28th September to 2nd October 2006

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Europa Park
Europa Park
Holiday Park, Klotten
Phantasialand, Travel


Liz Fryer-Kelsey
Despite all the unavoidable problems on the trip, we had a great time. We arrived home about midnight. The journey from Heathrow to Liverpool Street took half an hour longer than the flight from Düsseldorf!

Personally, I can’t decide which of the coasters on the trip was my favourite. I loved Silver Star, ‘GeForce and Black Mamba equally. Black Mamba was very smooth and fun, although it could possibly have had some extra elements towards the end. Silver Star and ‘GeForce were both as good as the last time we visited and the airtime was great. The bruises from Alpina Bahn are fading a little bit now! I forgot the places where I was thrown again the lapbar the last time, so I got a repeat selection of bruises. The Klotten and Tripsdrill coasters were fun with their bunny hops.

It was great to meet old friends and new members and to put faces to names on the mailing list.

Well done Justin for managing to stay calm when faced with the various ‘challenges’ of the trip. Thank you Axel, our translator, as well as Andy Wright and Steven Knight, the first aiders, and everyone who did little things to help in any small way, particularly during the bike/coach incident. (I may not be naming you, but I know other people were doing little things whilst things were happening.) All these little things helped the trip to continue.

And finally a big Thank you to John and Kev and the other team members, who weren’t on the trip, but who worked extra hard so that we could all go to Germany and have a memorable time.

Margaret Drinkwater

I had been to Tripsdrill, Europa and Holiday Park before as a “normal” person, but I am no longer a Phantasialand virgin. Apart from the obvious big rides, I thought the Silver Mine, tucked away in the Wild West near the river raft ride was the biggest surprise over expectation. The animatronics were so lifelike and the final scene was incredible. The club trips are such fun and I do appreciate all the hard work that goes into organising them.

Thank you to everyone and see some of you at Alton/Drayton in a few weeks’ time.

Keith Johnson
With all the slight mishaps along the way, the trip was an overall success. In a situation like that, we all needed to stick together, and we did. My hat off to the ECC team in putting this trip together, and Axel, our 2 mini-bus drivers, and everyone who helped to make this trip a success. I’ve been on many ECC trips, and I haven’t been dissappointed yet. I’m happy to have seen alot of my old friends, and making some new ones along the way. Oh, I wish I could do Alton/Drayton with you guys, but I used all my holiday time in Amsterdam 😉

Lee Bennett
Many thanks to everyone on the trip and an even bigger thanks to the organisers.

Another excellent trip with some very fond memories !!

Adam King
Yeah, just to re-iterate what everyone has already said by saying a big thank you to everyone who made this a fantastic trip and my first ECC trip a very memorable one: Justin for running the trip, the trips team, John, Kev, Liz FK, the mini bus drivers (who made it possible for more of us to go) and just everybody for being so friendly.

I was a virgin to all of the parks so that made this trip extra special!!

The main rides of course were Black Mamba, Expedition G-Force and Silver Star, although the surprise non coaster ride of the trip has to be that excellent tower drop ride at Tripsdrill ‘doppelter donnerbalken’ which was soooo funny.

I don’t think a few of us will forget the ice hockey tune for a while though (Lee Bennet, Chris Hull, Brooklyn Keith)!! Ha ha.

Many thanks again!!

Bob Clark
A big thank you to all “The Team” for organising another great trip, to Justin for “Heading it up,” and to Axel for “Being our translator”

It was great to see so many “old American friends” on the trip and especially Tim Galvelis who gets a special mention (for no real reason).

Here’s looking forward to the next club trip.


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