29-30th October 2011

Gulliver’s World (Warrington, England)
Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Blackpool, England)
Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Blackpool, England)


Clare Wright
Would like to thank all those involved with the Blackpool trip, it has been the best trip this year.  Look forward to the trips next year.


Peter Kinmond-Elks
I’ll just echo the above comments – it was a great trip.  The afternoon visit to Gullivers at Warrington was great – I’d actually given up in the idea of ever riding the antelope until this opportunity came along.

It’s also the first time I have ever ridden the complete circuit of the Grand National – including the stretches between off load and on load platforms on both sides.

The Wild Mouse was running really well – the best I have experienced it since it was re-tracked a few years ago. (I never rode it before that!).  Rain often slows the Wild Mouse down for some reason – but it certainly didn’t on Saturday.


Paul Samuels
I had a great weekend and I am glad that everyone had a good time over the weekend.  I thought it was a good way to sign the season off 🙂


Terry Lyon
Can I add my thanks to Paul for the organisation the staff at both parks for making us welcome, all going above & beyond to give us a great weekend.

A long awaited trip to Gulliver’s that is a little gem of a park, tidy, well presented and free from rowdiness, apart from us that is. Blackpool as ever was a great place to be with you all, I have never seen it so busy in recent times, a long queue for the Roller Coaster (sorry Nickleodeon  Streak) was a good thing to see, ensuring the rides future although the bright orange paint jarred at first it fitted well into the theme of the area as a whole.

The backstage tour of the Pleasure Beach was a new experience for me and one of the highlights, if you ever think that you won’t take part in one of the planned activities on one of our trips, been there done that etc. then think again if you passed on this part of the weekend, I was amazed, a last visit to the Goldmine, workshops, Grand National walkback, piles of “rubbish” just dying to be stole re-cycled, how lucky we were.

There is a hint & a promise that there is more to seen, further down, at some future point…

The national ERS was great fun, 4 trains running, pouring rain, cat calls between trains, much laughing, I don’t know anywhere else in Theme Park Land where you can have as much fun as this during an ERS. Even with the rain.

Great times. Great People. Great FUN.


Paul Hindle
A big vote of thanks to you Paul, and to all who helped.

A really enjoyable weekend.


Lutz Konerding
Had a FANTASTIC weekend. Thanks to all involved.


Bob Clark
I would just like to add my thanks to all the organizers for a excellent weekend.

Like many, I never thought that I would get to ride Antelope.

So please can we have trips to other small parks especially the other Gullivers – ideal venue for an AGM perhaps ?

Thanks also to all the members who turned out to help make the weekend especially those from Europe


Dave & Ben Haddon
Gullivers was a delight to visit.

It is one of those parks that me & my son would not intentially visit as the majority of the rides are too small for him. In other words, lacking the thrills of larger coasters that teenagers seek.

I always say to my son that I will have to wait for grand-children to arrive to give me the chance to drag them off to small parks such as Gullivers.

More trips to small parks please.


Cal Jones
It was a great weekend indeed – I enjoyed being able to visit Gullivers and Blackpool was brilliant, albeit a bit wet (mostly my own fault since we decided to go and ride The Big One in the rain after the Nash ERS…followed by Revolution and Avalanche). Fortunately the Pleasure Beach has plenty of places selling hot chocolate and coffee these days!


Kevin Cawdrey
I would like to thank Paul and everyone for making the day a very special one. We had loads of fun in the rain, what a way to sign off my 2011 season. See you all soon.


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