24th March 2007

Adventure Island (Southend On Sea, England)


Mark Riley
Thanks to all who attended today’s AGM – I really hope you had as good a day as I did!

Andy Wright
I was going to say thanks last night but I was half asleep from  all the distance traveled. So thanks to all who made this day happen for us. Rage was good for the park. I just found it a little tame. I will have to do Oakwood to ride Speed.

Thomas enjoyed himself as well even if he did not give in all day he was so tired when we left 5 mins down the road he was asleep. Well thats all look foward again to meeting so many friends again in one place.

Richard Bannister
I’d like to commend all those responsible for the day – not just the staff of the park. I had a great time, Stansted Airport notwithstanding. Also, anyone who missed the Blackbeard ride should be ashamed of themselves. In terms of sheer amusement value it was quite possibly the best attraction in the park!

David Ellis
Susan and I both had a great (albeit cold) day yesterday.

I thought Rage was a perfect selection for the park, compact layout, thrilling and generally re-rideable. I think it is one of those rides that would get a bit nauseating if ridden several times in short succession though, but I found it the smoothest of three Euro-fighters I have ridden, more thrilling than Vild Svinet and less intense than Speed. (I haven’t ridden Typhoon at Bobbejaanland).  Like the others of this type, the back seats offered a smoother ride experience to the front. The front central seats were fine, but the front outside seats were a bit bangy.

The hot drinks were great yesterday…very useful to warm the hands and insides, on what was a very chilly March day. The only downside was the food selection…what was there was tasty, but it was a very limited selection of food types, and would have been better if there had been some salad or “plain” food for those who couldn’t eat or didn’t like oniony / spicy food. I liked the food personally, but given that it was a pizza restaurant, the lack of a pizza or healthy eating options was slightly disappointing.

The AGM itself was great, delivered in a laid-back style, and allowed members present to ask pretty much anything they wanted. All questions asked were answered well, and overall I thought it was a successful day. Roll on the next AGM (for those not present, the next AGM will be a little different, and sounds very appealing!).

Dan Roach
All in all, a good day, despite the “bloody cold, isn’t it” theme – Rage is a good coaster, and a lot quieter than Speed, and the other three coasters are good fun too – expecially Mighty Mini Mega, now if only they could give you a bit more kneeroom…

Chris Penn
Thanks to all the ECC team for another fun day. Despite the chilly weather! Southend’s all the Rage at the minute 😉

Cal Jones
As I hadn’t been to the park since before Green Scream, it was nice to see how well it had come on. But blimey it was cold!!!

The hot drinks were indeed very welcome, although I do agree with David that there could have been some healthier choices food-wise, and some pizza, rather than the selection of deep-fried artery cloggers that were there from 11am! But the staff were very friendly and welcoming which was nice to see as they must have been quite miserable being stood in the cold all day.

Margaret Drinkwater

Thank you to everyone involved in planning the Southend AGM.  It was really good to see the friendly ECC faces again after the winter break. Rage was fun to ride and fitted well in the park.

I agree with everything David has said, particularly that the food was the only disappointment.  It was mainly salty/spicy/fried items although the mini Cornish pasties were lovely.  I think I am not alone when I was anticipating pizzas, pasta and salad as it was a pizza restaurant.  However the supply of free hot drinks was very welcome to keep out the chills.

Thanks must be expressed to the staff who made us so welcome.  A great day out to start the coaster season.

Bob Clark
Thanks to all the team for an excellent AGM

Great to see so many old friends – so many warm welcomes on a very chilly day.

Rage is an excellant addition to the park – seemed a little slow compared to Vild-Svinet at Bonbon Land but memory can play tricks – so we will have to wait and compare in July.


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