27 February 2011

Drayton Manor (Tamworth, England)


James Salter
Just wanted to say thanks to the team for organising the AGM today, plus of course Drayton for hosting us and providing a fantastic backstage tour!  It was great to see the inner workings, both of the park and the club.  😉


Dave Hall
Thanks to all those who showed up today to the AGM, a very positive experience and some good ideas and feedback from the membership about things we can do in the next 12+ months.

Thanks to DMP and to the team who run the club, especially Justin, Ivan, Liz, Paul and Paul!


Andy Wright
I must say I so enjoyed the AGM today it was nice to see where the club is going and what is changing within the club. I will stay a member of both clubs but am happy to do all my main trips with ECC once again. I think all the team do a fantastic job and the buffet was great.

Looking forward to Scandi and I may do the small but in the middle of Germany.


Malcolm Marr
Can I pass on my thanks to all those involved with today.

There were some nice surprises with the announcement of a new chairman and with the plans for the upcoming trips.

The highlight had to be the announcement of perhaps the worst ever coaster related pun that is going to be used for the name of an upcoming trip abroad.

David Ellis, this one beats your “on-ride footage”, which for those who don’t know it was his response to a badly taken photo of people on an inverted coaster, that just featured feet.


Ady & Elaine Wilson
I’d like to echo James’ comments – a great day. Many thanks to all


Adam Brown
Just to say thank you for organising the AGM today. The behind the scenes tour was very interesting Shockwave and Ben 10 were fantastic.

I enjoyed meeting everyone and you were all so helpful. The Short Germany trip sounds interesting.

Once again say Thanks you all 🙂


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