos to the staff who kept having to go and fix it to make sure we all got a ride. Chris Simon Little Amerricka: small family park with a collection of traditional rides, including Meteor, a lovely figure-eight junior woodie effectively rebuilt from scratch. Maintained incredibly well, running smooth, a joy to ride. Riding with eyes closed too – really nice! Very grateful to park owner and staff for opening just for us. Ole Bredesen-Vestby Little Amerricka: nice of the park to open it up just for us. The woodie, Meteor, was such a smooth ride. Very well maintained. My back still hurts from the Toboggan ride. The ride is fun, but its just not built for tall persons. The two other coasters were fun too. Mats Hummel Where do Yvonne and Justin find all the nice small parks? Meteor was a smooth ride and it was run with consecutive rides without stopping at the station. The Chance Toboggan is painful to ride and very fun to watch. The Mad Mouse lived up to its name. Thank you to the staff who repaired the kiddie coaster that some of the group decided to break over and over again. 🙂 I even got the chance to help the ride op pushing the train back in to the station after a breakdown. Thank you this EPS (Exclusive Park Session), opening up the park for us today. Kim Varde Lassen Nice of Darryl to let us visit his little park under such difficult conditions. The flooding in these parts is going to take time to recover from. They had a nice little coaster, not too rough, which my lower back (that is killing me today) liked very much. The Mad Mouse was another story… Steve Fagin Nice detour to a little bit of history in the middle of nowhere. I was impressed by the smoothness of their woodie. If only other parks could maintain their big rides as well… Lee Bennett A great little park with a smooth little woodie. The Meteor was running great hats off to the park owner and staff for building a fantastic coaster! It was also nice to help push back the Little Dipper to the station when it got stuck on the lift hill! Paul Greenwood Hats off to the park for opening just for us – how excellent is that! Their woodie is unbelieveably smooth, something which unfortunately cannot be said for the coach journey from the park!!! Darren and Mary Really enjoyed this little park. I rode the Meteor five times and thought that it was great but Darren not as keen as usual to ride it probably too tame for him. Nina Kleppe Had a fun morning at Little Amerricka, a nice little park. Fun to ride a Toboggan coaster again. And after to rollbacks on the lifthill, I finally got the credit on the Kiddie coaster Little Dipper. Veldig bra. Mette Doving Great little park, thank you for opening it just for us. The Meteor was a really great and smooth woodie, and that got to be my number 200 coaster. Christof Muehlan At first I was a little afraid of the Toboggan, but I found it to be a well-padded experience. Many thanks to the friendly people at Little Americkka! Dirk Lather Das war heute morgen mal wieder etwas ganz anderes. Ein kleiner, aber sehr feiner Familienpark mit 4 lustigen Coastern. Mathias hat den Kiddy Coaster gleich 2 mal kaputt gemacht, der Motor wollte einfach nicht mehr. Im uebrigen ist der Park nicht falsch geschrieben, die Inhaber heissen Merrick, daraus reulktiert dieser nette Name. Adrian & Lorna Dade Great park, 4 coasters which were quite hard to ride because we kept breaking them! But the engineers did a great job in getting them running again, Fabulous staff and great hospitality. Bob Clark Headbanging mouse The Frenchies (vonvon-pasquoual-yann-biche) “Petit mais costaud”, fort bien sympatique ce Little Amerricka, qui, malgre les innondations des champs avoisinants le parc, nous a ouvert ses portes comme c’etait prevu. Nous nous sommes crus dans notre enfance lointaine surtout pour les plus anciens, car c’est vraiment un petit parc pour enfant, mais se fut distrayant, amusant, rigolo. Et dire que ce n’est que le 1er de la journee……..biz a ma maman et tootooss andycoasterboy After any Six Flags experience it’s great to return to a traditional amusement park once again. The Meteor is a silky smooth and enjoyable coaster, after being re-built by the park from the ground up. The Chance Tobbogan offered very little room for my gangly body and amusement from the queue line watching me squeeze into its tiny Postman Pat car. The first roll-back of the day on the kiddy coaster and after much pushing and drive pin replacement we all managed to get a ride – thanks to the ride op for being so patient with us all. Huge thanks to everyone at the park for specially opening for us today – even after severe flooding. Chris Hull A rather special start of the day as Little Amerricka opened especially for us. 4 fun coasters with a mad Mad Mouse, the first ever Chance Toboggan (which was actually less ‘head bangy’ than later models), a rocky kiddie steelie and The Meteor woodie which offered a real fun and smooth ride. Huge thanks to the staff for opening up for us today. I really hope no more bad weather comes your way and that you have a drier rest of the season. Stuart Cosgrove What amazed me about this park apart from its traditional selection of rides was the fact that they practically rebuilt the Schmeck junior woodie from scratch with little experience and ended up with a silky smooth coaster David & Susan Ellis Our first park today was a short stop to a park called Little Amerricka, home to 4 coasters. The park opened especially for the club, and what a treat we had – exclusive use of all 4 coasters. The star attraction is a relocated Schmeck / PTC wooden junior coaster, Meteor, originally built in 1952. The park have done a splendid job with rebuilding the ride, and it rides like a brand new coaster! Such a lovely little place – a real gem. So pleased we called by on our way to Wisconsin Dells. Thanks to all at home for our 6th Wedding Anniversary cards! Andy Costin  Today we visit a very small park, Little Amerricka. The park was closed to the public, but opened just for us-an exclusive park session! It has 4 coasters, an impressive count for a small park, and included a very smooth junior woodie. The mainteance crew did a splendid job repairing and re-repairing the Little