18-19th August 2007

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach (Great Yarmouth, England)
Joyland (Great Yarmouth, England)
Pleasurewood Hills (Lowestoft, England)


David & Susan Ellis
After a wet start to the day which threatened to make the morning ERS on Gt Yarmouth’s scenic railway a “wet knuckle ride”, the rain stopped just in time, and apart from a short shower it stayed dry all day. The Roller Coaster is a classic scenic railway, and was my first coaster over 30 years ago. Today it was riding well, with some great airtime in the very back seat.

After our one-hour ERS the 35-ish attendees enjoyed the other attractions at Gt Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, including the Fun House (which has gone 3-D since our last visit), bumper cars, Big Apple coaster, “frog hopper” ride, and other attractions. The main “cuddly toy” side-stall was apparently having a “clearance” and the “lucky” tickets were a special offer for “Happy Hour”…however, we soon rumbled that the Happy Hour appeared to go on ALL DAY!

After a rather average burger and a huge portion of chips for dinner, we strolled down the promenade en-masse to visit Joyland, and ride the Super Snails, Tyrolean Tubtwist, Spook Express coaster and other “junior” rides.

Is the Super Snails a coaster? Well, it has gravity drops, but is powered most of the way around…the debate continues! Having used up our tokens at Joyland, we strolled back again (via the Sealife Centre cafe to enjoy a relaxing ice cream and chat) to the Pleasure Beach, where a few more rides on the Roller Coaster were enjoyed.

My daughter, Sarah, was joining in on the trip this weekend, which for us was a “local” trip, meaning we could get up at 8am instead of the more traditional 5am! It made a change to be able to have a lay-in and still make the trip on time, and chat to others that had made the long drive, not us!

As I type this, Justin is fast asleep in our lounge, sleeping on our inflatable mattress, after a couple of hours watching with us the highlights from my ECC Rhapsody Trip DVDs.

Sunday is Pleasurewood Hills, another LONG drive for us…3 miles!


Bob Clark
A very enjoyable and relaxing day spent enjoying a classic Scenic Railway and chatting to club members.

The Roller Coaster compares favourably with the other European examples that remain and  rides very well with lovely airtime in the back seat. I especially like the stylish art deco style streamline trains.

Joyland, as always, was bustling with younger kids (and yesterday some not so young ECC members) enjoying those 2 classic rides the Super Snails, and the Tyrolean Tubtwist – both of which have remained unchanged since my childhood days out at Yarmouth,

Thanks to the Trip Monkeys for another great day.


David Ellis
Well, just arrived home from Pleasurewood Hills…that long drive home was a killer 😉

As with yesterday, the rain looked like being a real pain, but stopped early on and stayed dry all day. The only wet ride was the very first ride on the Snake in the Grass (ex Rattlesnake) coaster. Didn’t ride the log flume, and I know that can be a wet ride, particularly if the timing leaves you in direct line of another log coming down the first drop.

This was our local park, usually this has been a half-day park for us, but we stayed until 4.30pm, and saw all three shows. The parrot show was good (with a couple of Barn Owls thrown in for good measure). The Sealion show was good (with a parrot thrown in for good measure). The circus / theatre show lasted almost a full hour and was very entertaining (with a young male performer with HUGE chest and arm muscles and a tight butt thrown in for Susan!).

The Schwarzkopf, Enigma (ex Cannonball Express), was good fun as usual, shame it was only running one train. The “new” coaster, Wipeout, the ex Missile from American Adventure, was quite good early in the day, but did get a few nasty “boomerang jolts” later in the day, especially towards the back of the train. Sarah, my daughter, enjoyed her first Boomerang experience, albeit on the last ride of the day she came off with red ears! This was the first time she had done a full weekend trip with the club and I think she enjoyed the fun.

We looked around for something healthy for lunch (especially after the poor burgers at Great Yarmouth yesterday), and initially only saw fish, burgers, hot dogs and very expensive fried chicken, however we were pleasantly surprised at the Merry Mariner restaurant when we discovered Sunday Lunch…a plateful of roast beef, roast potatoes, batter pudding, vegetables and gravy for a not-too-expensive £6.95…the plate was piled high too! Made a change from the usual junk food.

Thanks to the organisers for locating two days of fun on our doorstep!


John Livesey
First of all, thanks to Mark Riley (and Rich Foster) for organising the day at Yarmouth and PWH.

Charlotte and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on Saturday! It was great to catch up with you all and meet people for the first time too.  I’d forgotten how good the Roller Coaster was – really nice airtime in the back seat. In fact Charlotte learnt “airtime” as her new word on Saturday, which I was happy with 🙂  The rest of the park was spotless and had quite a good ride complement. We got SOAKED on the Log Flume, but were stupid enough to go on it twice. Charlotte had a change of clothes… I didn’t… 🙁

We also enjoyed Joyland. The Tubs were mad, god knows what the original Virginia Reels were like to ride! The park must win the award for the most rides crammed in to a space. It even makes Blackpool look spacious!

Talking about the “cuddly toy” stand at Yarmouth… Charlotte and I managed to win two of those huge teddy bear things! She took a huge St Bernard home and I took a Husky home for Alexa.

Anyway, we will be going back to Yarmouth as their hospitality was fantastic. Owen Branch is a star and it’s another of those “gem” parks that we love dealing with! See you on a trip later in the year and thanks for coming along.


Colin McWilliam
Had a great weekend – greatly appreciate the efforts of those involved in organising this w/end 😀 Really happy I finally met up with friends I’ve only communicated with online before ;0) Never been to E. Angular!, so 2 new parks for me – and I’ve been wanting to ride that scenic railway for ages now! And those tubs… AND the snails I’d heard so much about!! (both snail rides even!) LOL.

Even Wipeout was pretty good…  it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I’d even go as far as to say its relatively smooth!! LOL I would NOT like to Q for Enigma on a busy day though…

So yeah – no-one warned me about standing close to Gt Yarmouth’s flume ride…

so when busy looking through the cam viewfinder I didn’t expect a gobful of salty water…!! HOWEVER, revenge is sweet: Early rides on ‘Snake in the Grass’ after a rainy morning meant front seat riders (Mick & I) could simply reach up and knock the branches of the trees – then sit back and enjoy the rest of the train getting a soaking!! 😛 LOL

Great few days, great company, great rides, (great vids JL!!).


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