29th June to 1st July 2007

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Andy Wright
The Big One was flying in the rain but it was not heavy which was great. Everyone looked as though they did enjoy it. After the Big One we all congregated on Infusion, well it is a coaster so it has to be ridden. I think that  it is not as bad as so many have labeled it. It is a nice themed coaster lovely wall of  water as you go into the loop. It is one of the smoothest I have ridden so far. Lunch was just divine we had a choice of Steak & Mushroom pie oh it was the best, and of course the chicken. The rain was on and off most of the day but it was a great trip thanks to all who did their bit to organise it for us.

Andy Rathe
Marie, Dave and I returned Saturday from attending the WKW 10 trip at Blackpool. Some thoughts, in no particular order:

i) It rained. A lot. However this is something we’re not unused to as we live just outside the newly-formed Lake Rotherham.

ii) The rain did hold off for the ERS on the PMBO though, and it was only really heavy for part of the ERS on the Rollercoaster. The rest of the time it was possible to do indoor rides when it was heaviest and then dart outdoors when the rain eased.

iii) The lunch was better than previous years. I don’t much care for chicken drumsticks, so seeing steak pie also on the menu was marvellous. The portions were huge too; there was no need for any tea.

iv) Several rides have been spruced up for this year, including the River Caves and Noah’s Ark. Both of these look really smart.

v) Traumafusion (Infusion). Firstly, the placing is excellent – above clear blue water with plenty of vantage points for non-riders to watch and take photos. The ride itself was not as bad as the Traumatizer; indeed the first half could even be described as reasonably smooth. However the “world-class water effects” (copyright PBB) are nothing more than a few fountains and a small simulated waterfall. I’ve seen better effects round here caused by the recent floods. There was a hefty queue pretty much all day too.

vi) We also the other name we came up with: Transfusion – coasters in disguise. (Copyright: Dave Elliott.)

vii) All-in-all though, it was a good day despite the poor weather. I’d also just like to mention that I understand the trip was in danger of being called off due to the lack of numbers. If this is ever the case in the future, then can this please be done ASAP. Had it been called off on the Wednesday preceding the trip, then the three of us would have had no choice but to come anyway as we would have lost hotel deposits etc. I do however appreciate that you probably know this anyway and that it’s a difficult call! 🙂


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