16-17th September 2006

Thorpe Park (Chertsey, England)
Chessington World of Adventures (Chessington, England)


Chris Penn
Thanks to all the team another fantastic club day trip.

It was a blast! Well Stealth was 🙂

David Elvy
I just thought I would drop you a line to Thank everyone involved in todays trip to Thorpe Park.

I had a great time, and it was nice to see everyone again. The Park was busy today, but the ERS sessions were great, and again, much appreciated.

Fraser Grant
It was great to just sit and chat with members I have only emailed with before. Great first ECC trip for me, and brilliant ERS.

David Raison
Just back from Chessington after a great day topped off with a spectacular hour on Vampire.

Well done to all for pulling that out of the hat – the kids loved it – Martyn & Tim notching up an impressive 14 circuits.

A most enjoyable weekend – thanks to all who arranged it 🙂

Cal Jones
I was really taken aback by Stealth. I’ve done plenty of launched rides including Superman at Magic Mountain, but haven’t been in the US since 2001, so this was the first time for me on a ride of this sort. I absolutely loved Superman, so I was expecting a similar sensation, but boy was I wrong! The acceleration is WAAAAY more intense (I looked it up – Superman does 0-100 in 7 seconds, whereas Stealth does 0-80 in only 2.5 or so, which is quite a difference). I came off laughing – always a good sign, and after a quick go on Inferno we got back in the queue for Stealth again. By this point the queue was about 90 minutes but I thought what the heck.

I don’t know why, but once we both took our seats, I realised I was far more scared than the first ride. My other half agreed that he felt the same! I guess it was because I actually knew what to expect this time, and I wasn’t sure whether I actually liked it or not. Does anyone actually get used to that launch? I know it took me 3 or 4 rides before I began to enjoy Oblivion when that first opened so I guess it’d be the same with Stealth.

This makes me wonder how much more extreme rides can get before the general public won’t want to ride them (judging by the queue for Stealth, though, and the popularity of its bigger cousins in the US, I’m guessing it’s quite a lot more).

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on Stealth. ‘Inferno is still a decent, punchy little ride though I still prefer Nemesis overall (Raptor remains my favourite inverter).

I also did Slammer (alone! My other half wouldn’t ride it) and found it fun and not as bad as it looked, and Rush, which was terrific. These were all new to me – I last visited when ‘Inferno was new.

Colossus was down – no great loss, I’ve ridden it a few times.

Anyway, looking forward to Germany now!

Richard Foster
Great to see everyone again. I got lots of light-hearted “who are you?” sort of comments in recognition of my not being on trips too much this year 🙂 Its nice to be missed and felt like I hadn’t been away either.

Really good to put faces to names on this list – Hi to Cal and Fraser to name but two.

Highlights for me


Turning up and realising that I’m wearing the same shoes as Mark Riley. oh how we laughed!

My word I enjoy Slammer – what a ride. The plunge headfirst towards the ground is just brilliant.

‘Inferno was running beautifully, and the single rider queue allowed at least some rides during the day.

Stealth blasted as advertised. I still have trouble adjusting from the relative comfort of ‘Inferno to the thrust of Stealth. Perhaps I need more riding…


I claim the ECC egg-chucking record at 19.7m. anyone beat that? (joint claim with Chris Hull!).

The ride ops were giving double rides on Rameses Revenge – a great cool down on a warm afternoon in September.

Fabulous Vampire ERS with virtual non-stop riding – hurrah!

See you at Alton :d


Chris Hull
Had a great couple of days. Weather was perfect too!

I’m no longer a Stealth virgin and it was nice to add it to its other’s big brothers. As was pointed out to me by another club member – most people might have started off with Stealth and then geared up to Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda-ka. Nope – not for me! My first was KK, then TTD and now Stealth. 😛 A great ride though with a good amount of punch on the launch and a really enjoyable ERS.

Nemesis Inferno was running really well and the single rider queue was a relief given it was a rather busy day. By the evening ERS was running even faster too!

Had my final ride on X – this time none of the effects were working (although using the word ‘effects’ is perhaps an exaggeration – there was no wind, weird noises or whatever else used to happen!). This ride still leave me bewildered. It should just be called “Why?”…. 😉

Loved Rush but then have done the others in the USA too but nice to have on home ground too!

Slammer was also a great ride – nice to have the different restraints that don’t try and strangle your lap by continually trying to get that extra click!

Chessington proved to be a nice relaxed day.

Some of the time was spent lobbing eggs at the ECC chairman. I know, I was the lucky one but unfortunately I failed to hit him 🙁 Yes our ‘record’ is 19.7m. The world record is however 98.51m! Perhaps an event to add to Oakwood’s weekend? 😉

Didn’t get to ride Dragon’s Fury so that’s still on my list to be done – Hopefully next year 🙂 However it does look totally over the top for Chessington. Are we sure the orders didn’t get switched with Spinball and that DF wasn’t actually meant for Alton? 😉

Vampire was a great ERS and one we didn’t expect to get. Having ridden a few suspended coasters around the US I had actually forgotten what a great ride this is. Long may it survive!

Good to meet new and old members – I almost missed the trip due to forgetting which weekend it was on! D-oh!

See some of you in Germany and perhaps others at Alton!

Wendy Easton
Hi to everyone we met at Thorpe over the weekend -friends old and new!

Ben & I had a great time, especially on Stealth. Nemesis was terrific as usual although I suffered a little from nausea after several rides, which has not happened to me before.

Bring back the group lunch, although it would be nice if it was done more Alton Towers style and on this occasion we would’ve missed it anyway cos we arrived late as Becky wasn’t well in the morning.

One note to the ladies on riding Stealth, don’t know if any of you have experienced it, but if you’re wearing a strappy top and no bra, certain parts of the upper body tend to migrate upwards and out of one’s clothing as I discovered on my 1st ride of the day, and much to Ben’s amusement and embarrassment. Fortunately, this was before the ERS took place so gave me the chance to take precautions by covering up, even though it was very warm!

Looking forward to Germany now!


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