Dipper, a kiddie steelie, after we kept breaking it! The shop also opened, so we could buy shirts, and food. A lovely little family park. Steve Gzesh I was at Little Amerricka a few years ago and didn’t think I’d be back again so soon. But it was a great to return, especially to see the fine job they did with their new (relocated) junior woodie, Meteor. Thank goodness the park wasn’t seriously affected by the recent flooding (aside from the flooded parking lot which would make a fine bumper-boat ride, should they choose to keep the lot in its current flooded state!). A very nice park visit. Onto the Dells now… David Elvy Thanks to Little Amerricka for opening just for us. Meteor, the Woodie, was wonderful. Mark and Jenny Loads of fun this morning at Little Amerricka. The little woodie ran so smooooth, with its wonderfully restored train. Getting a roll back on the kiddie coaster was an unexpected surprise! Very nice people, and I only hope floods haven’t caused too much distruption. Shame the coach couldn’t have parked a little closer though… Chris And Lisa Quick stop at Little Amerricka who opened just for us, despite the recent floods. All the rides were good fun, and the Wild and Woolly Toboggan was a unique experience indeed! Yvonne Janik Thanks, Darrell, for opening your fine park just for us on a Wednesday — especially with all the flood cleanup work the staff are trying to do. We had a great time on the unique, well-maintained rides. Lorna & Adrian Dade Great park interesting woodie Fun crazy golf. Managed to ride all coasters Hades was first, opa was fun. Malcolm Marr Four-park day for a few of us today. Took a diversion to Knuckleheads to ride a stunning hand-rail free indoor terrain kiddy coaster. Then went to Riverview to ride two coasters there. Finally met up with the group at Timber Falls to ride Avalanche which is best described as “insane” with amazing speed from its short train. It could benefit from at least one right turn because with all the lefts it currently has make it feel like taking part in an insane Nascar session. The evening was spent at Mt Olympus which contains a number of coasters designed to maim and injure for those not familiar with the layouts. Hades provided so much airtime during a turn that I found myself sitting on the lap of the person next to me and this was before the lift hill, but then I had been set the challenge to ride in the back with my hands up for the duration. Fun but scary!!! No ERS on Hades after it started smoking and then got stuck on the lift hill with Justin and Yvonne in the front; gits! Thanks to Duane for the lift to the parks today! David & Susan Ellis Timber Falls is an unusual place, with a few attractions scattered around, mini golf courses, and a wild roller coaster called Avalanche that circumnavigates the park twice. Susan and I were treated to a special Wedding Anniversary ride (along with Cal who was celebrating her Birthday) and the three of us had a coaster train to ourselves, which was real fun. After that we visited Mt Olympus for a couple of hours of riding. We rode 5 of the coasters but when it came to riding Hades, the star attraction, the train broke down on the lift hill before our go. We enjoyed the unusual views of a lifthill evacuation (including Justin and Yvonne) but missed out on our riding. I finished the ERS with 30 minutes on Cyclops, which is ejector seat in the back. Andy Costin After driving from little Amerricka, we arrive in Wisconsin Dells, and a park called Timber Falls, which has a woodie called Avalanche. It was a wild ride, with airtime on even the turns! we then had lunch there, and went on to Mount Olympus, to try out their 6 coasters, including 4 woodies. Hades, the biggest, was partly underground, and what a ride! It was mental, it could give Voyage a run for its money, but had a jolt 3 quarters way round – on a banked turnaround – sort this, and it’ll be a top 5 coaster. Best of the others was Cyclops, with a wicked last drop. Steve Gzesh Avalanche at Timber Falls is an insanely good coaster! The airtime on this circular out-and-back is just phenominal. Alas, the rain we’ve managed to dodge throughout the trip has finally caught up with us, but not before I got lots of ride time on this woodie. Weather did clear up a bit for our evening at Mt. Olympus, where the coasters were all running quite well (though Hades was a bit rougher than when I rode it three years ago). Cyclops in the rear seat offers a little seat time; the rest of the ride you’re out of it almost exclusively! Paul Hindle Avalanche was an amazingly good ride; fast & furious all the way. Hades is insane; the tunnel needs some minimal lighting to give a frame of reference, so that you KNOW you are on a 90 degree banked turn!. Not impressed with the other three woodies – all need some TLC. David Elvy After Little Amerricka we drove to the Dells. Timber Falls was home to a wild wooden coaster called Avalanche. This thing flies round the track, amazing. I also rode the Log Flume. Then onto Mt Olympus. We hit all the coasters, and all of them are wild, but Hades is insane. The tunnel that it speeds through is pitch black. It is quite a ride, though I did come off with a headache. The indoor Theme Park, as they call it, consists of a spinning Mouse and a few arcade games. Hades broke down, which put pay to the ERS, and I needed to rest and food, so back to the Hotel we went. Mark and Jenny Our day of great wooden coasters continued at Timber Falls. Athough I thought Avalanche was a little over rated, it’s still a pocked-rocket of a ride. We enjoyed a game of golf before a great Mexican meal. Mt Olympus has some fantastic rides. Hades was very unique although the tunnel could do with a few lights as you’ve no idea of what’s going on. Jenny was terrified after riding the back seat of Cyclops! But even though the rides are great, some of the ride operators certainly aren’t. The Cyclops ride ops were good, but the girls are Hades and Zeus were terrible. Sitting on the hand rails, chewing gum, barking orders at the public, demanding that people board the train when they wanted to ride with friends, etc. Even when we (and the public) told the Hades ride ops that something very wrong was happening