30th June to 2nd July 2006

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Andy Wright
Just a quick one to say thank you for a wonderful  trip again in Blackpool. John and the team work so hard to get this trip going. I was suprised though by the such little numbers to a UK park. I know Blackpool is not the bee’s knees but it is a great club trip.

I wish to thank all who I hung out with. Chris, Chris Penn, Owen, Brian Smith, Rob his friend from Canada, (sorry could not remember name). It was her first time and I hope we made it a great day for her. I enjoyed Bling with her and she looked like she enjoyed it too.

Clare wishes to say high to all who said hello to her.

The ERSs we had were so great even if I have a few bruises , I think that was the Big One, as I think that is the most painful to ride on.

Rob Warner
Another great Blackpool trip, and the weather was even Valhalla-friendly (although my trainers needed a wash afterwards – bleagh!)

Eclipse was almost better without Vladimir, and Ken Webster did a couple of new things! Wow! The service on the rides was pretty darned good. One not-so-good incident that had Andrea and I in stitches:

Me: “Do you do a two scoop sundae?”

Tall assistant guy: <shrugs shoulders>

Final point of interest – that highly dodgy (as in non-pc) scene in Magic Mountain has finally been replaced!

Hope to see y’all again soon

Carl Dickson
Many thanks to the trips team for another excellent Blackpool weekend. I was also surprised by the low turnout, but I guess that must be down to a few people recovering from the USA trip.

The only thing that did disappoint me a little was the new trains on the Grand National. I hate them! There’s hardly any room to move with the extra big seat divider, and the lap bars staple you down a bit mid-ride. It also seemed a bit rougher on the right side track.

Who saw the coaster footer markings on the Tom Sawyer bridge????

One last thing to mention is that the Pasaje Del Terror has been changed again. Went through it on late Sunday afternoon and noticed some new scenes have been added, including one from my favourite horror film of all time “Hellraiser”. Seeing Pinhead walking towards me from behind completely freaked me out! An immensely enjoyable walkthrough attraction.



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