1-3rd August 2008



James Culver
Everyone I met was very chatty and friendly. The Crystal Maze was good fun, I did not expect it to be so heavily themed.

I was very sad to hear “Fobia” had given up working on Friday lunchtime due to a burnt out lift hill motor. I asked our “Fobia” guide if the park has called “Blackpool” to see if they had a spare one the park can borrow, if yes to courier same day to them.  🙂

The woodie should be back up and running by Tuesday.

We had a late-night ERS on “Treetops” coaster which was great fun, most people had “glow sticks / swords””, it was funny to see the multi-coloured train disappeared into the fir trees.

The highlight of the weekend was the in and around “Fobia” tour.  Wonderful to see the ride up close and between the tracks.

No “Sheep” grazing on the fan turn though. 🙂

David Raison
Just back from the Oakwood overnighter 10.

We all enjoyed the weekend and the weather on Fri/Sat was great (none of the forecast torrential downpours).


Ali’s Brain Melting Treasure Hunt – just legend!

Saturday’s BBQ – Great kebabs – and our two tame veggies loved the peppers & onions.

ERS on Treetops – Really inclusive with the majority of members (of all ages) taking part with LOADS of glosticks, swords and other flashy things (ooh-err).

Tim has put his ‘Play your coasters right’ trophy in pride of place in his bedroom.

My legs are now killing me after the mutant space hopper horses in the Olympics…

We took 5 kids along ages 9-16 and all had a great time!

Thanks go to all the organisers with special mention to Terry & Jim for all the site prep they do

Heres to Oakwood 2009  :o)

Lee & Spencer Sullivan
Just to say a big thank you, and well done to all the team for yet another succsessfull weekend.

Even though we had no ‘Fobia to ride, and a drop or two of rain on the Friday night, it did not matter one bit. The hog roast was heaven sent… Anyway thanks again, to Jim, Kev,Liz to name but too few. Same time next year I hope…

Martin Porter
Just to echo my sentiments for all the hard work laying on yet another Overnighter weekend at Oakwood.

With the absence of probably the main draw at the park, ‘Fobia, it was interesting to prove that this weekend is never really “all about the coasters”. As much as I felt initially somewhat cheated by its sudden breakdown I found the extended socialising/drinking sessions quite a pleasant change, particularly our one on the Tiki Island (as I like to call it). We all suddenly heard the roar of ‘Fobia’s train racing down the first drop as they managed to release it from halfway up the lift hill.

It was nice to meet some more new faces. Back to reality tomorrow sadly, but then I have Blackpool to look forward to this Friday – Sunday. Feel free to contact me if anyone else is up for a Pleasure Beach meet-up.

Mark Riley
What a fantastic weekend!  It’s been a couple of years since my last Oakwood weekend, and I’d fogotten just how much fun our weekend in a Welsh field is.

I have to say a HUGE thanks to those who put so much time and effort into pulling the Oakwood weekend together.  Well done guys and gals – you should be mighty proud.

With so many extras this year, the problems with ‘Fobia really didn’t impact on the trip.  The atmosphere in the campsite was nice and relaxed, and very social.


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