with the Hades train (it was smoking) then shrugged and laughed. They couldn’t care less. Chris and Lisa Little Amerricka is a very cute park with some unique coasters. Avalanche at Timber Falls is a pretty good ride and it was fun watching Cal go round trying to hold onto the sombraro that Pedro gave her for her birthday. Next stop was Mt. Olympus, with yet more woodies. Managed to get 1 ride on Hades before it broke down. Ole Bredesen-Vestby Got to Wisconsin Dells and had a go on Avalanche at the Timberfalls Park. Great speed on that coaster. Had a bit of rain, but not too bad. After some minigolf, and lunch, we headed over to Mt. Olympus. Only one word for Hades: wow! The ERS in the evening turned out to be a short ride up the lift hill for Justin and Yvonne, as they got stuck up there. Would have liked to have some more goes at Hades, but did 8 runs on Cyclops instead. That coaster is just insane in the back row. Cal Jones My first visit to Wisconsin Dells since 1999, back when Mount Olympus was called Big Chief’s and there weren’t quite so many attractions. We started at Timber Falls and the Avalanche coaster, which was a short but crazy ride. Great fun! Played some mini golf and rode the Skyscraper, which was running better than it had in ’99, and then we had a terrific Mexican meal courtesy of the park. Harvey and Mark from UK Rides had (unknown to me) arranged an early birthday surprise at the restaurant so I had to wear a sombrero covered with balloons while everyone sang Happy Birthday. I was then told I had to wear it for a ride on Avalanche too. One of the balloons survived the ride! Next up was Mount Olympus. We rode Hades first. It’s an amazing coaster aside from one very rough bit of track coming out of the second tunnel. Later it broke down and was unavailable for the planned ERS as the park will need to sort out the lift hill and the problem stretch of track before it can be opened again. We rode Zeus and Cyclops instead – the back seat of Cyclops is still as mental as I remember it and we had a great time despite Hades being down. A good day in all. Gordon Taylor It’s changed! The “Ave-A-Laff” is a great wee speedy mini monster. Back seat best! Felt quite intimidated by Hades, towards the back was pretty frightening for a 1st ride with sunglasses on and NO vision in those tunnels. And out of them it really was shake rattle & roll white knuckle scary. Honest! Later while riding it was worrying to see smoke rising from between our cars. Special theming? A fault? The operators whose first language was not English didn’t give a monkeys when I asked them. They really could not be bothered, so I walked away while loudly saying what I felt about their attitude. 30secs the next loaded train was stopped on the lift hill, while smoke continued to rise from the burning plastic by the chain… Told ya! An end to an interesting day Andy Dewar I really enjoyed my first visit to Wisconsin Dells, Avalanche at Timber Falls outlived my expectations, which were already high, and the meal and cocktails there were very good. I then made Hades at Mt Olympus coaster number 200, which in the front seat was a mindblowing ride, the tunnel being far longer madder and more rideable than I’d ever have expected. My only real criticism being the turn after the return tunnel stretch being a bit rougher than I’d hope for, if they got that sorted out it’d be more rerideable. I hope it inspires more mad woodies to be built. As for the rest of the park I was glad I visited, I think Cyclops has the maddest back seat ride ever. Matthias Pies Avalanche in Timber Falls war einfach nur genial, was fuer ein wahnsinns Ride. Abends ging es dann noch ruerber zu Mt. Olympus, wo wir auch den nachsten Tag verbringen sollten. Hades ist sehr geil bis zu dem Part nach dem Tunnel, da wird das Ding echt unfahrbar Zeus ist echt genial vor allem in der ersten Reihe. Wer Woodys liebt darf um Wisconsin Dells keinen Bogen machen. Eirik Erstad & Jonas Aastroem The most exciting day on the trip so far, but not in a positive way. Timber Falls was a nice little adventure park with a great coaster. Mt Olympus is much bigger and with great coasters as well, but for our part the fun stopped there. We were also on the last train that made it around the track on Hades before it broke down for the evening. All the smoke rising from behind our car was frightening, to say the least. What bothered us the most, on the other hand, was the careless attitude of the ride operators. Thanks to them we will probably never go on Hades again, even though it is a good coaster. We did enjoy Cyclops and Zeus though. The back seat on Cyclops is well worth repeat rides. One peculiar thing was perhaps how they didn’t ID us when buying beers, but rather told us how they “hoped we were over 21.” Perhaps some kind of language barrier, but we might just be more used to certain standards from certain well operated Orlando theme parks… Paul Orsmond Timber Falls was a lovely place with the craziest wooden coaster ever. It doesn’t look intense at all, but it’s fierce, intense, but yet fun, and it’s the first ever coaster I have experienced airtime on a turn. We went to Mt Olympus for a short while in the evening, Hades is perhaps one of the most impressive woodies on the trip, and certainly it was a very good ride only spoiled by a very rough section in the last half of the ride. The Tunnel section was insane, you really cant feel that 90 degree banking in the tunnel. Amazing. Mats Hummel Timberfalls’ Avalanche is fantastic S&S wooden coaster, as good as I remembered it from 2005. Real good Mexican meal. Mt Olympus was next stop and sorry to say but Hades had a few rough spots that my head didn’t like, hopefully it will be fixed. Cyclops in the back seat is more than airtime (Check out the seat buckle that has been distorted by too much airtime). The swing was cool. Stuart Cosgrove Avalanche is about as much fun as you can have on a roller coaster. It simply begs to be ridden over and over. Sadly we missed out on ERS on Hades but I have fond memories of riding it in 2006. Cyclops in the back seat was manic. When the sign says “No Standing”, it is impossible to obey it in the back seat of Cyclops. Similarly Zeus was