1-5th June 2011

Travel, Liseberg
Kolmården Zoo, Gröna Lund
Gröna Lund
Skara Sommerland, Liseberg
Liseberg, Travel


Simon Baynham

I just wanted to say -belatedly- a huge thank you to the organisers behind the recent Club trip to Sweden.  I had a fantastic time amongst like-minded people – and wonderful hospitality and weather too!

So, if we exchanged a friendly word or two, or you took time to show me around: Thanks! Your efforts were appreciated.  I’d love to return at some point to enjoy once more the delights of Gröna Lund, Liseberg, Kolmården Zoo and Skara Sommarland… wonderful places.

Personal highlight was the Balder ERS: 11pm until 12:05am with two trains running and not having to get out of my seat!  Must have clocked 15-20 laps.

Was anybody counting?

Thanks again to all involved, it really was very special.


Robin Antill

Have to agree that to have a coaster ride spanning over 2 days was special. Left just before Saturday midnight and not back until Sunday morning, admitted only 2-3 minutes.





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