22-26th September 2010

Travel, Plopsaland
Duinrell, Hasselt Fair
BillyBird Park, Toverland
Bobbejaanland, Travel


Andy Rathe
I’d like to thank everyone involved in the organisation and executon of what was an extremely fun & enjoyable Troy and the Dragon trip. Particular mention to Paul for planning this trip (at the same time as his forthcoming wedding!) & Justin for the donkey work on the trip itself. Thanks also to the Dutch & Belgian members for their input & if I’ve omitted anyone then apologies!

Trip highlights – the surprisingly good Plopsaland. I didn’t even know what country this park was in, having failed to do my usual pre-trip research. I really liked it, and Anubis is rather good!

The same can be said for Duinrell. Falcon is an excellent ride, and all the better for going round the track more slowly, unlike Oakwood’s Speed.

Comedy moment of the week must go to the owner of Billy Bird. When we were climbing all over the mock-up mountain attraction, he basically said that children are allowed to fall 3 metres in Holland, and his play equipment was designed to allow for this! The steepness of the rock faces and the lack of handrails in some locations would have Health & Safety bods in the UK and US apoplectic! The family coaster there is good and really well-designed too; much better than first impressions suggest.

It was my first visit to Efteling, and the park was as good as I’ve been told. A wonderful place. Joris en de Draak is marvellous too, and judging by the queues the park is onto a winner. Also, 4 trains were running for the ERS that comprised only about 35 people. Can this be repeated on all future trips please? 😉 Finally, Troy is as good as ever. End of. It was also interesting to hear about their future plans, and seeing how much land they own – A LOT!


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