8-9th September 2007

Camelot (Chorley, England)
Alton Towers (Alton, England)


Colin McWilliam
Early start for ERS on Knightmare, which seemed to go down well with everyone.

Running slightly faster than at 1st, when the only ‘bang’ came as you hit the 1st corner… (aside from the ‘bang at the top of the lift which is excusable!), but now we bang again leaving that corner at bottom of 2nd drop… the rest of the ride runs fine though.

Although I noticed (assume its because of the shorter cars) – you can feel the cars slightly ‘wobble’ around – thats wobble, and NOT bang though. There’s also 10” rubber pads between many of the vertical supports to add suspension to the structure!!! – Altogether it feels *a bit* like you’re riding on a plate of jelly!

Plenty of fun on the other rides, the staff made plenty of time to chat with us, I finally saw some of the jousting in between rides – a great day, great group – HI all, trust you had a good day @ Alton!


Clare Wright
Would just like to thank everyone for yet another enjoyable trip. Also I would like to thank all the people who gave me a hand with Thomas, he really enjoyed the trip.


Margaret Drinkwater
Thanks to Mark and everyone else involved in the planning of the very enjoyable weekend. It was probably the first UK trip this year when the weather was perfect, warm and dry all the time.

Camelot was new to me and it was good to re-visit Alton Towers.  The “Rack” at Camelot was the star ride for pure fun.

Thanks to the staff of both parks for arranging ERSs and to those who provided and served / cleared away the delicious buffet at Alton. It was more pleasant in the Towers Suite too.


Cal Jones
It was my first trip to Camelot and Knightmare is definitely a great addition for them (to be honest, without it the park wouldn’t have much attraction for me). It feels a little less intense than Jetline but is very similar. The psycho drop is great in the back, and is very smooth. Trains look good too.

The extra side panelling and seat belts were added to keep people from putting their arms out to the sides. Due to being formerly housed in a mountain, there’s a lot more structure than on Jetline, and it is closer to the track, so if people were stupid enough to wave their arms around, they’d likely lose them. Obviously Health and Safety aren’t keen on this happening.

The panels don’t make much difference with the ride but the seat belts do make for very slow loading. They are thinking of trying something else next season.

We also had a good day at Alton Towers. Not as many club members as I’d expected but that meant more goes on the ERSs for me!

First time on Rita and I enjoyed it. It’s not quite as intense as Stealth but more so than the other two accelerators I’ve done, Kanonen and Speed Monster. It’s a good fun ride so I’m not sure why so many people slate it. I guess if TTD was your first accelerator it will seem quite mild in comparison, but I’ve yet to do any of the big boys in the States.

Nemesis ERS was great – got lots of rides and it was really nice to see all the effects working. I still rate this as one of the best inverters in the world – nice to see it can hold its own 13 years after it was built.

Overall, had a great weekend – thanks to the club organisers and everyone else who helped make it fun. See you next time.


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