29th April to 1st May 2006

Travel, Foire du Trone
Parc Astérix, Jardin d’Acclimation
Parc St. Paul, Travel


Richard Bannister
What the hell has happened to King?

It used to be fantastic. Now, it makes El Condor feel like the last word in comfort.

James Salter
Thanks to everyone involved.

It was my first time to a large European fair too and I was amazed at the scale.  The highlight of the trip for me though was definitely the ERS on Tonnerre de Zeus.  Well, that along with the eggs at breakfast!?!

David & Susan Ellis
What a great time we had in France this weekend with the Club. Although the number of attendees was lower than on most previous foreign trips (I believe there were around 30-35 of us), there was a great atmosphere on the coach, and all of us enjoyed the trip, despite the poor weather.

Here is a brief summary of our trip highlights and “lowlights”:

Foire de Trone:


-Typhoon – a huge “star flyer” ride where you fly in Sky Coaster-style suits – once attached by wires, you are then pulled to the top of a very tall tower (approx 150ft -maybe higher?) and then swung around high above the ground in a mad, high-g circle. Scary! I was particularly concerned that the operator appeared not to have finished fastening me in before it shot up skywards…which added to the fear factor greatly.


King! It was dreadful. It now has over the shoulder restraints that clasp the sides of your head, and, instead of providing support, it just puts lots of pain on your neck and the sides of your head. It was very painful…in fact it was ‘King awful! I don’t think anyone re-rode it, and there were at least two members who drew blood on their one and only ride! Very nasty. ShocKING!

Parc Asterix:


Tonnerre de Zeus! It was flying, and soooo powerful. I had forgotten just how good and fast this coaster was. I may well be putting it back up my top wooden coaster list! An excellent ERS too, with 2 trains running!

Goudurix! Susan was a Goudurix “virgin” and was fearing riding it after reading all the bad press about how rough it is. We sat front seat and neither of us banged our heads at all…Susan said she quite liked it!


– Susan and Me saving the Bobsleigh until afternoon, only for it to break down and so we never got on it. (on the plus side though, we were probably the only club members who rode all the other 5 coasters… if it was any consolation!).

– Torrential rain between noon and 3pm put the dampeners on things, literally!

– Slow service of dinner, which took 90 minutes (the consolation was that it was chucking it down with rain, so we didn’t miss much riding).

Jardin D’Acclimatation


-some great fun coasters including a superb family powered coaster that had a tunnelled drop, providing some surprise airtime.


-hearing Justin trying many times to say the name of the park!

Parc St Paul (surprise park):


-Being let through the gates by a friendly clown!

-Riding an unusual self-operated suspended track ride where you push yourself off and hang on for dear life as you glide and spin along a downward-sloping track… hilarious!… but is it a coaster?


-Seeing a very unusual Formula-1 themed coaster but not being able to ride it…it looked very interesting and fun.

Other “interesting” moments:

-Getting on the coach Sunday morning to find a dead pigeon laying on the skylight! Bird flu? Who knows?

-Seeing how long the said dead bird could hang on driving down the pereferique!

Overall a great weekend. Many thanks to John (who couldn’t go) and all the other trip monkeys for organising it.

Martin Valt
Just to add my somewhat belated (just in from Thorpe – Stealth is much better than I anticipated) thanks to Justin, John, Kevin and anyone else who contributed to the France trip.

Margaret Drinkwater
May I take this opportunity to echo the thanks given to John, Justin and everyone else who planned and led this lovely little trip.  It is an experience to visit the small parks such as Acclimatation and St Paul as well as the major destinations.

Parc Asterix was fun despite the weather.  Why can’t we have Oxygenarium at Thorpe?  A super waterbased thrill for all.  And as for that TdeZ ERS?

Simon Baynham
Foire du Trone was good but not as big/good as German fairs.  I would like to thank the trips monkeys for NOT organising an ERS on King, by far the most painful coaster I have been on; my ears (minus aids) were burning for quite some time afterwards.  Imagine the second half of the Ultimate (LWV) but with over the head restraints that contact both ears simultaneously before the ride has even started… we all knew the ride would be a painful one whilst climbing the lift!

I’ve ridden the Star Flyer (200ft waveswinger) at the Prater (Austria) both at day and night.  The nightime experience was rather scary, but I would do it again.  I really wanted to do the 150ft (-/+) Typhoon where riders are placed in the Superman position secured only by a couple of lengths of material attached to a G hook!  Unfortunately it was 10 Euro per go, so I didn’t ride it – I’m regretting it now, mind.

Parc Asterix, nice theming!  Being allowed in the park an hour or so before the public for exclusive riding on Tonnerre de Zeus was GREAT!  ‘Zeus is by far the most intense woodie I have been on, and it is very re-rideable.  During the ERS I must have ridden it 10 times – I lost count, and it didn’t give me a headache!  It is very much like Megafobia but two/three times the intensity (I’m not exaggerating), and you know how Megafobia has that little airtime-kick towards the end of the ride, well ‘Zeus has that too, albeit much more forceful – I LOVED IT!

Jardin/Acclimation was a nice park too, it is very much a family park.

Their coasters are nice and gentle, just somewhere to enjoy come a lazy afternoon.

Parc St Paul was a little ‘surprise’ park.  I imagine it is a little like Oakwood before they splashed out on ‘Fobia… they just need that signature ride!  Two of the three coasters were down, but that didn’t dampen our spirits.

I could tell you a whole lot more… I’ve missed tons out, but I don’t like to waffle on…

Thank you to all the Trips’ Monkeys and Justin for putting the effort into these smaller trips for those – like myself – who cannot afford a journey to the USA or Japan.  More please!


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