11-12th June 2005

Thorpe Park (Chertsey, England)
Chessington World of Adventures (Chessington, England)


Carl May
Yesterday Thorpe trip was a great day out. Good weather, excellent atmosphere and friendly staff. They seemed to be having a throughput competition as well which is all good!

It was nice seeing you all yesterday, but you won’t see me at Chessie today. I’ll be at work πŸ™ Thanks to everyone involved with organising the trip. Hopefully this wont be my only one this year again!

Clare, Andy and Thomas Wright
Me, Andy and Thomas have just got back from chessington as we left at 4:30 as we where so tired.

This was Thomas’ first trip and I would like to thank Justin, Chantal, Paul, William and all other members who made this a brillent first trip for him.

We are totally dead as we drove drown both days and having to get up at 5:30 each morning to get there it was been a killer!!

Rush was brill on Sat, Andy couldn’t get me off it and the ride ops where great too especially the one who kept letting about 10 people on at once from the single rider queue.

I do agree that it was a bit of a let down about ‘Inferno but I have got a confession they didn’t make me and andy run arround because Thomas was asleep.

Thanks again to Justin for looking after Thomas on Sunday so that me and Andy should go on Vampire.

See you all on the next trip.

Nick Bowler
To all the organizers of yesterday many thanks. What a great day. My first visit to the park. Slammer was my favourite, I also loved Colossus. More important than that I had my soon to be wife with me. She has a terrible fear of heights and made it quite clear she wouldn’t be going on big rides.

So at 9.30 we headed for Colossus and I thought she’d watch me but she came on and then had a second go straight after. One more ride in the afternoon and two on Nemesis Inferno. She said she had a great day and I was left almost speechless when she started talking about inversions on the way home.

As we are getting married at Christmas this will probably be our only trip this year. I can’t wait to see what 2006 brings.

John Livesey
What a fantastic day!

The whole day went off without a hitch. They ran two trains for us on Vampire during the morning session and the ride ops were fantastic. I think everyone managed to get a fair few rides in!

The evening session on DF was amazing. The operators allowed us to load the trains with two on one side whilst leaving the other side empty. Some rides were like a waltzer on rails! One of my many highlights of the trip was getting Hayley (my other half) on there for her first ever go. She loves coasters but doesn’t like spin rides. I engineered the queue so that we’d ride as a two and needless to say we spun like crazy. I can’t post the name she called me on the list as we have younger members but needless to say it was none too pleasant. What made me laugh was after all the abuse she actually loved it! Strange woman…

I must also take my hat off to Clint Taylor. Most of the rides we had together were insane. I’m now suffering from a cracked rib after one of our go’s as we spun like mad for the whole ride.

Again the staff were fantastic. I truly believe that Chessington staff are the best of the Tussauds parks.

It was great to see everyone especially those who were on their first trip.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and we’ll definitely be back next year.

Carl Dickson
I had a great time on the trip. With work commitments always getting in the way, it’s great to be back out and about after a long time in hiding!

Thorpe Park was excellent, and I just cannot heap enough praise on those single rider queues. Longest ride queue time during the day was 20mins for X:/No Way Out. I’m still asking myself why I did that!!!

The Bush BBQ lunch (2nd sitting) was chaotic at best. Waiting an hour and a half for a simple cheeseburger and fries was totally disappointing!

Slammer and Rush are excellent new rides. As I’m a spin n spew fan, Slammer seemed to be the better of the two. Floating off your seat as the ride spins you backwards is so much fun!

The Chessington day was just as good, and included a fun ERS on the Vampire with some great ride ops. A few of us went out to the Monkey Puzzle pub for a superb sunday roast! It’s an excellent alternative to the usual fast food that’s available in the park.

The evening ERS on Dragon’s Fury was simply insane. This was my first go on DF and I really enjoyed it. Most were trying out different combinations of people and seat positions to get the best spin. Best I found was to just ride with someone else in the back row and leave the front row empty. A really fun ride, and much better than Spinball at Alton.

Big thank you to John and all involved in organising the weekend.

James Salter
I’d like to add my thanks to John and the rest of the team for organising such a great trip.

Also, it was only my second trip with the club, so I’d like to say thanks to everybody for being so friendly – see you all at Alton/Drayton in September!

Tom Bannister
Many thanks to everyone who made this weekend’s trip a fantastic, especially John, Justin and the TP/CWOA staff.

The ERS’s were great especially on fury where we got free reign over how many we wanted in a car.


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