21-22nd October 2006

Alton Towers (Alton, England)
Drayton Manor (Tamworth, England)


Andy Wright
Well, I am the first to write something on here. Not suprising as most are in Drayton Manor this morning riding Apocalypse. I will say on word for now and that is WOW.

Another splended trip went without a hitch. I know Rita was down, she would not launch. I know –  a launched coaster which does not launch = daft.

Nemesis in the morning was good and I also rode Air as well. The lunch was the best this year, shame no merchandise, that saved me some money.

It was announced that myself and Clare were celebrating our 13th wedding aniversary, and as such we had the first ride of the night on our own on Nemesis. I will say it was the best experiance, and it will stay with me for a while.

One last thing. We brought our nephew Kes for his first club trip. He said that he had a great day, a whole new experiance for him. He felt welcomed and treated very well. He said Margaret Drinkwater was really nice to him so he remebered one name. Nemesis in the dark for him was a better ride than in the morning.


Richard Foster
Wow – what a weekend 🙂 Great to see everyone old and new.

Some highlights for me.

Alton Towers

A few of us were hanging around Ripsaw and noticed a group of about 15 Irish blokes cheering everyone who got off the ride. hmm looked mightily odd! We queued up for the ride and ended up with these guys in the front row. The operators responded to their rumbustiousness by running an excellent program (5 spins on the way down which ain’t bad for a UK topspin…). No water jets though – something to do with the weather. The Irish guys were shouting and in very high spirits when we got off. We walked off and I turned to see them all lined up behind the little pond at the front of the ride. They cheered a bit and then all jumped in! What followed was a mad water fight really, throwing each other in the pond. Good on the park for letting them have some fun and not being spoilsports. The Irish guys then found their waterlogged mobiles and wallets..

The evening ERS has to be one of the finest that I’ve been on. Despite not having Rita to play with Nemmy took the stage and my word she was on fire! a nice wet track and the lights off meant it was easy to lose track of where you were on the circuit, not helped by the flashes from the on ride photo still operating. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as if the ride was physically trying to fling you off on every ride. Forgive me being poetic but it felt like a thoroughly angry, most upset coaster that just wanted to be left alone. After an hour we left her alone and in peace, feeling exhausted but happy…


My word what a day or two halves. The morning was dry and we were nicely woken up by the mighty Apocalypse. Then after a substantial lunch the heavens opened. The water rides turned into extra wet rides – even walking around was a wet ride! We did manage to fill a boat up on Stormforce during the rain and talk about soaked on the backwards drop! an excellent fun afternoon and proves that you can have a lot of fun even if its chucking it down. Understandably many folk had gone home by the time the G Force ERS came around, although we still had multiple rides and much cheering.

A great weekend all round. Brilliant to meet new folk from all over (Marcus and Annika from Sweden, Robert the Tie-die king from “Noo Joisy,” Canadian Andrea and a collection of South Africans (mostly from exotic Newbury). I also really enjoyed spending time with folk I’ve met before so Hi to Paul Samuels and Alison (“the valet who cleans your seat is off sick today”), Dave and Claire (“does it weigh more than a duck?”), Wendy and Ben, Des (hope you enjoyed it 🙂 ), Terry J, Chris H and P, the Rich’s oh gosh the list goes on!


Patrick Flumet
Just wanted to thanks everyone involved for the weekend at Alton and Drayton. I have great time and it’s always a pleasure to ride with other fellow enthusiasts.


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