13th May 2006

Adventure Island (Southend On Sea, England)


Andy Wright
What can I say? Cheers for all that sorted out this trip. Not the biggest park or biggest rides but it was great. The coaster well it was ok not extreme but we seemed to lie it. Chris Penn, not sure on last spelling, stayed on for ages don’t no how many go’s but he was still going when I went to take Thomas on some rides.

John Livesey
Just to let you know that the Southend trip was really good yesterday! 🙂  The weather was perfect and the park wasn’t too busy to be uncomfortable.

It was my eldest daughter’s (Charlotte) and girlfriend’s (Alexa) first ECC trip and they both really enjoyed it. Charlotte racked up eight goes on the Green Scream during the ERS which was amazing as she’d been too scared to ride it in the last (she’s only 4!).

Thanks to Mark for organising the day and I’m sure we’ll be going back in the future.

Liz Fryer-Kelsey
We enjoyed the trip to Southend, I also stayed on the ride for the whole ERS. The ride warmed up after a few trips round and the front was definitely the place to sit, as it was faster than the back.  It was good to see old friends and meet a few new members too. It’s fun to go to a small family park like Southend and ride the older rides, like the American whip and the mine train , with the spinning tubs. The park is obviously aimed at families, as the seats on a couple of rides were quite ‘snug’.

We thought we would walk through the old pirate ship and were disappointed to find it was just a little cartoon cinema instead now, with a twist.  We were told they had to change the walk through as dungeons and pirates and atmospheric noises frightened too many children, so now they have the cartoon instead.

The ‘boys’ enjoyed the water slide, seeing which of them could hit the wall at the end.  Unfortunately, Karl cut his wrist and hurt his hand and was treated by the first aid person at Southend, and today spent a few hour at casualty, having his hand X-rayed as it’s very swollen and we think his finger is broken, although the Doctor says it isn’t!!

David Ellis
Susan and I had a great day too. We took my 13-year old daughter (from my first marriage), Sarah, along for the day…it was her first ever ECC Trip, and she had a nice time too.

I was pleasantly surprised by the park… it is a really nice place with a good quantity of rides for such a small site. The coasters are indeed family rides, albeit pretty good ones, but there are many good adult spinning rides there, including a Disk-O and Dragon’s Claw, a fairground ride (not sure of the exact model) that pulled some seriously high G-forces when spinning riders upside-down!

If only Phillip Miller (owner of Adventure Island) was given the chance to buy and run Dreamland in Margate… Saturday was a great insight into what Dreamland could be like under a willing operator!

I went for the Rhino Burger and Fries. The fries were luke warm, and when I opened the burger I found it had just the two bits of meat and the bun… nothing else at all. I took it back and they sent over a replacement, by which time the remaining fries were pretty much cold.

At least Sarah had a less traumatic day on her first ECC trip than my Niece, Amanda. Her first club trip was back in 1999, at Oakwood, and she had to endure 1 hour of me riding naked on Megafobia! At least at Southend I kept fully clothed!


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