great in the front but tended to hunt too much in the back causing unnecessary roughness. Kim Varde Lassen Timber falls and Mt Olympus are two of those small parks with super rides. Avalanche at Timber Falls proved to be something of a nice surprise for everybody. Fast fast and twisty… my back had a hard time riding, though. Also managed to get totally drenched on the log flume. Hades in Mt Olympus was freaky. It could have been the next best ride after Voyage, but my head simply hurt too much afterwards… not rerideable. Otherwise they had three other great woodies and a fantastic S&S monster swing ride… yeah baby!! Oh… Yvonne and Justin got to walk down a wooden staircase… phh big deal! Steve Fagin What a wild surprise lurked in the shape of Timber Falls. As for Mt Olympus, most of us who hadn’t previously ridden this were fortunate enough to bag a go or two before Yvonne and Justin broke the ride. It was good in the front seat. Dirk Lather Timber Falls.. ja was soll ich dazu schreiben? Ein sehr netter Coaster steht dort und ein schoen langer LogFlume. Ansonsten hat man den Park locker in 1 Std abgefruehstueckt. Gegen Abend ging es dann nach Mt Olympus. Als wir am Parkplatz ankamen, sah ich dort ein Riesenteil von Coaster, erst kurz danach wurde mir klar, dass es sich um das Mega Teil handelt, welches unterirdisch eine 90 Grad kurve hinlegt. Whow, wie fett.da der tunnel absolut dunkel ist, merkt man gar nicht, wann man die besagte Stelle durchfaehrt, aber das sollten wir ja am naechsten tag kennenlernen. Ansonsten hat der Park noch 5 weitere Coaster, ein Besuch lohnt sich. Christof Muehlan Anybody who saw Avalanche chase around the track will know that those Coaster Dynamix models are not unrealistic at all. Later that day at Mt Olympus, while riding Pegasus in the back seat, the little girl riding in front of me told me to put my arms up, which I did. But the other coasters in the park were pretty good! Nina Kleppe Avalanche was a very good woodie. Very fast from the beginning to the end. Also got to play some minigolf. That was fun. We spent the evening at Mt. Olympus. Got to do all the coasters. Hades was a very good woodie. Cool with the tunnel over the parking lot. Shame there was no ERS because the train was stuck at the top of the lift hill. Mette Doving First stop of the afternoon was Timber Falls, which have a good woodie. Then had a go on the minigolf track. I won – you are supposed to the the most points right? After a nice lunch we went over to the hotel and drove!? over to Mt Olympus. Got a go in all the rides, thanks to no q’lines. Was supposed to have ERS on Hades, but someone broke that one. Lee Bennett Avalanche took most people by surprise, a great coaster shoehorned into a corner plot! The pace of this ride is very fast with a few good pops of airtime and some excellent banks! Next onto Mt. Olympus another fantastic park with a great assortment of insane coasters, luckily I rode the Hades before it broke down, what a ride ! Veldig veldig bra ! andycoasterboy Timber Falls has an amazing coaster in Avalanche, which borders the park’s log flume and mini golf. Riverview’s surviving coasters were also an additional trip as was the small coaster at Knuckleheads. The highlight was watching David & Susan and birthday girl Cal ride around wearing a Mexican hat with balloons. Up the road and Mt. Olympus and the first ride on Hades and what a ride, unfortunately a few nasty track jolts took away the re-ridable factor but the tunnel section is superb. Also a mention to Lee ‘The Judge’ Bennett who did a fine job with the bikini competition in the bar!!! Chris Hull The Avalanche at Timber Falls was our next stop of the day. What a great coaster! Fast and with unsually short trains. Managed to get a trip to Riverview to take in their two coaster before a tasty Mexican lunch where Cal was embarrassed by being the birthday girl. Short ride up the road and an evening at Mt Olympus. First ride on Hades and bagged a back seat. Insane ride! Even straight out the station. I hadn’t paid too much attention on the way up to the station so leaving it by coaster was a big surprise! As for the tunnel… just mad! 4 rides later and it was time to move onto Zeus and Cyclops. Again two awesome coasters especially the ‘adult only’ back seat on Cyclops! Evening’s entertainment come in the form of a visit to the local bar where Miss Malibu contest was taking place. A good day! Paul Greenwood Timber Falls offered probably my biggest suprise of the trip – Avalanche is an incredibly fast & powerful coaster! I was expecting something quite small but it’s actually got a pretty big first drop. In fact I thought it was Hades at first from the coach!! Once over the drop the ride is mad, mad, mad! Then over to Mount Olympus and my first ever ride on Hades. What a moment to remember! Despite one really rough piece of track I completely loved it. The ride is completely out of control and the tunnel section seems to go on forever, with drops and suprise turns in the pitch black. Absolutely breathtaking (literally!!) Darren and Mary Darren enjoyed the Avalanche at Timber Falls, it was his kind of ride – fast. The mini golf was fun. When we arrived at Mt. Olympus with its four woodies Darren was overjoyed. Hades was amazing with its long dark tunnel, ERS was on Zeus and Cyclops as Hades had broken down. Both Darren and I enjoyed Zeus with Darren riding on his own for the last few rides. Great day.    Back to Top

Day 13 – Mount Olympus Theme Park

