15th October 2005

Flamingo Land (Malton, England)


Carl May
I was one of those at Flamingoland today, and it seems that exiting times are ahead for the park, including a woodie which is in the pipeline for 2007 (at last, some new wood in the UK)! This came directly from the mouth of the project director (who coincidently used to work at Alton Towers). It is earmarked to go where the makeshift fairground rides are, and the Magnum site. So it will be covering a VERY large area. No idea of the company they’ve chosen, they are keeping quiet about that at the moment.

We’ve also been told to expect plenty more major theming and landscape changes over the next few years to help establish the place as a ‘proper’ theme park. There was also talk of a dark ride stage (something that is missing and really needed in my opinion), but that’s all it is at the moment…talk. But they do seem really keen on installing one at some stage.

You can already see where they are making improvements, but a lot of area’s still look down right skanky. Obviously these things take time, in this case years. Anyhow, FL has one hell of an exiting future ahead of it.

Oh and Velocity is great fun, if a little rough in spots (especially if you put your arms in the air!). After all it is Vekoma! But no way does it get as bad as G Force in the uncomfortable factor scale! Have to say that front seat with arms on the handlebars (more so than in the air) was a wonderful experience. You get some air on the first big hill after the launch, then the first bunny hop before the brakes.

Its advertised as 60mph on the map, but feels more like 50. Great launch sensation though, even if it isn’t as intense as Rita’s. Certainly a good addition to the park, and something that I look forward to riding again in a couple of years time.

Shame you run out of things to do at FL so quickly…Some of us left the park at about 4:00 mainly because of the long journey ahead, but also because we had no desire to ride anything else. Last two rides of the day were of course on the soon to be departing Magnum. Shes a roughie, but a goodie.

Clare, Andy and Thomas Wright
Just a quick thanks to all those who made the weekend another great trip with the ECC.

Nice to meet up with Chantel, Paul, William, Chris, Carl, Alan, Tony and all the other people I got to speak to again.

Chris Penn
Thanks to all the team for another great club trip Velocity was brilliant as was Magnum a great day.

Mike Torr
The new area around Velocity looks superb now, and they are obviously gradually improving and tidying up many areas. Excellent progress being made, and I look forward to a great future. Hopefully great enough to compensate for the loss of my beloved Schwarzkopfs. Sigh… Naughty Magnum’s back seat pulled my thigh muscle quite nastily on my morning ride, so I left her alone until the ERS, by which time I’d recovered. She’s rough but lovely!

I think the front seat on Velocity beats Rita as it’s so much fun. Not entirely certain as I only rode Rita once though.

Thanks very much to all those in the Club who said hello to me, and to my two guests Mary and Andy Knight. It was my first ECC trip and I enjoyed it very much! A special “Hi!” to Jim (Tourist!!), Paul Orsmond, and to another Paul (or is it Steve? Sorry!), Alison, Dave, Clare and Vince, with whom we had a right royal laugh at the Ashfield campsite (including beating them – only just – at a pub quiz on the Friday night). Thanks for your beer and great company!

And finally, I have to thank Matthew the engineering director (I think that’s his title?) who was most obliging when asked for souvenirs. A number of us took some rather interesting circular pieces of Magnum home for our mantelpieces 😐

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