31st March 2012

Thorpe Park (Chertsey, England)


Dawn Zoë Raison
Thanks to all involved in organising another superb Thorpe trip.  (even if the rides sometimes had other ideas to what the engineers wanted)


Clare Wright
Brilliant trip again. See you all soon.


Richard Bannister
Great to see everybody again. Thanks to all who had a hand in the organisation.

Small request for next time; can we turn the heating on please??


Clint Taylor
Yep awesome club trip. Awesome B&M  a coaster everybody can enjoy.Thorpe keep up the good work . Thanks to everybody in the club for sorting it and Thorpe too .


Carl Dickson
Yes indeed, going to echo the good comments about today at Thorpe Park. Had a fantastic day (even tho it was a tad cold), and the ERS on Swarm was brilliant. Everyone on each train cheering to all in the station as it flew through the overhead inline twist was great fun! That and the hangtime on the first drop are the highlights of Swarm, it’s a very good coaster. Not forceful, but just fun! 🙂

Thanks to all involved for organising, big thanks to the Hoys for transport to/from the park today, and to everyone else for being such great company.

See you all again soon. 🙂


David Ellis
Just got back to Lowestoft (in 2 hours 45 mins, which was pretty good going) after a great day at Thorpe. Was great to meet a few new people and many “old” friends that we hadn’t seen in several years. Really enjoyed the day, including the “workshop” tour of the park memorabilia and coaster plans etc….what a shame the wooden coaster design from GCI didn’t get built at the park!

Really enjoyed Swarm…was a pleasant coaster with a little G forces but a lot of fun, nicely themed, lovely and smooth, and very re-rideable.

I rode all the rides I wanted to (apart from Rush…shame they are having problems with it as it’s a great fun ride), including front seats on Colossus and Stealth, 3 goes on Saw, 1 on Detonator, 1 on Nemesis Inferno, 1 on Saw Alive and 9 goes on Swarm. Was pleasantly surprised by Saw…was expecting neck-breaking roughness and a poor ride, but found it to be very rideable, great fun, and an interesting combination of drops, airtime hills and twists that were unlike all the other Eurofighters I had ridden… am I the only person that enjoyed it?

Thanks to all that organised things today…shame about the technical problems at the end, but it didn’t spoil in any way what was a great day.


Harvey Duff
Thank you…  Today was my first ECC event that did not take place on US soil.  Thanks to all who planed this day.

Hope to see many of you again in June, in California.


Markus Habegger
It was my first trip with the club and really enjoyed it. 🙂 Thanks again to everyone who organised it.

I have to say I was also pleasantly surprised by Swarm, but then again it’s a B&M. I totally agree that it got better and better at the end of the day. And hanging upside down from a height of 40m all adds to the thrill. Well done B&M and Thorpe. I felt proud as a fellow Swiss to have rode it 6x in a row. 😉


Andy Rathe
I’d like to add my thanks to all those involved in organising the Thorpe trip. It was great to see such high attendance – a sign of a healthy club – and it was also good to see so many old friends.

Highlights for me include the evening ERS on Swarm, the look round the Aladdins cave that is the Thrill Workshop and the Stealth queue being no longer than 20 mins 🙂


Åsa Andersson
What a pleasure it was to visit Thorpe Park, our first trip with ECC ever.

Many thanks to Andy Wright and family for transport from and return to the train station in Staines. We really appreciated your help.

Also thanks to all of you who organised this amusing and exciting visit at the park.

We really enjoyed to ride The Swarm first and last and between Nemesis, Stealth, Colossus, Banana Ride and Flying Fish. We spent a lot of time queing to Colossus 1 h 40 mins and why? Do that ride only have one train/car? No wonder it took that long time…

Anyway we were happy and cold when we eventually left the park with the Wrights.


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