Lorna & Adrian Dade Today started wet, so we played the arcade in the indoor park, and did some shopping!! After Mount Olympus we went to Knuckleheads where Lorna rode her 500th coaster. LES FRANCAIS DE TOUL Today, la pluie est au rendez-vous mais heureusement qu’hier le temps etait magnifiquement present pour les 2 parcs que nous avons cotoye. Des coasters qui deboulent a grande vitesse. Pour nous divertir, une petite course de karting fut realisee, Pascal ayant la voiture la plus rapide remporta la course, la famille Delphis 2eme et 3eme, Yannis 4eme du groupe car il avait une voiture hyper hyper lente, tant pis…..Pour le lunch de ce midi, un barbecue nous rechauffa vu que le temps gacha un peu le programme. Un dernier coaster indor + un film en 4D pour cloturer la rigolation, et nous voila reparti pour 4h de bus (pas grave, un superbe hotel nous attend). ps: Pascal et Yvon dorment deja (Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr….Pchhhhh).. Pensees au FC Toul.. Malcolm Marr With the gods declaring the heavens be opened and the park soaked from a thunderstorm I chose to spend the morning on the coach watching, rather appropriately, “Open Water” rather than get wet. After that we headed to Knuckleheads as it was indoors and having already ridden the coaster there two days ago I spent the time at the bar. The second day on the trip where I’ve managed to not ride anything; the trip needn’t just be about riding coasters 😀 David & Susan Ellis Today was to feature an ERS on Hades and a tunnel walkthrough. The latter went ahead, which was a fantastic experience, especially with the 90 degree banked track, but Hades was down and was likely to be closed for a couple of days. We were disappointed that we never got to ride it…another reason for coming back. The rest of the day turned into a washout, with lightning and torrential rain. Finally our good luck runs out! Andy Costin  Today we were due an ERS on Hades, but a thunderstorm, and the ride breaking down last night put paid to that. We had a tunnel walk-through of Hades first thing though. Because of heavy rain, we didn’t do much, i managed 1 ride on Cyclops before rain (and lunch) stopped play. we left early, via Knuckleheads bar (which had a kiddie coaster) to drive to Bloomington. Weather finally catches us! Steve Gzesh Even with really crappy weather today, we managed to have a pretty good time at Mt. Olympus, thanks largely to the special tunnel walk-through we got to take. Quite spectacular, and cool to see all the items people lost on the ride (the dozens of cell phones in one pile were quite the sight!). We left early, right after lunch, and got to take in another kiddie coaster credit at Knuckleheads. Hey, a credit is a credit! Now onto Minnesota! David Elvy Today was a washout. I could of done some more rides on the coasters, but it was not to be. Hades was still down, and will be for a few days. None of the other rides were running, due to the torrential rain, but I don’t think you would want to ride in that rain anyway. We did have a tunnel tour, which gave us some interesting photos of Hades, the tunnel is quite spectacular. We had lunch earlier than planned, and then left, as it was still raining. We headed off to Knuckleheads, another kiddie coaster, but another credit. Mark and Jenny A trip highlight! The tunnel tour of Hades was amazing – and a great way to shelter from the rain. Watching the engineers manage to crash the Opa spinning mouse only adds to my concerns about the staff. Nice side-trip to Knuckleheads. Chris and Lisa Today was a bit of a wash out. Hades still broken but did tunnel walkthrough which was great. Went in the arcade for a bit then had lunch. Over to Knuckleheads for Kiddie coaster credit then back on the bus. Wet wet wet!! Ole Bredesen-Vestby Today started with a tunnel walk of Hades, just as the rain stared pouring down. After that it was planned an ERS on Hades, but it was still down after the problems yesterday evening. So after a couple of hours in the indoor section of the park, we had an early lunch, and headed over to an indoor park called Knuckleheads to do another credit on a kiddiecoaster, before an early departure towards Minneapolis. So, not the best days in Wisconsin Dells, but all in all I did get all my credits, and had a good time. The bad weather had to come eventually, after all that sun earlier on the trip 🙂 Cal Jones A bit of a washout, weather-wise, but the Hades tunnel tour was very cool. It was a pity it rained so much but I’d expected it from the weather reports and had ridden all I wanted to yesterday. Mount Olympus is still a great park and I would like to return in the future. Gordon Taylor Rain rain go away… and all you horrid school kids too… Didn’t do much riding, eating drinking and shouting at annoying kids mainly. Thanks for the tunnel walk. Actually out of my comfort zone for once. The thought of an eastern European kid who did not speak English sending a train out in error would not have surprised me. Fun being in there though. The banking is just WRONG! Kiddie coaster at K’heads was a laugh. Am I really turning into a coaster credit whore? Andy Dewar I enjoyed today’s tunnel tour, then had a quiet day sitting round and playing arcade games at Mt Olympus. I would like to have ridden Hades more, so it’s a shame it was shut. There was too much rain too. Matthias Pies Der heutige Tag begann mt Regen, Regen und nochmal Regen. Achja und ca 38 Schulbussen vollgestopft mit Kindern. Der abolute Horror. Die Tunnelfuehrung war das absolute Highlight des Tages. Eirik Erstad & Jonas Aastroem The day at Mt. Olympus washed away, unfortunately. The park gave us a very nice walkthrough of the Hades tunnel, though. How interesting to see the track from that point of view. Thanks for the tour and the early lunch. Too bad we can’t do much with the weather and the screaming hordes… Paul Orsmond Sadly a day full of rain, thunder and lightning, this meant we didnt get our ERS but it was probably still broken from the day before when it broke down just before our evening ERS. We didn’t stay long and left early after lunch. It would have been nice to stay longer as I would have liked to have checked out the water park, but hopefully I can come back in the future to explore the park more. Overall a nice park though. Mats Hummel Mt Olympus in welcomed us with rain but that will not stop a tour of Hades’ tunnel, amazing that they let the whole group walk around in it. Good food today. Quick stop at Knuckleheads and the indoor terrain kiddie coaster. Kim Varde Lassen The day just drowned in rain. From start to finish. Highlight was the tunnel walk of Hades… fascinating! Fortunately we haven’t had many rainy days… but it had to come, I guess. Steve Fagin With Hades shut and the rest of the rides stifled by the rain, the tunnel walk in Hades was the highlight of the day. Standing by the track, banked vertically against the tunnel wall, made for quite a spectacle. The