20th October 2008

Thorpe Park (Chertsey, England)


Margaret Drinkwater 
Many thanks to Mark (and anyone else involved) for the very enjoyable trip to Thorpe Park today.  It was good to meet up with a few members I had not seen for a long time. Most of the day was breezy but dry.

The walk round the lit up Hellgate was very interesting.  Some tricks of the trade were explained and were in evidence.  The fast pass to The Curse was useful to experience another of the horror mazes without queuing.

Apologies to those I did not say goodbye to as I made a sudden and unplanned departure when I got soaked in the heavy rain downpour while collecting my calendars.  I turn into a Grumpy Old Woman when wet!

I hope the Stealth ERS went ahead OK – I was with you in spirit.

Colin Anderson
Thanks must go to Mark and everybody for another great trip. Good fun with the Mazes, shame the ERS was shortened but since the park lost its electrical power it was another unique experience and a great talking point. Thanks again.

Colin McWilliam
Just a quick expression of gratitude to Mark for organising another great Ghouls & Ghosters at Thorpe.

And an apology for the no-show during the ERS… like Margaret, we don’t ‘do’ rain very well! We had a couple of rides shortly before 7pm, got very wet & stung in the face by the rain at high speeds… so we thought it better to hit the road earlier & get home & dry quicker… Sadly, we ended up sat on the M6 for hours behind that tragic accident, leaving Thorpe at 7pm, we landed back in Manchester at 3am!

But yeah, nice of Laura to educate us about the mazes again – not sure what’s going on with the Curse – I guess someone’s been watching Ghost Ship!, but our general opinion was that the young girls employed in there (no disrespect), but they didn’t make very authentic (or scary) zombie – sailors! LOL

Adam King
Thanks to everyone for a great trip. It was great to see old faces and meet new ones. The weather didnt make any difference to enjoying the day and I was one of those ‘lucky’ enough to be Stealth during the power cut… very bizzarre but kinda funny. I found the mazes to be very entertaining but still think the Asylum is by far the best maze.

Many thanks to Mark for organising another great trip.

Robert Nutter
May I add my thanks as well. Up to 4 o’clock was excellent.  I left early because of the weather a ride on Stealth just after 6 was my last of the day.

Chris Penn
Well done Mark, another great club trip 🙂 and free 🙂 was interesting to see behind the scenes of Hellgate.

I thought the Curse maze was good -Asylum still the best tho 🙂 fab weather too at least hardly and no queues 🙂 managed easily to do all mazes twice Asylum 3 times 🙂 Pity about ers on Stealth still got a couple of goes:) a park power cut indeed a great talking point unique so much better than a roll back!

Many thanks to Thorpe, Mark, Justin for organizing it all.

Cal Jones
Yes, another great trip – I think it was actually closer to 8 when we left anyway – after 4-5 consecutive goes on Stealth (which was a walk on) we figured that was enough.

Once again Asylum was the best maze, although, being at the back of the line for that one, I got grabbed by every actor in there. I was quite impressed by the way they were shinning up the chainlink fences inside, though – I was half wondering if they’d hired some parkour guys for that.

Good trip – shame about the rain but we’re British so we’re used to it!

Steve Davies
Just a message to say I enjoyed TP trip, and thank all involved in its organisation.

I don’t get out to ride coasters much these days, so was like a little boy in a sweet shop when I got into the park… gosh, I even enjoyed Colossus!!

Enjoyed the mazes, and what there was of the ERS- with this and Rita’ earlier in year, I’m getting quite a taste for riding launched coasters in the cold and rain!


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