13-15th October 2007

Tulley’s Farm (Crawley, England)
Thorpe Park (Chertsey, England)
Chessington World of Adventures (Chessington, England)


Richard Foster
Friday night we visited Tulley’s Farm and experienced their own special brand of halloween fun. We had the place to ourselves and Stuart the owner was on hand to ask lots of questions (including the inevitable “are you getting a wooden coaster?” -answer: No 🙁 ). I think everyone enjoyed themselves and didn’t get tooooo scared :). The attractions really do go from strength to strength – Field of Screams in particular is becoming a real star!

Today was a laidback visit to Chessington. A good fun ERS on Dragon’s Fury where we tried out all the tried and tested loading variations. Some folk did not get off for the whole half hour – 9 rides perhaps? Mad fools as I can only handle 3 or 4… Other than that the park was not too busy and the sun even came out. Is this really October? I caught the ride op on Bubbleworks adding his own music and lightshow in the station (flashing the lights in the ops booth and playing Alice Deejay’s “do you think you’re better off alone?”). Excellent individual “not by the book” behaviour. all in all a fab day. Looking forward to the big spooky finish tomorrow at Thorpe. see you all there 🙂


Clare Wright
Just to thank John etc for a great day at Chessington, we won’t be there tonight as I have to WORK!!!  Never mind.  Will be a Thorpe on Sunday the 21st from 12 onwards so if anyone want to join me the family and few others then they are welcome.


Justin Garvanovic
A great day at Thorpe Park.

Staff – as ever – were fantastic.

Maze tour was very interesting, as were the early walk-throughs for those who did them.

The Stealth ERS was wonderful, with an impromptu launch room tour at the end.  🙂


Fraser Grant
It was a great day- the tour was very interesting, and it was fun watching the victims come running out of the mazes… I was far too wussy to do them myself! (Never trust actors with chainsaws is a maxim I have always lived by) Col McW may have butched up his image with a beard, but was sweating like a girly pig when he came screaming out of them, lol.

Stealth staff went beyond the call of duty during the ERS- and it was good to see front seat right was well cared for 😉 Downside was that Cal’s camera went for a little 205 foot flight and ended up smashed on the ground. Such a pity that her surreptitious piccy of my apparant bald patch will now never be seen. 🙁

Anyway- thanks again guys for another great trip.


Cal Jones
Absolutely fab day out – thanks to the organisers and Thorpe staff (and thanks also to Col for chauffering me around all weekend – we did Hull Fair and Flamingoland the two previous days, so there was a lot of driving involved!)

I am rather upset about the camera as it was a present, and I also liked it a lot, but at least we found the wreckage and (unfortunately for Fraser) it was in tact enough that I was able to salvage the photos, including the bald spot one. However, since there are few actual ride photos and lots of very questionable ones, I will spare your blushes, Fraser, and not post a link. 😀

(I’m open to bribery though, if anyone wants to contribute to my new camera fund!)

I’ll also add that I am well and truly over my Stealth fear now. I guess I need to find something else to be scared of. Where’s that sweaty Colin picture then, eh?


Nige Harness
Justin, John, Mark and all involved – a big thank you for yesterday.

Ben, Abi and myself plus Mart had a really good day – Thorpe at its very best.

Stealth ERS wound up the day perfectly and Asylum walk-through brilliant (quiet a Japanese feel I thought) especially as Mart was screaming like a girl all the way round 🙂 Good to see some friends again.

Again many thanks,


Richard Foster
What a superb day at Thorpe – one the best days I’ve had there for a long while.

Fascinating walk-through of the Se7en maze, and very interesting to then see the maze “live” to see the difference.  The others mazes were terrific – and I love the way the experience can vary based upon the group, time of day, number of actors etc.

The Stealth ERS was wonderful – the lights being progressively switched off meant some top dark riding towards the end. Great to see the staff involved as well.

Walking back thorugh the deserted park after the ERS was really spooky as they’d left the soundtrack switched on. I was half expecting the residents of the Asylum maze to appear and get me properly !

Fab to meet everyone again too. Just an excellent day all round 🙂


Carl May
Great day out (more so after dark). Big thank you to all the organizers.

The Se7en tour was extremely interesting, and the ERS was sublime. The atmosphere was charged and the staff were fantastic. Perfect end to the day.

Just before the ERS, we got an extra ride on Rush courtesy of some ‘technical difficulties’. Cue cheers all round!

My favourite maze is still The Asylum. It was especially amusing watching Paul Orsmond being stalked by some rather lusty female mental patients!

I think that the new ‘buy your own ticket and turn up’ style of trip works really well. God bless The Sun for giving me free entry!


Mark Riley
Just a quick note to say thanks to all who attended the Ghouls and Ghosters Trip!

Organising a Halloween trip, with Thorpe on a Monday, was something different for us.  I’m so pleased it was a success!  It certainly looks like a Halloween trip could become a regular event.

And watch out for more ‘event’ style trips next year….!!


Colin Anderson
A very big thanks to everybody for such a good trip. The trip through the maze with the lights on, then in the dark later with the actors was great.

I could not stop for the ERS but managed lots of rides on Stealth during the day as the queue was so short. A great day out.


Colin McWilliam
Another note of appreciation to those involved in organising our trips.

Really enjoyed our day at Thorpe – always nice to put faces to familiar names and finally meet e-friends!

Aside from the great company, Thorpe were on top form for us, only ride down all day was Slammer, ERS was fun, welcoming, longer than anticipated. Tour of Se7en did NOT spoil the experience for later on… and YES – I was absolutely terrified in all the mazes! I think you have to immerse yourself in these experiences to get the most out of them… I ended up getting separated from the group I was with in Asylum, being on your own in there was even worse!

I found Hellgate more intimidating than the other 2 though… the actors appearing over & under you disorientating as well as frightening!

I normally pass comment on the great pics Justin takes, but not on this occaision, having been caught panic-stricken! LOL. 1 shows Cal about to enjoy Stealth, but that zip pocket is defiantely open! At least you were able to retrieve the pics from the suicidal camera! 🙂

Enjoyed Paul teaching me the ‘touch your toes’ stunt on Rush… its far scarier on the ‘facing-down’ swing though! So I shared the ‘hands behind your back’ trick on Nemesis Inferno… you really get to appreciate the inversions doing this! Coupled with the inpromptu visit to Stealth‘s winch room, we geeks were in our element! LOL

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