28th April to 1st May 2012

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Parc Astérix
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Jim & Julia Terneborg
Thank you so much for the “Tour de Force” trip!!! We had a great time, as always! And Julia was so happy, 4 of her best days in her life!!! Her classmates were very jealous on her when she come back to school and talked about the coaster trip and all the coasters.

For me it was also so fun to be back on a trip after a lot of years and meet a lot of old friends and some new. I’ve missed it so much. But now when Ted has learned to love coasters we will be back on the trips again.

Once again, THANK YOU so much!


Peter Kinmond-Elks
Goudrix vs King?  No comparison – Goudrix completely re-defined my definition of a painful coaster.  (Banged both ears hard, and gave me an instant headache on the first turn!)

I’m pretty convinced that OzIris has taken Nemesis’ crown.  It’s a better coaster for sure (more forceful in places, and more floaty in others with a good, proper first drop. Interaction with the themeing is good too, although arguably it does not match the ‘natural’ feel of Nemesis.

I’d not ridden Tonnere before, but found it to be very enjoyable. Others thought is was good, but lacking compared with other wooodies.


Robin Antill
First of all thank you to Paul, Justin and everyone else involved in this trip. You are all truly stars. This was another amazing trip up with the Swedish trip last year. The following is a brief report.

Three nights away, 84 hours, 6 parks and 27 new coasters. It was scheduled for 22 coasters which would have took me to 200 but thought that, with the last park being a small park, I would miss one coaster so I could make my 200th on a half decent coaster (sorry Stevie B). This plan changed when the 1st park in Paris, one coaster was not working and one would not let adults on. So down to 20 for the trip. What I did not realise that a French fair we were going to had 6 (SIX) coasters, so this meant I would be well over 200 before coming home.

A trip to Parc Astérix on Sunday got me to 193. And this park had the best steel coaster I have ever been on, OzIris – which I think is better than Nemesis and is now my number 1, and the worse steel coaster Goudurix ever. To add to this marvellous park they had Tonnerre de Zeus a superb ‘woodie’ I rate this even better than Balder in Sweden, although Balder may have just a little more airtime.

Monday we visited Disneyland Paris. And when I checked my count I realised I would reach 200 if I got all the coasters. I thought the park would have been quiet but it was heaving. It turned out there was a national holiday.

After doing the 3 coasters in the Studios, we headed back into the Disneyland. Initially the plan was to do the main coasters 1st and then the last one would be Casey Junior. I pursuaded my fellow coasters to do this 1st but when we got there there was over 1 hour to ride. We did not want to wait that long for a kiddie coaster so we headed over to Thunder Mountain, again showing massive queues. We decided to go for fast passes and having about 10 minutes in the fast past queue ending up with a ride time of 5.20 to 5.50 and we had to leave the park by 6.00 for our 3 hour drive to Arras. After riding Indiana Jones – temple of peril – we headed back to Casey Junior, where the queue looked shorter but still took about 1 hour. This was coaster 199. At 5.10 we headed back to fast pass at Thunder Mountain and at 5.20 we were allowed to join the queue for fast pass holders. About 15 minutes later we boarded the ride, and thanks to Lasse improvished 200 sign made whilst having dinner, and he took some photos of my 200th coaster. After that a very quick exit was made to ensure we got to the bus for 6.00.

The biggest downside to Disneyland was the massive size of the queues.

It later became clear that the Sunday was avoided because it was thought it would have been the busier day so went to Parc Astérix instead.

However, IF we had gone to Parc Asterix on the Monday we would not have got onto Ozitis as it broke down and the train was stuck on the lifthill. Even when we went past at 7.00 in the evening the train was still stuck on the hill so we were lucky.

There was a couple of parks on the Tuesday and at Bagatelle Parc I had to smile when we got our dinner. People were coming away with what looked liked a tray full of chips. When we enquired as to what it was it was named the Americano Burger Special so this all made sense.

So now up to 205 coasters after having a great time with good friends at the ECC.


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