park would do well to illuminate that part of the tunnel with strobes, if that would work, since I found that the banking was lost on me when riding through the darkness at high speed. Dirk Lather Blub – blub – Glucker. Wir sind heute fast abgesoffen, so stark hat es geregnet. Der tag begann trotz allem mit dem versprochenen Tunnel Rundgang, das war schon beeindruckend, so mit der Angst vor dem Zug durch den Tunnel zu latschen. Aber, die Bahn ist ja zum Glueck kaputt, wohl weil Mathias Pies die letzte vollstaendige Fahrt darin absolvierte. Der Rest viel sprichwoertlich ins Wasser, so das wir fruehzeitig aufbrachen, um als kleinen Ausgleich einen albernen kiddyCoaster zu counten. Ja, nennt mich Schlampe 🙂 Christof Muehlan I think Mt Olympus should take a decent picture of the cellphone cemetary in Hades’ tunnel and put it up in the station. Far more impressive than those ‘Please secure all loose items’ signs. Nina Kleppe We started the day with a walk through Hades’ tunnel. That was cool. Fun to see all the stuff people lose from the train, from hats to keys and cellphones. No ERS because of the brakedown last night. Shame that it was raining so much. Nice lunch. Then we got to Knuckleheads to get an extra credit on a little kiddie. Now off to Mall of America. Mette Doving The day just rained away. Got a nice walkthru of the tunnel of Hades. Then it was just to hide from the rain and thunder until lunch time. Then off to Knuckleheads for a little tick. Now it’s of to our last hotel and Mall of America. Maybe time for some shopping tonight? Lee Bennett The tunnel walk was good, interesting to see what is lost on or off a coaster in motion! Due to the rain the rides were working then not which wasn’t too bad as I still had a chance for a dip in the wave pool! Bye for now hope to do a little shopping tonight! andycoasterboy Tunnel tour today, enlightened what exactly happens through the madness when entering from the first drop and turnaround as it’s over in a flash. Seeing all of us scrambling to takes pictures was a bizarre site indeed. Rain thwarted riding today as well as a million kids flooding into the waterpark area. Chris Hull A wet start to the day but the tunnel tour proved enjoyable. The phone graveyard and random scatterings of caps and other items proves what goes on in that tunnel! The rest of the day was a bit of a washout due to the rain but it didn’t dampen my memories of a park with some of the most insane woodies around. Paul Greenwood Well, we had to have at least one day of rain on the trip and boy, did it rain. Jumping in the swimming pool would have been dryer! The tour of the Hades tunnel was incredible and really interesting to see where the track actually goes. And the collection of baseball caps, smashed cell phones and other lost belongings lying below the track was quite an eye-opener… The tunnel tour more than made up for the lack of riding due to the rain Darren and Mary The park became a giant water park. Darren’s highlight of the day was the walk through of the tunnel on Hades. He touched the rails took lots and lots of photo’s as did all who did the walk through – Darren joined the “black hand gang”. The rain caused a change to plans we went to ride a small coaster at knuckleheads to ride Minor Mike. Another amazing day for Darren.   Back to Top

Day 14 – Valleyfair

Gordon Taylor Had fun on Wild Thing with at one point just two of us in the front seat riding an otherwise empty train. THAT’S NOTHING one day.etc etc etc… Renegade looked and rode like a dream. Not a ton of airtime but enough thrills and loads of fun. A REALLY good ride. Enjoyed the rest of the park, though did get very frustrated with the park employees who did NOT have a clue about anything, from the directions to the nearest loos or take for example, where to get a cup of coffee. After 3 attempts we finally found the location of a restaurant only to ask a ride op working next door to it where it was exactly, and she didn’t have a clue that it was right next to her! Arrgghhh. Anyway a really good day with fab hospitality, food and ERSs and a REALLY clean and lovely and well maintained park with all rides running! Many thanks. Cal Jones Nice to return to Valleyfair again after a nine year break. Renegade is a fantastic addition to the park – a really great looking coaster that also delivers a fun ride. Thanks to the Valleyfair folks for their hospitality. Andy Dewar I thought Valleyfair stood out really well, I thought Renegade had a great feel to it, so it rated highly for me. I enjoyed their other rides, the park was fairly quiet and slightly windy, a nice day though. Matthias Pies Schoener Tag in Valleyfear. Renegade war der beste Coaster im Park. Auch die anderen Coaster waren ganz gut. Danke fuer die Gastfreundschaft und das leckere Essen. Mats Hummel Last full day of our trip. ERS on Renegade that was good, the ride ops was a little bit too stringent maybe, do they really count the people on the train? 🙂 Big thank you to the people behind the ECC trip and my fellow coaster enthusiasts for making this a fun and tiring two weeks of “vacation”. Oakwood later this hopefully and then Japan next year… Eirik Erstad Valleyfair, what a pleasant surprise! Neat and clean with all rides running. Congrats on Renegade, it is a perfect addition to the park. Like Cedar Point, the park has a kind of old time feeling to it. It is like being in a scene from the movie “Rollercoaster”. Thanks for the backstage tour of Renegade! I look forward to returning sometime soon. This is my last day together with the group, so to all who’s made this trip possible, a big thank you! Jonas Aastroem Valleyfair is a sweet little park, but I have to admit that it doesn’t really offer anything outstanding except Renegade. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. 