10th October 2009

Flamingo Land (Malton, England)


Peter Kinmond-Elks
I just wanted to say that I had a great day today.


John Baines
A great day out and I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip. Bring on the next one!


Steve Davies
A great day at Flamingo Land.

This park has come on leaps and bounds from the rather ramshackle place I visited a few years ago! All we need now is a nice woodie to make it complete…

Many thanks to all the team for organising


Paul Samuels
Thanks to everyone that attended the trip and made it an enjoyable day.


Fraser Grant
Just got back. It was a fantastic day mainly thanks to the excellent organisation!


Cal Jones
Paul – thanks for organising this. It turned out to be a pretty great day.


Colin McWilliam
Congrats to Paul for organising us a great day at Flamingo Land, I know HE thinks there was a cock-up or 2, but we didn’t notice any, had a superb day!

1st ERS – Kumali STILL running lovely – anyone saying Vekoma are rough needs to come to the UK & ride Infusion & Kumali, as both are testament  that its down to a parks maintenance, and NOT Vekoma manufacturing quality! LOL

We then explored the park, rode everything, looked at all the animals, then had a walk around the zoo…!

Nice buffet lunch, evening ERS on Mumbo Jumbo… not too sure if people were impressed by it… everyone seems to think it looks better than it rides!


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