🙂 I’ve had a great time on this trip and I’m gonna miss you all. Thanks to ECC for your exceptionally well arranged trip. Paul Orsmond ValleyFair is a lovely park, and with Renegade they have a great signature ride which is an excellent coaster and was running very well indeed. The Impulse coaster was also very good too. Overall its a lovely park, but it would feel a bit ordinary without Renegade so I am glad they have a good signiture ride the park can be proud off. Nina Kleppe ValleyFair was a nice park. Got to do all the coasters exept from the The Mild Thing. Renegade was a good woodie. Steel Venom was fun too. We also got to do the Drop Tower and Xtreme Swing. Had a really fun day. d:-) Mette Doving Had a nice day at Vallyfair today! A bit cold at times. The Renegade was a really good ride. As this most likely will be my last report I have to thank all for a really good trip. Have had a really nice time and a lots of fun. See you all on a new trip soon. andycoasterboy Valleyfair today on our last full day of the trip 🙁 Renegade – another fine GCI coaster and the walk back was a good addition after lunch. A huge thanks to everyone involved in making this such a great trip and to all my fellow enthusiasts for being such an enjoyable bunch of people. David & Susan Ellis Our last full day was in Valleyfair park, which started with an ERS on both Wild Thing and the 2007 GCI twister, Renegade. Wild Thing was riding more like Mild Thing, with small amounts about of airtime and a crew that insisted that everyone walked all the way around the exit and queueline every time, which meant half empty trains and a lack of atmosphere. The crew on Renegade did a little better allowing some re-riding, and Renegade itself was a nice ride, not as intense as other GCI coasters we had ridden but very re-rideable. The park was quiet so we got the coasters done before lunch, and after lunch the park kindly allowed us to walk behind Renegade to get photos and filming done. Hello to everyone back home… be back in the cold weather with you soon! Andy Costin Last night most of us went to the Mall of America, a stone’s throw from the hotel. The indoor park, Nickelodeon Universe had a fun collection of coasters which I tried out, before the official trip visit. Today, our last full day, we went to Valleyfair and had an ERS on Wild Thing, and Renegade. The best of the two became apparent during the session-virtually all of us ended up riding Renegade, a very good, re-ridable woodie, with the Millennium Flyer trains. The park’s owners showed us good hospitality with lunch, and a walk around behind Renegade. The park was not busy, and it was chilly in the wind, but we all had fun. Steve Gzesh Great day at Valleyfair! Weather was a bit chilly, but preferable to the 90+ degree weather from a mere week ago! Renegade is a very nice woodie. I got several rides in on it during our ERS session and I could feel the ride gettting better with each circuit. Bravo! David Elvy The last Park of the trip for me, and the last ride was Renegade. The day started with an ERS on Wild Thing and Renegade, which is amazing, and got better as the day went on, the best ride in the Park. Paul and I went to Nickelodeon’s Universe at Mall of America last night, as we will not be there tomorrow. The Park was pretty good, Rock Bottom Plunge is a great intense, smooth Coaster, and Avatar Airbender – the Half Pipe was great, great fun. Mark and Jenny Last proper park of the trip and a great way to finish. Although not as good as Troy, Renegade is yet another fantastic GCI. Very nice food – thank you! Now, back to the mall…. Chris And Lisa Last full park of the Club trip, Wild Thing was a bit of a let down, Renegade while good, we prefered Troy. We will have a few hours at Mall of America tommorow, before heading off on our own, starting with Michigan’s Adventure. Lorna & Adrian Great day at Valleyfair, Renegade was great, Mall of America tomorrow & then home for a rest !! looking forward to the next trip. Kim Varde Lassen Valleyfair is a great park with some great rides. The ride ops at Wild Thing were a little rigid. Renegade is a fantastic GCI…yet another. My back troubled me a little again… good thing we are done soon. Steve Fagin Pleasant enough park. The staff were good enough to give us a tour of Renegade, a good and curvelicious GCI. Their big steelie, Wild Thing, was as tame as they get, making me think that their kiddies’ version (Mild Thing) would have to be stationary to be any milder. Their launch coaster, Steel Venom, was great, due to a good couple of launches and its short queue. Lars Soerensen Had a good time in the park, we had plenty of time to ride everything we wanted. Renegade was a little rougher that you would think about a GCI, but still a great ride. Wild Thing was tame, though. Nick Christensen Valleyfair! was a pretty good and fun park, with some good coasters and rides. It was a very pretty park, and all the coasters and rides were running, which was awesome, and I think every one got to ride what they wanted. The ERS on Wild Thing and Renegade was pretty good, other then we broke Renegade about 15 minutes before our ERS ended, and Wild Thing, or should I say Mild Thing was… Yeah, trimmed to death, which was a real shame, as Morgan hypers really are some fun and good coasters, Steel Eel being the best one of these I’ve ridden. Lee Bennett The last real park of the trip and two good rides for our ERS! The Wild Thing had a little airtime which was cool but the real gem is the Renegade another masterpiece by GCI ! Paul Greenwood Valleyfair is a nice park with some pretty good rides. Unfortunately though, the Wild Thing is anything but, and is probably the tamest hypercoaster you’ll come across. The GCI woodie was suprisingly rough for a GCI but is a really good layout and still quite fun. A good park to spend our last full day in… Chris Hull Almost the end of the trip and Valleyfair was a good choice. A smaller park which proved not to be that busy. Morning ERS split between a rather sluggish Wild Thing and a warming up Renegade. A good day! Thanks to everyone! Darren and Mary Darren again enjoyed this park it was a pity that the operators on Wild Thing made everyone walk around for the ERS–spoilt the atmosphere a bit. The rest of the park was great   Back to Top

Day 15 – Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America

David & Susan Ellis We finished the trip with time at the Mall of America, a huge shopping Mall, the largest indoor shopping centre in America, and a visit to the amusement park within the Mall, Nickelodeon’s Universe, and an ERS on the Gertslauer Eurofighter coaster, Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge. The park has a great line-up of rides for an indoor park including a Gerstlauer spinning coaster and probably the world’s longest Zierer coaster. A nice way to finish a great trip. Now the fun of the journey home 🙁 The Frenchies Nous voila a l heure de l’embarcation, oui c’est deja fini……….Hier dernier grand parc, c’etait encore une fois magnifique.Tout etait reunis pour terminer en beaute. Pour cloturer la fin de journee, Yvon, qui, d’ailleurs a ete elu Mr good frenches concernant l’animation, donc mr, nous a reserver comme souvent pendant ce long sejour , un superbe restaurant. La nuit fut courte, ce matin (samedi) shopping dans un MALL ou plusieurs coasters nous ont regale. Je tiens a dire que je me suis coasterise, eclate etc…, comme tout le monde d’ailleurs. Tout simplement merci. Et nous voila la France.Bis Chris Hull End of an amazing trip at Mall of America. Shopper’s paradise or hell depending on your viewpoint 😉 Morning ERS on the Eurofighter and then time to take in the other 3 coasters and a surprisingly good log flume. Fun time for all and then the rest of the day chilling out before making our way home. It’s been an awesome trip so thanks to ALL involved! Andy Costin Now we come to the end of the trip. (Boo-hoo!) ERS on the Spongebob Squarepants’ coaster at Nickelodeon Universe, inside the Mall of America, a few other rides, including the fun Avatar Airbender. Then a bit of shopping, then to the airport. A massive thank you to all involved in arranging this trip-it was grrrreat! Til next time see you all! Derek Cromarty Great rides at the Mall of America great shops as well, no money left so returning home. Thanks to everyone planning & organising of the trip it was great. Adrian & Lorna Spongebob was Adrian’s favourite ride today, GhostBlasters was fun, Lorna spent a fortune in the shops (No change there) Thank you to Yvonne, Rose, Justin, Kevin, John & anyone else for a great trip & great planning. Cal Jones They’ve made a lot of improvements to the park in Mall of America since I last went in 1999. It’s amazing how they fit so many rides into such a confined space. The new Sponge Bob coaster is the smoothest Eurofighter I’ve ridden so far and the Avatar half-pipe coaster was terrific fun. Capped it all off with a visit to the cinema to watch the new Indiana Jones movie. Brilliant trip – will definitely be coming on the next one. Andy Dewar I was very tired for my last day of the trip, Mall Of America was a pleasant indoor park though. The Eurofighter coaster was far better than I expected, and the drop just kept on making me scream, which was nice. The half pipe was also really good, and we finished watching the new Indiana Jones movie. I really enjoyed the trip, big thanks to the people who organise all this! I’ll look forward to more in the future. andycoasterboy Mall of America and the best Eurofighter ride ever… 🙂 way too many shops. Another huge thanks to everyone involved in the trip organisation and everyone who made it such a fantastic trip. Here’s to the next one. Paul Greenwood The Mall of America is huge, huge, huge!! The rides in the theme park are pretty good fun and have really cool names – e.g. the Fairly Odd Coaster and Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge!! Totally knackering though! Thanks to everyone for an absolutely fantastic trip and final thanks go to Rose the coach driver for making it the 2 weeks without having a crash (despite the number of near misses!) Thanks all… Mats Hummel Final day of AA2, Cool ERS even got consecutive rides, did all coasters. A bit different to have a mall combined with a theme park. Thanks again to the whole ECC team again for a terrific trip! Matthias Pies Letzter Tag unserers Trips. Mall of America ist echt beeindruckend. Der Park ist auch weitaus gr�sser als gedacht. Die Halfpipe macht echt Spass auch wenn ich sie nicht als Coaster bezeichnen wurde. Spongebob coaster ist ganz ok teilt aber ein paar Schlage aus. Begeistert hat mich der LogflumeN. Danke f�r den tollen Trip und die Organisation an alle die Beteiligt waren. Nina Kleppe The day started with ERS on Spongebob coaster. Then we did do the the last coasters of the trip. Spent the last hours of the trip doing some shopping. Had a great trip. Thanks to Justin, Yvonne and all the other who organized this trip. had a really great time. Shame we have to go home now. Jeg tok en tur i Fairly Odd Coaster for deg Odd Arne. Darren and Mary Darren enjoyed the ERS on Spongebob coaster, the rest of the rides were also good to ride. Thanks to everyone who helped organise a great trip including Kev back in UK, Justin and Yvonne, and the security staff at the mall for finishing the trip off on the only negative note of the whole tour. Dirk Lather So, endlich sind wir am Flughafen und kommen so langsam wieder zur Ruhe. Der Tag heute ging recht gemuetlich an, ne kleine ERT auf dem Eurofighter war sogar auch drinn. Die Mall of America ist wirklich beeindruckend, man kann es gar nicht schaffen, alle Geschaefte anzesehen. Der integrierte Freizeitpark ist gigantisch, aber nicht aufdringlich. Alles geht sehr ruhig zu. Unter dem Strich bin ich schon ein wenig wehmuetig, denn dieser Trip war wirklich eine super Sache. Ich habe mit nichts gerechnet und wurde mit super Parks belohnt. So, nun geht es ab in den Flieger, bis denne! Paul Orsmond Our last stop was the Mall of America with the New Eurofighter Fighter which was very good and smooth too, a great ride packed in a small space, the Half Pipe Ride was unique and fun, and I really enjoyed the Log Ride which had really good theming. Overall an excellent end to the trip. It’s sad it’s all over. Thanks to everyone involved in the planning of the trip. It’s been superb. Mark and Jenny Wow – the MOA amusement park has changed a lot since the last time I was here! And all for the better. Sponge Bob is another perfect Gerstlauer but for me the Airbender gave the biggest thrill. Very ‘amusing’ to be held captive by the mall security along with Uncle Justin. Overall a superb trip. Thanks to all – Yvonne, Justin, Kevin, John, Paul, the PC people, Liz FK, Pjotr and everyone else involved. Roll on 2010.   Back to Top